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The Spanish Grant Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #01, Episode #21

The classic television western series, Bonanza, portrays the daily lives and adventures of the Cartwright family, owners of the fictional Ponderosa ranch. David Dortort and Leonard Heideman wrote its twenty-first episode, The Spanish Grant, which appeared on-screen on February 6, 1960.

In this episode, con artists Don Antonio Luga (Sebastian Cabot) and Sanchez (Paul Picerni) hire Rosita Morales, a young bargirl, to disguise as the Spanish noblewoman Isabella Marie Inez de la Cuesta. It is the first step in a plan to obtain the De La Cuesta Land Grant, a valuable area that includes a relatively large portion of the Ponderosa ranch.

The end of the story reveals Rosita Morales as Rosita Morales. This final twist is vague but entertaining, leaving the audience to figure out the lady’s identity at the end of act four.

See the plot, behind-the-scenes trivia, and full episode, which are all available below.

Watch the full episode of The Spanish Grant

Watch the full episode of The Spanish Grant:

Main Cast

Apart from the main cast, episode 21, The Spanish Grant, also features recurring and guest actors. The episode’s cast complete cast is as follows:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Patricia Medina as Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta / Rosita Morales
  • Sebastian Cabot as Don Antonio Luga
  • Paul Picerni as Sanchez
  • Celia Lovsky as Dona Theresa Esperanza
  • Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing
  • Ned Wever as Judge Blaton
  • Mike Ragan as High Card Smith (as Michael Ragan)
  • Salvador Baguez as Joe – Proprietor
  • John Frederick as Andy Logan (as John Merrick)
  • Claudia Bryar as Mary Logan
  • Stuart Randall as Sheriff Hawkins
  • Genaro Gomez as Spanish Dancer
  • Jack Perry as Jack (uncredited)
  • Jack Tornek as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Spanish Grant

A group of Spanish vaqueros approaches Andy Logan and his wife, wanting to evict them from the land. When the couple insists on staying, one vaquero approaches the house. Mary Logan attempts to stop him but gets pushed to the ground. Her husband comes to her defense, only to get shot in the back by Sanchez, leading to his death. Mary receives a warning for expulsion, and they nail a sign to the porch to remind her to leave the property by nightfall.

The Cartwrights heard the gunshot and rushed to the Logan place to see what happened. However, it is too late as Mary’s husband is already dead, leaving her distraught. Moreover, she does not wish to leave the place they worked hard for five years. They’re also expecting a child, but her husband is no longer alive. Ben convinces her to come with them in the meantime, then stops Joe from chasing the vaqueros.

Ben and Adam visit Sheriff Hawkins to report the killing. However, Hawkins already knows about it. Señor Luga, Sanchez’s boss, has already filed the report and declared it an act of self-defense. Ben and Adam aren’t on the same page. Señor Luga asks why the Cartwrights are interfering, considering it’s not their fight. Adam responds by saying they’re part of it since they’re also trying to take some of their lands. Luga brushes it off by saying it’s a small section that they’ll hardly miss. Ben argues that they value every foot of their property. Luga claims his niece, Isabella de la Cuesta, owns the property.

Isabella and Sanchez are kissing when Señor Luga returns to the hotel room. He dismisses her reprimand for not knocking, stating she doesn’t require privacy and that gentlemen often meet in her presence. Isabella slaps Luga, and Sanchez leaves the room after. Isabella comments on getting tired of being stuck in the hotel room. Luga states that it is even more luxurious than where she used to live, and he does not want her to leave, putting everything he’s worked for at risk. She asks how she could spoil his plan if she is Isabella de la Cuesta. However, he reminds her that Isabella is a great lady, one that she is not.

Back at the Ponderosa, Joe wonders how Luga can come in as he wants and throw the settlers off their land. Ben says he has a long-standing Spanish land grant, putting the law on his side. Joe asks what they could do if the claim were invalid. Ben declares they’d go to court to fight it. He sends Hoss and Joe to Monterey to check the claim and get a complete history of the De La Cuesta family. Adam suggests they talk to Isabella, although Ben thinks it won’t help much in their case. Adam says they can’t assure her and Luga’s connection, considering nobody else has talked to her.

Adam arrives at the hotel just in time when Isabella leaves the place. He follows her to a cantina on the outskirts of the town. There she sees her dancing seductively with the flamenco dancer. Once finished, she takes a seat, and a cowboy approaches her. High Card Smith states that he recalls her as Rosita from San Francisco. She believes he mistook her for someone else, but he firmly insists. Later, he figured she was only claiming to be Isabella, then threatened her since she would not want anyone to know her identity. Isabella continues to decline his advances, and Adam intervenes to send him away. He pulls out a knife, but Adam avoids it and draws his gun, sending Smith away.

Isabella thanks Adam for coming to her aid but becomes suspicious after discovering he’s a Cartwright. Luga informed her that the Cartwrights were causing some problems with their project. Adam states he intends to give Luga more trouble. However, he also says a gentleman always helps a lady. Isabella agrees to let him walk her back to the hotel.

Sanchez sees Isabella with Adam at the hotel and reports to Luga about it. Although displeased, Luga instructs Sanchez not to interfere and tell him when Adam leaves.

Adam sips some wine in Isabella’s hotel room and inquires about the land grant. However, Isabella is unwilling to discuss it. He asks how she justifies evicting people from their land. She claims it’s her property. Adam argues it belongs to the residents who toiled and sweated over it. Isabella then asks how the Cartwrights hold their land: with sweat or a deed of trust. Adam replies, saying both.

Isabella’s status as an heiress intrigues Adam. She responds that her uncle found her and told her about it. Adam asks where Luga met her, considering no Spanish lady would ever behave the way she did at the cantina. She declines to discuss her private affairs but begins to flirt with him. In response, he leans in for a kiss. Soon, she steps away and says that when a man kisses her, he has to think about love, not anything about business. Adam accepts her dismissal and leaves the room.

Isabella’s connection with a Cartwright displeased Luga, who desired to know what she told him. She says it would benefit them to have at least one of the Cartwrights on their side, and the idea delighted Luga.

At the Ponderosa, Adam tells Ben that Isabella isn’t the kind of woman he believed she’d be. He starts to wonder if Isabella wants to take all the land or if it is Señor Luga. Ben doesn’t understand the difference because the two are working together either way.

Adam takes Isabella for a ride. She again questions why they must be on different sides. Adam says they don’t have to be, then takes her to the Logans’ house. He explains that a couple, who were expecting a kid, used to live there. However, Isabella doesn’t care, even saying they can live elsewhere. Adam tells her the woman and child can, but the husband died after Sanchez murdered him at the exact place she was standing. This fact was new to Isabella, who wasn’t aware of the killing. Although upset, she tells Adam that she cannot stop Luga and his men. The land might be hers, but Adam warns her that she’ll never enjoy it since there will be too much blood on it.

High Card Smith arrives at the hotel and that he has discovered Isabella’s true identity. Luga claims he doesn’t mind since they have nothing to hide. However, Smith states that finding out Isabella is also Rosita Moralez would confuse the people in court. Luga offers him money, which Smith accepts. After he left, Sanchez claims Smith will return, to which Señor Luga responds, “Unless something else happens to him first.”

Adam explains to Ben how the killings upset Isabella. However, Ben isn’t impressed as she refuses to call off the killers and withdraw her claim to the land.

Smith arrives at the Ponderosa, informing the Cartwrights about the information he got about Isabella. Adam doesn’t want to hear more about it, but Ben stops him, reminding him that it was the detail they wanted to figure out. Smith states that Rosita Martinez was a bar room dancer in San Francisco. Ben swings a bag of coins in front of Smith, who then continues to tell Isabella’s father, Pedro Martinez, who runs a store a few miles south of Virginia City. Ben offers more money in exchange for Smith’s appearance in court, and Smight agrees.

As Adam and Ben head into town, they find Smith’s dead body on the road. What happened only made Smith’s claims valid, so they pursued to meet with Luga.

Sanchez arrives at Isabella’s hotel room before Adam and Ben. Unhappy with his sudden arrival and forceful advances, Isabella runs out of the room and falls into Adam’s arms. Sanchez chuckles, saying it’s a lover’s quarrel with one of her servants. They return to Isabella’s room, and Isabella begs Adam to believe that Sanchez forced his way inside.

Ben responds by telling her about Smith’s story. She confesses that she is Rosita Morales but also claims to be Isabella De La Cuesta. Isabella explained that Pedro Martinez is not her father and that he only bought her from some Indians after the death of her family. As soon as she was old enough, she ran away to San Francisco. Ben states that proving her identity will only lead to more killing, but Isabella shows no care. She refuses to withdraw her claim, only for Ben to keep pressing her until she sobs. Adam asks him to stop, seeing how talking to Isabella has gotten them nowhere.

The two leave the hotel, and Ben sends out Adam to find Martinez. Moreover, if Adam cannot disprove Isabella’s story, he must do whatever he thinks is best.

Meanwhile, Señor Luga and Sanchez are back in the hotel room where Isabella is still crying. Luga figured they go after Martinez, so Sanchez volunteered to take care of it.

Sanchez finds Adam in the stables and points a knife at him. He says Isabella sent him, but Adam refuses to believe his statement. The two engage in a battle. In the end, Adam manages to throw Sanchez into a stall, where an enraged horse stomps Sanchez to death.

Adam finds a drunk Pedro Martinez sleeping. Adam wakes him up to ask about Rosita. Pleased to hear she remembers him, Martinez starts to narrate his part of the story. He stated how someone also came to ask about Rosita in exchange for a bottle of whiskey last year. He also mentioned Dona Theresa Esperanza from Mission San Jose, who came trying to find her granddaughter Isabella Maria De La Cuesta. Adam hands him some money and then leaves.

Señor Luga finds Isabella at the cantina. There he informs her about Sanchez’s death. Isabella hates the killing, telling Luga they have nothing to be afraid of since she’s Isabella. However, Luga says they’ll receive love in the town like the Cartwrights once they are rich.

The judge stops by the Ponderosa to tell Ben he can’t delay the hearing much longer. Ben asks for more time for his sons to return from Monterey. However, the judge refuses and schedules the hearing for the following day.

Fortunately, Hoss and Joe return just as the hearing begins. They discovered the land grant was legal and validated by the Spanish king. Ben again requests to delay the hearing until Adam can return. Luga insists they continue, believing it’s an attempt to obstruct justice, but Isabella speaks up, saying she doesn’t mind waiting for Adam. She claims that if he has something relevant to the case, they shouldn’t hesitate to hear it. The judge agrees to postpone the hearing by one day.

Adam shows up the next day with a senior lady, Dona Theresa Esperanza. She is Isabella’s last living relative, which invalidates Isabella’s relationship with Luga. Moreover, Luga and Theresa’s conversation exchange depict their dislike for each other. Ben introduces her to the judge as the only person who can identify Isabella. Theresa says that Luga approached her about backing his corrupt scheme to claim the De La Cuesta land.

Luga states that she can’t identify Isabella, considering she hasn’t seen her for ages. Theresa guarantees them all that she’ll know Isabella and wishes to speak with Isabella privately. Luga is reluctant because Theresa’s remarks already appear to support his claim, but Isabella also firmly insists.

When everyone has left the room, Isabella asks if there is a way to identify her identity with certainty. Theresa asks what Isabella wants in life: to be rich, to have power, or to be a great lady. Isabella gets defensive at Theresa’s last question. Theresa responds, saying the most outstanding trait of the De La Cuesta’s was their generosity, that they would never take the land from the people who worked hard for it. Her words helped Isabella identify who she is, and she thanks Doña Theresa for it.

Isabella summons everyone back inside to declare her identity. In the end, she says she’s Rosita Moralez, and Luga calls her a fool, firmly suggesting she could have been the wealthiest woman in the country. Adam puts his arm around Rosita as the sheriff drags Luga away. Rosita begins to walk away, and Adam stops her to ask where she’s going. Isabella responds, saying she’s returning to San Francisco, where she belongs. The judge apologizes to Theresa for being forced to expose the impostor. However, Theresa asks him what makes him believe she’s an impostor, not directly answering Ben’s inquiry about Isabella’s identity.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Spanish Grant

Go in the house, Mary.

Stay where you are.

You have been served
with a notice of eviction.

Why are you still here?

This is our house, mister.

We've got no other place to go.

That is your concern, not ours.

You can't go in there!

Leave her alone!

Sounded like it come
from the south, Pa.

The Logan place.


Put up the sign.

You'll be off this land
by nightfall, señora.

Is he badly hurt?

He's dead.

They killed him.

Mary, what happened?

What... what was
the fight about?

They said we were trespassing.

They said... "Señora...

be off this land by nightfall."


Sounds like Don Antonio.

Let's go.

Stay where you are, Little Joe.


Mary, the law's on their side.

Andy and me, we
homesteaded this place.

Five years he
sweated in these fields.

Now we got a family
coming... I'm not going.


come with us.

We'll be back.

I promise.

Give me a hand, boys.

You boys stay here.

Ben, Adam.

I've come to report a killing.

Andy Logan has been
shot down in cold blood.

As a matter of accuracy,
he was killed in self-defense.

Sheriff Hawkins
has all the facts.

That's right, Ben,
Señor Luga has already

made a complete report
on behalf of his men.

Well, did he report

that it was his men who
committed the murder?

There's a difference, Ben.

Logan was given
a notice of eviction,

so he had no legal
right to be on that land.

And a couple of witnesses saw
him attack Señor Luga's man.

All he was doing was
defending what was his.

There's no evidence of that.

Well, there's Mrs. Logan's word!

You think that'll stand
up in court, Adam?

Stand up in court?

They talk of
lawlessness of the West.

Well, this is lawlessness
backed up by law.

They're evicting families,

throwing them
out of their homes,

killing men, and
you protect them!

Now, keep your shirt on, Ben.

I don't like this any
better than you do.

This is not really your
fight, Señor Cartwright.

Why do you insist
on interfering?

Interfering?! Of
course it's our fight.

You're trying to take
part of our land, too.

Technically speaking, yes.

But although the De
La Cuesta land grant

takes in a few hundred
acres of Ponderosa property,

it is such a, well,
such a small section

of your great ranch...
You will hardly miss it.

We happen to value every
foot of our property, Señor Luga.

Your pardon, señor.

It is the property of my niece.

Perhaps she will
be gracious enough

to permit you to retain it, if
your attitude is cooperative.

Well, you know what
you can tell your niece.

Some respect, sir...
You are talking about

Isabella Maria Ynez y
Castro De La Cuesta,

descendant of one of the oldest
and noblest families in Spain.

Sanchez, you are
becoming quite amorous.

For the noble Isabella
De La Cuesta, why not?

Why don't you knock?

Since when do
you require privacy?

One man meeting
another in your presence...

It's a common thing.

Get out.

My respects, dear lady.


the darling of
the barroom girls.

And now he has you.

Please do not give
me one of your lectures.

I am tired of being cooped
up in this hotel room.

But this room is much better
than you're used to, my dear.

These fine things,
these flowers.

For entertaining someone
like Sanchez, I don't need them.

I am Isabella De La Cuesta.

Is that not right?

Yes, that is right.

Then I refuse to
remain a minute longer

in this carpeted prison!

Just a few more days.

Everything is
going beautifully...

Don't spoil it.

How could I spoil it?

Everybody's expecting
Isabella De La Cuesta

to be a great lady.

And whatever you are, my dear...

well, you know your weakness.

When the time comes

I will be as much
a lady as anyone.

I've spent years of
my life on this project,

tracing the land grant
and then tracing you.

I won't let you destroy
it now, you understand?

Pa, you mean this
Luga can just come in

and throw homesteaders
off their land

and there's nothing
we can do about it?

Well, the Spanish land grants
go back hundreds of years.

Mexico recognizes
them, we recognize them,

and the De La Cuesta claim
has been examined and validated

by the Territorial Land Office.

Apparently, it's
in perfect order.

Yeah, well, suppose it
wasn't all in perfect order.


well, we could go to
court and try to stop them.

The, uh, records of
the Spanish land grants

are kept in
Monterey, aren't they?

- Mm-hmm.
- That's right.

It may be worth looking into.

Pa, would you like for us to
ride down there and check on it?


Yeah, you and Joe,
first thing in the morning.

Check everything on file.

Get a complete history of
the De La Cuesta family.

Meanwhile, Adam
and I will file an action

in Judge Blankney's court,

in the name of the Carson
Valley settlers and ourselves.

Well, what chance do
you think we stand there?

Well... very little, I suppose,

if Isabella De La
Cuesta is actually

the true and rightful heiress.

Well, there's still one
more thing we could do.

What's that?

Talk to the great lady herself.

After all, no one's seen her or
talked to her except Señor Luga.

What good will that do?

You don't think
she's gonna help us.

Well, how do we
know till we find out?

Well, here's hoping we can
prove that Isabella De La Cuesta

is not Isabella De La Cuesta.

All right, Bill, where
did you put her?

What are you
talking about, Adam?

The great lady.

Señorita De La Cuesta, or
whatever she calls herself.

What room's she in?

I can't tell you that, Adam.

I've got orders.

You've also got friends.

Room 33.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Very, very, very nice, Rosita.

How about a drink?

You must be mistaken.

The name is not Rosita.


What is it, then?

Go away from me.

Look, Rosita, you wouldn't
happen to be that woman

that everybody in town is
talking about, would you?

The one that's
claiming all that land?

Let go of me!

Come on, just a
couple of hundred.

Nobody has to know
the name is Rosita.

You are wasting your time... the
name is Isabella De La Cuesta!

Go away!

You don't get off that easy.

All right, let her go.

Well, now, you just
get out of here, mister.

This is none of your business.

Well, now, I'm
making it my business.

Well, you make
tracks or I'll cut you.

Now, you can leave now.

Exciting place.

Is he hurt?

No. He'll get over it.

I appreciate your
fighting for me.

It was not your fight.

Oh, but you are my fight,
Señorita De La Cuesta.



Who are you?

My name's Cartwright.
Adam Cartwright.

Oh, yes. I've heard
my uncle talk about you.

It seems you are
giving him some trouble.

Oh, I hope to give
him a lot of trouble.

Then why did you help me?

Well, a gentleman
always helps a lady.


At least you consider me a lady.

And a very beautiful one.

Well, in that case...

perhaps you would
walk me back to my hotel.

It'll be a pleasure.

I believe the
lady is in room 33.

I have the key.

Come in.

Your lady is full of surprises.

Well, at least I know
she is not with you, huh?

Sí, but she is not alone.

The one they call Adam
Cartwright, he is with her.


You want me to,
uh...? No, no, no, no.

What would we gain?

Well, she could be telling
him certain things, hmm?

Is that what worries
you, Sanchez?

Or are you maybe
a little jealous, huh?

Don Antonio, I work for you,

but if you make
fun of me, I'll kill you.

Oh. Kill for her?
Don't be a fool.

No. Just keep an eye on her

and let me know when
this young Cartwright leaves.

Then I will have a
talk with our little lady.

I am glad that you like the
wine of my native country.

Let me refresh your glass.

Oh, I like your wine very much.

Uh, Señorita De La Cuesta...

Now begins the inquisition?

Call it that if you like.

No, I don't like. I think
it's a very ugly word.


Then what do you call
throwing people off their land?

Is it their land or mine?

It's theirs by the work
and sweat they put into it.

And do you hold your land
by sweat or by a deed of trust?

By both.

Tell me, señorita,

when did you first discover
you were the heiress

to the De La Cuesta grant?

When my uncle, Don
Antonio, found me and told me.

And where did he find you?

I only ask because I
found you in a cantina,

and believe me,

no Spanish lady ever
behaved the way you did.

You were of service to me
in the cantina, Mr. Cartwright.

But that does not
give you the right

to pry into my private affairs.

You know, we could be friends.

Could we?



When a man kisses me, he
has to have his mind on love,

not on business.


Hasta luego, señorita.

At least you have
learned to knock.

Of course.

You've, uh, had a visitor?

That is my business.

Young Cartwright...
Where did you meet him?

That is also my business.

It's mine, also.

The Cartwrights are
our main opposition.

They will do everything
they can to stop us.

Supposing we had the
Cartwrights on our side?


Supposing we had one of
the Cartwrights on our side.

Isabella, you've learned
to handle men to perfection.

Thank you.

But then, of course, I
didn't have much choice.

Adam, well-bred Spanish ladies

don't usually spend
their time in a saloon.

I know, I thought the
same thing myself.

I, uh, went back
to the hotel with her

and had a glass of wine.

Oh, good, good, good.

Did you find out anything?

Well, one thing... She's
quite a beautiful woman.

Well, we knew that.

What else?

She's very sensitive
about her past.


Won't talk about it at all.

Adam, you may be
heading in the right direction.

Maybe so, but I don't know
how happy I am about it.

Why not? It was your idea.

I guess it was,

but she is not exactly the kind
of woman I thought she'd be.

Adam, this is the woman
who's trying to grab all that land.

Is she? Or is it Señor Luga?

Well, what's the difference?
They're both in it together.

Why are you defending her?

Look, I'm not
defending her. I'd...

just like to know
more about her.

Anything wrong, señorita?

I'm tired.

I've had enough of
riding. I don't like it.

Why, I thought all Spanish
ladies knew how to ride.

Well, I am out of practice.

Please let us rest a while.

Why did you bring me out today?

Just to find out
if I could ride?

Well, there's, um...

there's something
about you, Isabella.

Is there?

What is it?

Well, it isn't nobility,
I'll tell you that.

Then what is it?


Adam, why do we have
to be on different sides?

Maybe we don't.

Come on. There's
something I want to show you.

But I'm very happy here.

It's very important.

All right.

What is this place?

It's part of your holdings.

I think you ought
to get to know it.

Is this the time?

Well, why not?

You not only have land.
You have buildings, too, see?

A man and woman
used to live here.

I understand a
child was on the way.

So? They will live
somewhere else.

The woman and the child, maybe.

The man's dead.

As a matter of fact, he died

exactly where
you're standing now.

He was murdered by Sanchez.

They never told me.

He won't be the
last to die, either.

They're trying to evict
settlers all over the valley.

There will be lots of
fighting and lots of widows.

Then let them not fight.

Only you can stop it.

Oh, no, Adam.

You cannot blame that on me.

I do not want
people to get hurt,

and I do not want
them to get killed.

But I have to
think of myself, too.

They cannot have what is mine.

Well, you know you'll
never enjoy this land.

There will be too
much blood on it.

So, Don Antonio,
the southern section

is all cleared of settlers.

Good, good. Now you can
start on the north section.

Yes? Who are you?

The name is Smith.
High Card Smith.


I'm an old friend of Rosita's.

Show the gentleman in, Sanchez.

Come in.

Now, what is this about Rosita?

I used to know Rosita
in San Francisco.

I-I figured you wouldn't
want the news to get around.

But we have nothing to hide.

Well, that might not go
so well in court, señor.

After all, people are
liable to get all mixed up

between Rosita Morales and,
uh... Isabella De La Cuesta?

I see, I see.

You want to avoid
confusion, hmm?

That's a very good
way of putting it.

Clarity is a laudable aim.

You're a very generous man.

Eh, very generous, indeed, sir.

You know, I want
to tell you something.

Just as long as you
keep scratching my back,

I'll keep scratching yours.

Thank you, señor. Gracias.

De nada.


He'll be back, señor.

Yes, I know, I know.

Unless something
happens to him first, eh?

You expecting
trouble, Mr. Cartwright?

No, not really, Hop Sing.

What are you doing, Pa?

I'm getting ready, just in case.

I thought we decided there
wouldn't be any fighting.

Well, if the settlers decide
to fight against their evictions,

I'm not going to stand by
and watch 'em get shot at.

Did you talk to 'em?

I talked to 'em.

But I don't think they'll stand
for much more pushing around.

And neither will I.

Well, now, there's
just the chance

that there may not have
to be any pushing around.


Well, I went riding

with our Señorita De
La Cuesta this afternoon.


What happened?

I took her out to
the Logan place.

Did she like it?

I told her what Señor
Luga's men had done.

I think she was honestly upset
about what happened out there.


It's nice, Adam, it's real nice.

Was she upset enough
to call off her hired killers?

Well, if it ain't the great
lady's knight in shining armor.

And what do you want here?

Just a few words, friend.

The name is Smith,
High Card Smith.

You must be the
main Cartwright, huh?

You have something
to say, say it.


Western hospitality, friend.

You know, as a matter of
fact, everybody in Virginia City

has been very
inhospitable towards me.

Especially at the poker tables.

What are you selling?

A history of Isabella
De La Cuesta.

Mr. Cartwright...

Well, her name
is Rosita Morales.

She used to be a
barroom girl and a dancer

in a cheap waterfront
dive in San Francisco.

And just how do you know that?

Son, I was there.

I'll bet you were.

Just a minute, just
a minute, Adam.

That's what we wanted
to find out, isn't it?

You know who her family was?


A comanchero, Pedro Morales.

He runs a little store
in a dirty little spot

a few miles south of
here called Los Aldos.

I want you to stay
in Virginia City

till that trial comes up.

You know I can't do that.

Make it worth your while.

All right, friend,

but don't you try to find me.

I'll find you.

I'll find you often.

Well, now we know
who our great lady is.

Well, I'm gonna get
some fresh clothes,

and then you and I

are riding into Virginia City.

We're gonna see Luga

and we're tell him
exactly what we know,

and we'll put an end
to this thing right now.

I think we better keep
our little appointment

with Señor Luga.

I was just riding.

I need a glass of
wine for refreshment.

Try the saloon.

You wouldn't deny a friend

a glass of wine, huh?

Get out of here!

No, what's on
your lips is sweeter.

Let go of me!

Perhaps you prefer
young Cartwright, huh?

Go away!

Still good, huh?

No, no, go away!

You're surprised,
Señor Cartwright, huh,

to see your great
lady in a lover's quarrel

with one of her servants, huh?

May we have a moment
with you, señorita?


He forced his way in here.

You do believe that,
don't you, Adam?

I think it's about time this
masquerade came to an end.

We know who you are.

You're Rosita Morales.

Maybe I am, but I am
also Isabella De La Cuesta.

Your father's Pedro Morales.

My father is not Pedro Morales!

He bought me from some Indians
after my family was massacred.

I was too little to be killed.

But soon I became big enough
to chase around the shack...

So I ran away to San Francisco.

Now, Miss Morales, how
can you possibly expect us

to believe that kind of story?

Because it is the truth,

and if you want to
believe anything else,

you'll have to prove it.

And while we're proving it,
more killing, more bloodshed.

Is that what you want?

I don't know
anything about that.

But you can put
an end to it. How?

Withdraw your
claim to that land.

It's the only possible
decent thing for you to do.

The decent thing to do.

Rosita Morales is
not decent, is she?

Then Isabella De La Cuesta
will not be decent either.

But she will be rich.

And how many lives
is that worth to you?

Pa, that's enough.

What do you want
me to do, help her?

Feel sorry for her, what?

I don't know, Pa, but
this is getting us nowhere.


I think it's up to
you to find Morales,

and if he can disprove
that story of hers,

bring him back here. And if not?

Well, then, do
whatever you think best.

But whatever it
is, do it quickly.

All right, Pa.

But I don't want
to miss anything,

so don't start
shooting till I get back.

How much do they know about you?

They'll probably
go after Morales.

I'll take care of it.


No, what can poor Morales do?

He can't help us.

I'll be the judge of that, hmm?

Don Antonio, I don't
want any more killing.

Please, no more killing.

Yes, no more killing.

Why are you crying?

I... Those Cartwrights...

they have an unfortunate
effect upon people, huh?

One moment, amigo.

Don't turn around.

You're not going anyplace.

This will get you
nowhere, Sanchez.


It will get me your life.

My life?

Who sent you, Luga?

No, not Luga.

Isabella De La Cuesta.

You're lying.


You think she cares about you?

I don't think she'd
send you here to kill me.

You presume too much, señor.

Do I?

Help me get him out of there.

Yes... Whoa, whoa!

Whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa.

He's dead.

Look, Jack, I'm in a hurry.

Tell the sheriff
I'll explain this

to him later, will you?

♪ ♪

Hey... come on, wake up.

Wake up!

¿Qué pasa?

¿Quien es usted?

Come on, wake up,
wake up. ¿Qué quiere?

Why? Who are you?

What do you want?

Now, listen.

I'm looking for a
girl named Rosita.

What do you know about her?


She remember Morales?

She remembers.

A year ago, a man
come and ask about her...

but he gave me a
bottle of whiskey.

What did you tell him?

Señor, you... you
give me money...

for whiskey?

I... I tell you more.

What can you tell me
that I don't already know?

Five years back... a woman come.

Very old.

From Mission San Jose.

She say she
looking for little girl.

Who was the old woman?

Whiskey, señor.
Come on, who was she?

Who was she looking for?

Whiskey, señor.

All right, all right.

Now, who was she, and
who was she looking for?

Her name was Doña
Theresa Esperanza.

She was looking for
a... girl named, uh...

Isabella Maria De La Cuesta.

Isabella Maria De La Cuesta.

I might have known
I'd find you here again.

I was just sitting
here thinking.

You mean getting drunk.

Watch your tongue, señor.

I don't want to be hated.

Everyone loves the rich, hmm?

That's good enough
for you, isn't it?

And not you?

Or are you falling in love
with this young Cartwright?

And if I have,

what business is that of yours?

Must I remind you
what we have at stake?

Sanchez is dead.

And how did he die?

Killing again?

I told you I didn't want
any more bloodshed.

Suppose they bring
Old Morales back

and the Cartwrights bribe him.

It would force a
hearing immediately,

and anything could happen.

But if I am Isabella,
what are you afraid of?

Justice is nebulous.

Everyone is behind
the Cartwrights.

They love them in this town.

Is it so bad to be loved?

When we are rich,
they will love us, too.

Well, howdy, Judge! Oh, hi, Ben.

Come on in for some refreshment.

I can't, Ben. I'm just rushing
back from Carson Valley.

Oh. But, I did want to
speak to you for a second.

It's about that hearing.

Ben, I'm-I'm afraid I
can't delay it any longer.

Well, Judge Blankney...

Tell me, when do you expect
the boys back from Monterey?

Well, they should be
back real soon, now.

It's a long ride
over the Sierra.

Yeah, I know. What about Adam?

When do you expect
him back, Ben?

Well, it should be any
day now. Maybe tomorrow.

Now, I'm counting on you

holding up that hearing
till he gets back, Judge.

Ben, I can't.

I can't hold off any longer.

For the good of the
people and the community,

this thing has to be
settled one way or another.

Ben, I've got to
call that hearing

for 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

I'll see you then.

Come on, boy. Come on.


Hello, boys. I'm glad
you got back in time.

Not much good it did going.

Why, didn't you get the
information I sent you for?

We got it, Pa, but that's
just the point. What?

It's just as they called it.

The De La Cuesta land
grant is as solid as a rock.

The family was given
possession of all that land in...

What was that word, Little Joe?

Perpetuity. Yeah.

Yeah. By the
Spanish king himself.

That Señor De La Cuesta
must've been quite a feller.

We'll have to wait for Adam.

What good's he going to do?

He's our only chance now.

It is now 2:00 and time for
these proceedings to begin.

Your Honor, I would
like to make a request.

What is it, Ben?

I've been waiting for my son,
Adam. Something has delayed him.

I don't see why that should
hold up these proceedings.

Your Honor, I think
the issue is quite clear.

This is obviously a
transparent attempt

to delay and obstruct justice.

Well, surely, Your Honor, a
few more days could be spared

in a matter of such
importance to so many people.

A few more days?! Your Honor,

we have been forced
to delay too long already.

Your Honor.

I am not opposed to the
delay, if it will help things.

I think I know what is
best for us, my dear.

But if Adam has some
information bearing on the case,

why should we
be afraid to hear it?

Evidence can be falsified.

Witnesses have
been known to lie.

Or to tell the
truth, Señor Luga.

This case affects the
lives of so many people

that I think nothing
should be overlooked.

Therefore, I hereby
adjourn these proceedings

until 10:00 tomorrow morning.

It was a very foolish
thing you did, my dear.

At this point, all I
want is the truth.

Don't be so noble, Isabella.

That saloon on the
waterfront, it's still there.

Hyah! Hyah!

They're here!

Well, Adam.

Hello, Pa.

How is everything?

All right, outside
of a little shooting.

Somebody tried to
stop us outside of town.

Oh, the, uh...

That's why you couldn't
get here yesterday?

Nope. I had another reason.

May I present Doña
Theresa Esperanza.

Doña Theresa, this is
my father, Ben Cartwright.

I am honored, señora.

Thank you.

I am sorry you had to
take such a long journey.

If at last I find my grandniece,

no journey will have been
too long or too difficult.

Well, uh, may I?

I think you will be
comfortable here.

Adam, who is she?

She's the grandaunt

and last living relative
of Señorita De La Cuesta.

What about Señor Luga?

Well, he's not her
uncle, that's for sure.

Doña Theresa.

Señor Luga?

I did not expect to see you.

I'm sure of that.

Otherwise you would not be here.

Your Honor,

this is the witness for
whom we've been waiting.

This is Doña Theresa Esperanza.


The great aunt of
Isabella De la Cuesta.

The only link to her past,

and the sole person
able to identify her.

Identify her?

Doña Theresa is an old woman.

She hasn't seen
Isabella for many years,

in fact since a little child.

How could she possibly
give a valid identification?

Who is this adventurer to
decide on my qualifications?

Not so long ago,
he dared to visit me,

and seek to enlist my aid

in his evil and corrupt scheme.

What scheme do
you refer to, señora?

His plan for me to vouch

for the identity
of my grandniece,

the last of the De La Cuestas.

Would you be able to
identify the girl, if you saw her?

Without question.

Very well.

Your Honor, I protest
this entire proceeding!

Señor Luga, you
are out of order.

If you please, señorita!

Señora, this is the
girl to be identified.

Would you tell us
if you know her?

Turn around, young lady!

Raise your head, please.

The carriage,
the tilt of the head!

The dark eyes!

Your Honor,

if I might see this
young lady alone,

I shall be able to tell you

whether she's
indeed my grandniece.

No, that isn't necessary!

It is obvious from
Doña Theresa's reaction

that this is her grandniece!

Your Honor,

I would like to talk
to this lady in private,

as she suggests.

Sheriff, will you clear
the room, please.

All right, gentlemen,
step outside.

Doña Theresa...

Doña Theresa, is there
some way you can identify me?

Some way?

I mean anything definite!

I have lived so much of
my life with uncertainty.

What is it you seek out of life?

Is it riches?

Or power?

Do you want to be a great lady?

Is that such a very
bad thing to want?


Nothing at all.

But let me tell you

about the De La Cuestas.

The outstanding characteristic
of the De La Cuestas

was generosity.


I'm an old lady, and
perhaps sentimental,

but I know in my heart
that a De La Cuesta

would have not taken
the land from the people

who bought it with
their blood and sweat.

You seem to know a great
deal about the situation.

That must have been a
very interesting ride you had

with Adam Cartwright.

Most interesting.

I know who I am now.

Thank you, Doña Theresa.

Thank you.

Your Honor, there is no
need to go on any longer.

I am... Rosita Morales.

She-she's lying!

What did you do to her?!

You are Isabella De La Cuesta!

Tell 'em the truth! Señor Luga!

You'll have your
share of truth telling.

Come with me! You fool!

You could have had it all!

You could have been the
richest woman in this country!

Where are you going?

I'm going back where I belong.

To San Francisco.

This must have been a
difficult thing for you to do,

to expose an imposter.

An imposter?

What makes you
think she's an imposter?

Doña Theresa, is
she Rosita Morales...

or Isabella De La Cuesta?

Who knows?

Behind the Scenes of The Spanish Grant

Pernell Roberts performed the entire barn fight without the assistance of a stuntman.

Adam and Isabella went for a ride and eventually requested to stop for a moment. When she comes to a halt, she starts throwing her leg out to dismount. The next scene shows Adam assisting her, and she again extends her leg to dismount.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is an excellent television series to watch alone or with family and friends. NBC produced the program with its 14 seasons airing on their network from September 1959 to January 1973. The Spanish Grant is the twenty-first episode out of 430.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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