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The Storm Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #03, Episode #19

In this Bonanza episode, Brooke Hayward, daughter of producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan, portrays Laura White, Joe Cartwright’s childhood sweetheart. Laura expresses her desire to marry Joe as an adult, but neither Joe nor her father, Captain White (played by Frank Overton), approves of the match. Unbeknownst to Joe but known by Captain White, Laura is terminally ill. The Captain is determined to keep this information from Joe, fearing that Joe might marry Laura out of pity. The Storm, written by Denne Petticlerc, first aired on January 28, 1962.

Delve into its plot intricacies and intriguing trivia, or enjoy the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Storm

Watch the Full Episode of The Storm:

Main Cast

In the nineteenth episode of Bonanza’s third season, titled “The Storm,” viewers were treated to a blend of familiar faces from the main cast and special guest stars. The ensemble of actors highlighted in this episode includes:

  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Frank Overton as Capt. Matthew White
  • Brooke Hayward as Laura White

Full Story Line for The Storm

Joe’s childhood sweetheart, Laura, pays a visit accompanied by her strict seafaring father, Captain White. As Laura and Joe rekindle their love and express their desire to marry, they encounter opposition from her father. Unbeknownst to Joe, Captain White harbors a secret: Laura is terminally ill. Determined to prevent Joe from marrying her out of pity, the captain keeps this information to himself.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Storm


(wind whistling)

Well, here we are.

Welcome to the Ponderosa.

Oh, it's beautiful,
Mr. Cartwright.

Has the feel of a
fine clipper ship.

Out here all alone in the
sea of green and brown.

Father sees the
briny in everything


he looks at, Mr. Cartwright.

Well, he has saltwater
in his veins, Laura.

Well, come on in, folks.

Here, let me take that, Laura.

Fine quarters,
Benjamin. A man's house.

Well, we find it
very comfortable.

The boys and I are
very happy here.

Laura, why don't you sit down?

Where are the lads?

They should be finishing
their chores pretty soon.

I believe my daughter's anxious

to see the one she
made mud pies with.

- Oh, Father...
- (Ben chuckles)

Well, Laura, I guess,
uh, Joseph is no longer


that freckled-faced
boy that you remember.

He's grown up just like you.

Oh, I'm sure he
has, Mr. Cartwright.

Matthew, how about a sherry?

- I thank you.
- Laura?

No, thank you.

Hey, how long, uh, how long
leave of absence are you taking

from the sea, Matthew?

- Indefinite.
- Indefinite?

You taking an indefinite
leave of absence

from the sea? (chuckles)

You know that doesn't
sound quite like you.

I owe some time to my daughter.

We've been separated so much,

he thought he'd finally
like to know his daughter.

- Her mother died while I was at sea.
- Oh.

We've been at a bit
of a loss, Laura and I.

Well, then I'm doubly glad
you've come to the Ponderosa.

It's what Laura wanted.

(footsteps on stairs)

Captain White, Laura!

I didn't expect you
here until tomorrow.

Well, the stagecoach
picked up fair winds

- between St. Louis and Virginia City.
- Wonderful.

Good thing I was in town for
the cattle auction, wasn't it?

And Laura.

It just doesn't seem possible.

The last time I saw
you in New Orleans,

you were about so tall.

Well, you weren't
much taller, Joe.

Yeah, I guess 12 years
does make a big difference.

It certainly has on you.
You're pretty as a picture.

I don't make mud
pies anymore, either.

Yeah, well, I don't eat
them anymore, either.


You remember this, Joe?

Did you keep this thing?

Yes, all these years.

You picked it for
me in our garden

the day you left New Orleans.

That's right, I remember.

It was to remember me by.

Look, I wish I had known you
were coming earlier, Captain.

I-I hate to run out
on you like this,

but I have an
important engagement.

But I'll see you
tomorrow morning.

Laura, it's real nice
to see you again.

Pa, don't worry.
I'll be home early.

Young people these days
seem to be so busy all the time.

He really didn't
expect you today.

You must excuse him.

Of course.

(theme music playing)

Well, that finishes
it for today.

I guess we can start breaking

that bunch of wild
horses next week.

Yeah, I can't wait to
tangle that old bay.

I'm gonna ride that
son of a gun this time

if I have to hogtie
him and hobble him.

Why don't you just
try sitting on him?

Oh, you're funny.

(wind whistling)

Dad-gone, I sure don't
like the feel of that wind.

It's too early in the
year for a storm.

Maybe not. It's blowing
hard out of the northeast.

I've seen it cloud up and
storm this early before.

I don't know. My
bunion's been hurting me

ever since the day
before yesterday.

Ah, your bunion hurt
you on a hot day in July.

Yeah, there's a
difference, though, Adam.

It's like a toothache
and a headache,

they both ache in the same
place, but there's a difference.


I figure it will be
raining before...

the day after tomorrow.

If you two
soothsayers are right,

we're not gonna be
breaking horses next week,

we're gonna be trying
to keep the house afloat.

Hey, Joe, I can't understand
why you want to prowl around

like a lobo wolf every
night when you've got

a pretty little gal like that
right here in your backyard.

Ain't she a cute little gal?

Just like one of them snow
flowers... what do you call them?


Don't you think so, Joe?

Don't I think what?

Laura is a pretty girl.

Yeah, sure she is.
Why do you ask?

Just an observation.

You two fellows go
right on observing.

I've got some work
to do on the wagon.


(wind whistling)

Hi. Did you have a
good night's sleep?

Yes, thank you.

I'd, uh, I'd like to apologize
again for last night.

I had that date
and I had to keep it.

Oh, it's perfectly all right.

I... I didn't think I'd
ever see you again

after all these years, Joe.

What brought you and your
father clear out here, anyway?

He's not giving
up the sea, is he?

Oh, he couldn't give
up the sea, it's his life.

If you give up the
things you live for,

then you might as well be dead.

Father and I've traveled
all over the world together.

We've even been to Africa.

You've done a lot of traveling

since we were
kids in New Orleans.

I know. It's hard to believe

that so much time
has passed since then.

Yeah... it sure is.

You know, you're so
different from the little girl

I knew back home.

We go on thinking that,
that nothing changes.

I'm... so terribly sorry that
things have to... change.


Laura, what is it? What's wrong?

Oh, it's, it's a
little dizziness.

I-I, it'll go away very
quickly. I'm all right.

I shouldn't have run so fast.

I'll help you to the house.

Laura, what is it?

Oh, I'm all right,
Mr. Cartwright; it's nothing.

I just felt a little weak.

- Here, why don't you sit down?
- Thank you.

(footsteps on stairs)

Let her be, Ben.
I'll take her upstairs.

Matthew, I think she...

I know what's best
for my own daughter.

I'm perfectly all right, Father.

You'll come up and
lie down for a bit.

I wonder what's
wrong with her, Pa?

Well, Matthew said she hadn't
been feeling too well, lately.

A very delicate girl.

Very much like her
mother in that way.

She was like... fine
glass, her mother.

I sure hope the Ponderosa
weather makes her feel better.

Well, I'm sure it will.

Laura, you must
be feeling better,

you certainly did
justice to your supper.

I feel wonderful,
Mr. Cartwright,

- and the supper was delicious.
- Good!

It sure was. I think I'm
gonna go back there

and get another
one of those legs.

Another leg, that wasn't
a chicken, that was a deer.

I think I can handle
that, too, Adam.

Hoss uses a chicken
leg to pick his teeth with.


Matthew, I suppose you haven't
had venison for some time.

Aye, the meat's good.

You know, we, we don't have

any sharks around here,

but we do run into wolves
and a horse-killing panther.

How'd you like to go
hunting with us tomorrow?

Why not, Captain?

Be glad to pick
out a gun for you.

You might even get a bear.

No, I think not, Adam.

The sea's my hunting place.

The land tricks my
legs and my eye.

I think Laura and I will
just stay around the house.

Why don't you go
with Adam, Father?

Maybe I can talk Joe into
taking me for a ride up to the lake.

We've had a long hard
trip. You need your rest.

Oh, please, Father, I'm
much too excited to rest.

You'll do as I say.

I'm not a child, Father.

I know what's best for you.

Please excuse me.

I would have taken you anywhere,
Australia, the South Seas,

but you insisted on coming here.

Well, I thought you
wanted to come here, too.

Aye, because I thought it would
please you, make you happy.

Why did you suddenly care so
much about making me happy?

After all those years you
left me with Aunt Bronwen

and went away to sea?

I had a ship to
command, a job to do.

Child, you can't
hold on to the past.

You were children then,
now you're a woman.

A fine decent woman.

Father, you said I was a woman...
Then don't shelter me anymore.

Let me be a woman.

I'm glad I can finally
see the lake, Joe.

I wish your father
felt the same way.

Oh, you mean you'd like it
better if he were here, too?

No, that isn't
exactly what I mean.

(wind whistling)

Here we go. (clicks tongue)

The Ponderosa borders along
the lake, down there below us.

And as far as the eye
can see to the east...

and all the way to the
west, to the mountains.

You're proud of
your land, aren't you?

The Ponderosa's a
lot more than just land,

it's, well it's kind of
like a piece of this Earth.

And we work it
and sweat over it.

Sometimes we
have to fight for it.

I guess we leave
part of ourselves in it.

What does it give you in return?

Oh, I don't know, I
guess... I guess it gives

the same thing it
gives the pines... life.

It's beautiful, Joe.

It's the most beautiful
country I've ever seen.

And you're the
most beautiful girl.

Now you're making fun of me.


I'm not making fun.

There's something
I'd like to show you.

It's kind of a special place.

(clicks tongue) Come on.

(thunder rumbling)

Looks like we're in
for some bad weather.

Remember how we used
to walk along the river bank,

and collect rocks and tadpoles?

(chuckling): Sure.

Hey, remember how I used to,

used to take those flat stones

and try to skim 'em
across the water?

Gee, I was a
skinny kid, wasn't I?

Oh, I didn't think so.

(wind whistling)

You see that cabin over there?

(thunder rumbling,
wind whistling)

That's going to be mine someday.

I'm going to fix it up.

Oh, there's a view
of the countryside

from the other
side of that cabin...

You should be very happy here.


You know, the first
time I saw this place,

I knew it was going to be mine.

Do you ever have
a feeling like that?

I mean, you see something,

and right away, you
know it has to be yours.


What's that flower?

I don't know exactly.

People around here
call it the snow star.

It looks so alone and delicate.

Yeah, it's the first one
I've seen up here this year.

Must have bloomed
before its time.

I'll get it for you.

(thunder rumbling,
wind whistling)

Be careful, Joe.

Oh, don't worry about me.

There's nothing to this...

to... to... to...!

(Laura laughing)

It's a good thing I'm graceful.




That'll make a
star for your hair.


The horse!

That lightning must
have spooked him.

(rain pattering)

Uh-oh, here comes the rain.

(thunder crashes)

Let's get in the cabin.

(Laura gasps)

Hey, are you all right?

Oh, I'm just out of breath;
I'll be all right in a minute.

Yeah, we better get
those wet clothes off you.

Come on inside.

(thunder crashes)

LAURA: The storm
began so suddenly.


It's too far to walk
back in the rain.

We're just going to have
to sit and wait it out here.

I'll get a fire started;
you'll be dry in no time.

(thunder crashes)

Who lived here, Joe?

Oh, a fellow from Kentucky.

Pa gave him this property
and he built this cabin on it.

What happened to him?

Oh, he just disappeared.

Well, didn't anyone ever find
out what happened to him?

Well, not exactly.

Pa says he built
this cabin for his wife.

She was supposed to
come out here from Kentucky

on a wagon train.

The train was raided by
Indians and she was killed.

I was just a little
kid at the time,

but I remember him.

He was a big gentle man.

Knew everything about
the woods around here.

They say one night he heard
his wife's voice calling to him,

and he went out and followed it.

They never saw him again.

I guess people like to
make up ghost stories.

(wind howling, rain pattering)

Is that why no one's
ever lived here?

Yeah... yeah, they say
the place is haunted.

(thunder crashes)


Hey, we better get you
out of those wet clothes,

before you catch cold.

But, um... Oh, yeah, you...

need something to,
uh, put around you.

Hey, here we are.

(thunder crashing)

It's got a few moth holes in it,

but it's better than
catching pneumonia.

Uh... would you turn
your back, please?


Turn your back?

Oh, sure.

(thunder crashes)

Where are they, Ben?

I know Laura is with your
boy; I saw them leave together.

Well, I'd say they've taken
shelter somewhere, Matt.

Where can you take shelter
in that howling wilderness?

Probably up at
the Kennedy ranch.

They were headed up that way.

I want a horse, Ben.

Matt, Adam and Hoss are
out there now, looking for them.

Are you going to get me that
horse, or do I get it myself?

You can have any
horse on the Ponderosa,

if it will do you any good.

I've faced gales that'd
tear the skin off your face.

I'm not going to sit here
like a frightened cabin boy.

I've faced them too, Matthew.

We'll go out, only
if I think we should.

(thunder crashes)

If I hadn't have
brought her here,

this wouldn't have happened.

It's your boy's doing.

He's not the right kind for her.

Now, that's not fair, Matt.

Fair or no,

if anything's happened to Laura,

he'll answer to me for it.

You don't know
what you're saying.

Now, will you please calm
down and try to be reasonable.


Do you think I don't know
what kind of boy that is?

I've seen his type before.

On every ship and in
every port I've sailed into.

Now wait a minute!

My son may be young,
and he may be foolish,

but he's honest
and he's honorable.

I'd trust him with my
life, and so could you.

(thunder crashing)

Almost dry.

I wish it'd never dry.

It's been a wonderful day, Joe.

A wonderful day?

First I fell in the pool,
then the horse ran away,

now we're caught in the storm,

and you think it's
a wonderful day.

Oh, you know what I mean.

Just... being with you.

If I could stop this day
from ending, I would.

Well, I guess there isn't any
way to stop a day from ending.

Well, we could pretend.

Like we used to.

Oh, that's when we were kids.

It's no good to pretend anymore.

I wish we could
bring those days back.

You know, when I first saw
you on the Ponderosa, I...

I kind of thought
of you as you were,

when you were a little
girl, back in New Orleans.

But you're not like that.

You're not like that at all.

Let's finish up our coffee.

Better get the
horses saddled up.

(wind whistling)

Pa, they're back.


Have you lost your
senses, Matthew?

Calm down!


Joe... Hi.

I came as soon as I heard
you weren't feeling well.

It's silly; I feel
sort of shaky.

You know, it's all my fault
for getting us stuck up there.

I wouldn't have missed it
for anything in the world.

The flower... in my hair.

It's gone.

Don't you worry about that.

I'll pick you a whole
field of flowers.

You just get well.

Look, I have to go now.

Don't leave me, Joe.

I'll be back.

I want you to rest.

Think about a warm fire and...

and the sun on the river bank.

I'll see you later.

I love him, Father.

You don't know what
love is, nor does that boy.

Do you?

Do you know what love is?

Aye, it's...

it's a strong thing.

It's caring so much you
stop thinking about yourself.

How is she?

Oh, she's all right, I guess.

I still think we ought
to have a doctor.

Well, Matthew says the
doctors in New Orleans say

that there's nothing wrong
with her that time won't heal.

What does he have
against me, Pa?

Why, I don't think he has

anything against
you, particularly.

He's her father.

She's been ill and, well,
what happened this morning,

he's worried about her.

Then why didn't he let me
explain what happened?

Why... why wasn't he happy
to see that she was safe,

- instead of just...
- He was upset, Joe.

He didn't know
what he was doing.

He loves her very much.

I love her, too, Pa.

Joe, uh...

are you sure that
what you and she feel

isn't just a sort of

sentimental attraction
for each other?


No, that's... that's what
I thought it was at first,

but now I just
want to be with her.

Well, from what I can see,

she certainly wants
to be with you.

We want each other very much.

Well, no one could
ask for anything more.

To be wanted is possibly

the most important
thing in the world.

We're going to get married.

Well, I don't think that's

the biggest surprise
I've ever had.

(Little Joe chuckles)

I just hope her
father will understand.

Oh, I'm sure he will, Joseph.

He's a stubborn man,
but I know that in his heart,

his greatest concern
is for her happiness.

Be patient with him.

Try to understand him

the way you want
him to understand you.

All right, I'll try.

I just hope that he does.

I think Matthew and I
ought to have a little talk.

Maybe I can soften
him up for you.

That isn't interfering, is it?

(Little Joe chuckles)

Thanks, Pa.

Think Laura and I can
use all the help we can get.

Joe, what do you want
to come up here for?

This place gives me the willies.

Oh, it won't when I
get through with it.

What you figuring on doing?

Hey, Joe.

Any time you get
that look in your eye,

I always get in trouble.

What you planning on doing?

Hoss, you're right.

I don't want to get
you into any trouble.

You better go
back with the strays.

I'll take care of this myself.

Take care of what yourself?


No, I-I don't want to
get you into any trouble.

It's the first time you didn't
want to get me in trouble.

Besides, I kind of like trouble.

What you planning on doing?

You promise not
to tell anybody else?

Cross my heart.

No, I-I don't want
to get you in trouble.

Dadgum you, Joe!

You gonna tell me
what you're figuring on,

or am I gonna have to bash you?

All right, now, I don't want
anybody to know about it.

You promise?

You got my word.

I want to fix that
cabin up like new.

What for?

For Laura and I to live
in after we get married.


You're just joking
me, ain't you, Joe?

Soon as she gets well.

That's why I want that
cabin to be a surprise.

Look, I need your help,
brother. Do I have it?

Have it? Why, you
dadgum little critter, you.

I-I'm your brother.

Sure, you got...

Joe, you ain't
kidding me, are you?

(chuckles) No, I
ain't joking you.

Dadgum it! (whoops)

I'm here to tell you
this is the best thing

that's ever happened,
and you just shut up.

(Hoss whooping)

- ♪ Here comes the bride ♪
- Hey!

♪ Here comes the bride ♪

♪ All dressed in white. ♪


Feeling better?

Oh, much better, thank
you, Mr. Cartwright.


Uh, Hop Sing has some
bread baking in the oven,

and he has to keep an eye on it,

so I said I'd bring
this up to you.

I hope you like beef pie.

It's one of my favorites.


Well, good food
and plenty of rest,

you'll be up and
around in no time.

I'm very grateful for your
kindness, Mr. Cartwright.


What, to the girl
who's going to be

my very first daughter-in-law?

Isn't it wonderful?

I'm so happy, I can
hardly keep from cry.

Well, with this
kind of happiness,

the color will be flooding back
into this very lovely face to...

to illuminate all our lives.

Except my father's.

Mr. Cartwright,

I don't know how to explain
to him about Joe and myself.

I don't think he'd understand.

Well, Laura, it isn't always
easy for fathers to understand.

Ask my boys.

I'm sure they find me
pretty difficult at times.

He's lived his own life.

Why can't he let me live mine?

I know your father wants
only what's best for you, dear.

He'll come around.

Thank you, sir.

You drink up every
drop of that milk.

Yes, sir.

Now, what do you think?

You think she'll like it?

Like it? Of
course she'll like it.

Ain't going to be but a
couple of weeks till spring,

that little old tree is going
to be full of blossoms.

It will be the prettiest
spot in the whole country.

Hey, y-you know, I was
thinking about something.

M-Maybe we ought to
add on an extra room.

You know, just
kind of a small one.

ADAM: Well, what do
you want another room for?

Now, I thought you two

were supposed to be
out looking for strays.

Now, there are no
strays around here.

Why, we was
just... Tell him, Joe.

Well-well, you see, Adam, uh...

Well, it seems to me, if you
want Laura to like her new home,

that you ought to build a porch
out for a couple of feet, maybe.

And then put some shutters
on the windows, huh?

Now, how did you know?

Well, I'm the architect
in the family, remember?

Now, if you want an extra room,

I think this is what
you ought to do.


Well, there's just
one more thing.

Uh, what is it?

Oh. (clears throat)

Hey, it's a cradle.

Tell me again, Joe.

Say it again.

I love you.

I love you more than
anything else in the world.


There are so many
things I'd like to tell you,

but it's supposed to
be a surprise, but...

in just a week,
that old cabin...

it's going to be our home.

Oh, please tell me, Joe.

Tell me everything.

I don't want to spoil it.

Oh, you won't spoil it.

Tell me what it's
going to be like.

All right, I'll tell
you some of it.

Well, in-in the front
room, by the fireplace,

there will be a rocker for you.

Of course, there'll
be a real big

stuffed chair for me there.

And when... when
it's raining, we can...

sit in front of the fire and
hear it patter on the roof.

Like we did before?

- Just us?
- Mmm.

Oh, and in the kitchen,

Adam-Adam's got a pump
fixed up right there in the house

so you'll always
have water for you.

Then, in one corner
over... over by the fireplace,

where it's real warm,
we're going to...

we're going to
put the... A crib?

(both laughing)

How did you know?

Where else would
you put a crib, silly?

We'll have lots of children.

There will be Cartwrights on
the Ponderosa for generations.


I love you.

Joe... have you
talked to my father yet?

No, I'm going to talk to
him tomorrow morning.

Make him understand
how it is with us.

I will.

And don't you worry.

Tomorrow, I'll go into
town and get the preacher.

By tomorrow night, you'll
be Mrs. Joseph Cartwright.

Oh, Joe.

Darling, I love you so much.

Matthew, I'd
like to talk to you.


Well, what I want to say

involves your
daughter and my son.

I'll not be discussing them.

What are you
trying to do to Laura?

Save her from the world

or keep her locked
up in a cage? What?

Are you trying to tell me what
to do with my own daughter?

Don't you realize they
want to get married?

There will be no
marriage between them.

Now, Matt...

they're-they're not
children anymore.

Laura is a woman,
and Joseph is a man.

There's a stage leaving
tomorrow from Virginia City.

Laura and I will be on it.

You listen to me.

Now, those children are
entitled to their happiness.

Leave me be, Ben.

I know what's best
for my daughter.

What are you being
so stubborn about?

I know what's best for
my daughter, I tell you.

You have three sons...
Three strong sons.

What can you know
about a daughter?

A sweet, soft, beautiful girl...

who's going to die.

What are you saying, Matthew?

It's the truth I've
been living with

every waking and sleeping hour.

I couldn't bring
myself to tell her.

The doctor said she
had a year to live.

A year for me to
make her happy in.

She knows nothing of this?


Ben, I could ride
out the fiercest gale.

I could beat down the
scurviest, most mutinous crew.

I-I could handle anything
ever thrown at a man

by nature or circumstance,
but how can I tell my child...

My only child... that her hope,

her life is at an end?

That's why I couldn't encourage
a marriage to your boy.

It would have had
nothing to grow on.

It would have destroyed him.


they must know.

Both of them.

(thunder crashing)

It can't be true.

They said I was
going to get well.

You're lying to me, Father.

By the Eternal, I'd give
my life to make it a lie.

I didn't want you
to be hurt, child.

Don't you see?


Tomorrow was to
be my wedding day.

(thunder crashes)

(voice breaks): Go away.
Please leave me alone.

Please leave me alone...


(voice breaks):
Pa, it can't be true..

She can't be dying.





(thunder rumbling)


What is it, Joe?

It's Laura, Pa, she's not in her
room and nowhere in the house.

Not in the house?

I think I know where
she is. The cabin!



Joe... I had to come and see it.

It's beautiful.

What's the idea,
spoiling my big surprise?

Well, I wanted to
see our view again.

We could have seen it together.

I couldn't wait.

We have to crowd everything
we can into each day.

Look, Joe.

The rains made
the valley so green.

This is our place.

Our very own.

Joe! Joe, hold me! Hold me!


Joe... I-I feel all
turned around.

Like it's the end of the day
instead of the beginning.

We have to get you
back to the ranch.

You have a big day ahead of you.

It's not every day
a girl gets married.

No, I don't want to
leave here, please, Joe.

Laura, I love you so much.

I feel fine now.


like that, like that
little white flower

floating on the water.

So light and delicate.

You found me in that pool...

and you made me
a part of your life.



(voice breaks):
Always a part of my life.



(sobs) Oh, Laura!

(gulls calling)

(birds chirping)



Matthew's gone.

He, uh, understood why you
weren't there to see him off.

Asked me to say
good-bye to you for him...

and to please forgive him.

Boy, Adam really did a job
on this cradle, you know?


someone said something
to me a long time ago...

when Adam's mother died.

Her father, he said,
"Don't brood, son.

"Keep a warm spot
in your heart for her,

"but don't carry her
on your shoulders

"for the rest of your life.

She wouldn't want that."

I'll wait for you outside.



It's a fine spring, son.

I don't think I've ever
seen a prettier one.


Behind the Scenes of The Storm

In the televised version of the episode, the scene where Little Joe is lying on his bed in his bedroom is omitted. Instead, it transitions directly to the subsequent scene where Little Joe rises from his bed and goes to check on Laura.

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Bonanza provides family-friendly entertainment suitable for both solo viewing and gatherings. The Storm stands as the 85th episode out of 430. Bonanza, an NBC production, aired on their network from September 1959 to January 1973, encompassing 14 seasons.

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