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Walter and the Outlaws Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #34

Season Five of Bonanza concluded on May 24, 1964, featuring the episode “Walter and the Outlaws,” serving as a sequel to the previous season’s “Any Friend of Walter’s,” both penned by Lois Hire. Arthur Hunnicutt reprises his role as grizzled prospector Obie, residing in a rundown shack with his loyal dog, Walter. The returning cast also includes Steve Brodie, Vic Werber, and James Luisi as the dim-witted yet dangerous outlaws Macie, Teague, and Willard, still intent on stealing Obie’s gold. In this installment, the infamous trio kidnaps Walter to convince Obie to reveal his hidden treasure. The Cartwrights join forces with the prospector to orchestrate a rescue plan, resulting in comical mishaps. The memorable scene where head outlaw Macie is compelled to ingest castor oil is often omitted from syndicated versions of Walter and the Outlaws.

Delve into the plot, enriched with intriguing trivia, or enjoy the full episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Walter and the Outlaws

Watch the Full Episode of Walter and the Outlaws:

Main Cast

In the last episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, titled “Walter and the Outlaws,” various recurring cast members appeared. Notable members of the cast include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Arthur Hunnicutt as Obie
  • Steve Brodie as Macy
  • James Luisi as Willard
  • Vic Werber as Teague
  • Walter as Dog (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Walter and the Outlaws

In the comic sequel to the previous season’s “Any Friend of Walter’s,” Hoss takes on dog-sitting Walter at the Ponderosa while Obie is away.

Once again, the bumbling criminals Macie, Teague, and Willard are hunting for Obie’s rumored treasure. Their scheme, this time, involves kidnapping Walter and demanding a ransom. Fortunately, Walter proves to be more cunning than the criminals, as Hoss and Obie are ensnared in their trap.

Full Script and Dialogue of Walter and the Outlaws

Well, that stage ought to be
here any minute now, Obie.

- Maybe I hadn't ought to go.
- Now, Obie, you gotta.

- But Walter.
- Don't you worry none about Walter.

You can tell he's excited as he can
be about you getting to make the trip.

Sure is, ain't he?

Maybe if I hold off till spring,
Walter will feel like going with me.

You're gonna have
to quit putting this off.

How long has it been since
you seen your sister anyhow?

Well, let's see, uh, spring of
'43. Make it now near 16 years.

Sixteen years and you're
still trying to put it off.

What in tarnation does she
expect? She's moved 40 miles away.

Hold it. That Obie
and Hoss Cartwright?

- Yeah.
- Listen.

- Maybe we ought to go over there...
- Yeah? And what?

Well, you ain't forget what
they done to us, have you?

That ain't likely. I also ain't
forgot they can throw you in jail

for jumping a man in
broad daylight either.

Willard here don't
figure things like that out.

Because he's got
nothing to figure with.

Oh, yeah? Well, I figure
I can take you any time.


- Now look what you done.
You... MACIE: All right.

Break it up or I'll
break the two of you.



Bye, Walter.

Now, Obie, you just enjoy yourself
and don't you worry about nothing.

Old Walter is gonna
love the Ponderosa.

Don't forget the music.

Well, I don't know about that,
Obie. I ain't much on that music.

Walter's plumb crazy
about the low notes.

He is?

I'll try.

Hey, here's your...

- Hey, Obie, what's in there anyhow?
- Beans, boy.

Don't you remember them
with the special seasoning?


There's plenty more
stored in the cabin.

Help yourselves if you
and Walter have a mind to.

Oh, no. No, Obie. Thank
you anyhow. Thanks a lot.

I declare, boy.

With your peculiarities
about vittles,

I don't hardly see how
you got as big as you are.

- Well, so long, Hoss.
- So long, Obie.

- Take off.
- Giddyap, giddyap!

Looks like old Obie
is going somewhere.

- Figured that out, did you?
- Well, ain't he getting away?

Yeah, Macie, ain't
he getting away?

No, he ain't getting away. He
left that mutt here, didn't he?


Well, that means
he's coming back.

What I gotta figure out is just what
kind of trouble he's coming back to.

- Now, Adam, if it was me...
- It isn't.

You boys had better start digging
those post holes early tomorrow morning.

But, Pa, we can't do that.

- Why not?
- Well, it's gonna rain.

- Who says so?
- Walter.

All you gotta do
is look at Walter.

Oh, come on, Hoss.
You're not Obie.

You're not gonna
take that dog seriously.

All you gotta do is
live with him for a while.

Yeah, he's the greatest excuse
you ever had for not working.

Me and Walter went into
town for the supplies, didn't we?

Oh, yeah, yeah. You brought
back half the stuff we needed.

If I brought it all back, I wouldn't have
had room to cram Walter on the wagon.


Did you enjoy the
ride with Walter?

Oh, uh...

Well, yeah, it was sort
of pleasant. Heh, heh.

Then enjoy digging those
post holes tomorrow morning.

- In the rain?
- Oh, come on.

It hasn't rained for two months.

And it ain't likely to rain
for another two months.

Yeah, but, Pa, listen, all you
gotta do is look at Walter over there.

Now, you see how that hair sort
of swirls around there on his back?

That's the surest
kind of a sign.

As a matter of fact, might even
get a little thunder and lightning.

What thunder and lightning?

Come on, this time of year?

Hoss, I don't want to
appear unreasonable.

But I'm running this
ranch, not that dog's hair.

Oh, of course you are, Pa. I
ain't trying to get out of no work.

Well, you'll dig post holes.

Ain't that Walter
something, though?

Sure hope his hair
doesn't get any swirlier.

- We're liable to have snow.
- Yeah.

Well, I'll keep an
eye on him, Pa.

If it does, me and you
will get the stock in.

- I gotta go to bed.
- Yeah, me and Walter too.

- Goodnight, Pa.
- Yeah, goodnight, Pa.

Uh, Adam, you wouldn't mind
exchanging bedrooms with me

for a few days, would you?

Well, why do you want my room?

Well, Walter is accustomed
to a sleeping room

with a southern exposure.

Well, I guess I'm rugged
enough to sleep in a room

without a southern exposure.

Uh, little brother, uh, you're gonna
have to have a quilt for your bed.

No, I got a quilt on my bed.

No. No, you ain't, I put
it on the floor for Walter.

Why my quilt?

Well, it's the warmest
quilt in the house.

I know, that's why I picked it.

Yeah, well, me and
Walter's gotta turn in.

Where did you get that thing?

Oh, this is a...

It's a horn that
Obie left for me.

He wants me to play a
few low notes for Walter

every night before
he goes to bed.

It makes him relax
so he can sleep better.

Relax? Relax him?

I haven't seen that animal
upright or with his eyes open yet.

Well, he stands up and opens them
every once in a while when he's eating.

- You don't say.
- Now, you watch your funning, Adam.

Walter's a very sensitive dog.
Besides that, he's our house guest.

Yes, I know. He's
sleeping in my room.

Yeah, on my quilt.

He's right. I think
we should apologize.

Oh, that ain't
necessary, little brother.

Walter don't mind
a little funning.

Ain't he a pure joy?

Come on, Walter.

What are we doing living
here in Obie's cabin?

If we had to depend
on your figuring,

we'd be living in a
shack the rest of our lives.

Now, why don't you just shut up
and leave the figuring to Macie.

Well, if it was up to me, I'd just go
right on out and I'd shoot that Hoss

and then I'd wait for Obie to come back
and then I'd shoot him too. And then...

You'd just go right over to the
Ponderosa and shoot Hoss, huh?

Even if it weren't stupid, you'd couldn't
hit the side of a barn with a cannon.


Well, would you like
to try me, Teague, huh?

- Unh!
- Wanna try me, Teaguey boy?

Ain't you two gonna learn how
to act in a business meeting?

The business at hand.
The job we came here to do.

Find Obie's gold.
Have you forgot that?

But Obie put that
gold in the bank.

That's the gold he had.

Now, I figure there's a whole
lot more gold around here.

With Obie out of town,
now is our chance to find it.

Oh, we ain't no miners. How
we gonna find a gold vein?

I tell you, we should have got
Obie alone and choked it out of him.

Yeah, but he ain't never alone.

He's always got that miserable
dog hanging around advising him.

A dog advising him?

Well, now, if
that ain't the limit.

But you heard Obie
saying it all the time himself.

- Many a time you heard him.
- Sure I have.

But he's got to
be crazy to say it.

And you got to be
crazy to believe it.

You calling me crazy?

I ain't never been a man
to back away from a fact.

Oh, sit down.

I've been thinking about
what Willard just said.

Did it strike you that
Obie's extra brainy?

Ain't you heard a
word I've been saying?

He don't make no more sense
than a bath in the wintertime.

We ain't never got the
best of him yet, have we?

That's because he's
been just plain lucky.

Mighty lucky,
wouldn't you say that?

Yeah, mighty lucky.

Yeah, a man that lucky has to have
a powerful lucky piece. Ha, ha, ha.

Yeah. You know
how I got it figured?

Walter's Obie's lucky piece.


You know what we're
gonna do about it?

We're gonna change our luck and
get even with him at the same time.

Ain't nothing wrong with the idea,
but how do you aim to manage it?

Well, we're gonna dognap Walter.

And we'll let him
advise us for a change.



Yeah. Yeah.

How much longer you figure we're
gonna have to wait around here?

Ain't no telling.

Maybe they won't let
Walter out at all tonight.

They've gotta let him
out. It ain't tidy otherwise.

Well, I wouldn't have waited this long
for the prettiest gal in the territory.

Shows you the difference
between love and money, don't it?

Well, at least waiting
for gals ain't so cramping.

I ain't so sure I can straighten
up when the time comes.

Well, I got a cure
that'll straighten you up.

- Let me be, Teague. Let me be...
- You two cut it out now. Come on.

Hey, hey, the door's opened.

Let me know when you
get ready to come back in.

Come on.

Will you be quiet. You want
them to hear us in there?

What are we waiting for, Macie?

Ain't no sense in
catching him before.

Before what, Macie?

Yeah, you got a point,
Mace. Yeah. Heh, heh, heh.

Come on.

Give me those meat
scraps. Give me those...

Here, Walter.

Here, Walter. Tsk,
tsk. Nice doggie.

Come on, Walter. Good boy.

Come on, nice puppy.
Come on. Come on.

Get ready, you two.

Come on, Walter. Nice boy.

Come on. Nice boy.
That's a good boy.

Get him!

- I got him, Macie. I got him!
- You're choking me!

I didn't mean it, Teague.

You're always hitting
me. Always hitting me.


Oh, you boneheads!

- Macie, I didn't mean it.
- Leave me alone.

If I've told you once, I've
told you a thousand times,

you won't get ahead
playing around on the job.

Where's the dog?

Come on, Walter.

Hey, don't it seem like Walter's
been gone an awful long time?

Well, actually I hadn't noticed. I
was so stunned by your practicing.

Yeah, Walter loves
them low notes too.

I think I'll go
out and call him.

Here, Walter.

Come on, Walter. Here! Here!

Time to go to bed, Walter.

Now, I ain't gonna
wait up on you all night.

- Where's Walter?
- I don't know.

Well, he must have
took off or something.

Maybe he heard your
practicing and didn't like the tune.

Walter likes the low notes.
He'll be back when he gets ready.

Well, aren't you even
worried about him?

Walter? Joe, Walter takes
very, very good care of himself.

Well, I think I'll turn in.

Now, hold on there.
You're gonna go to bed?

You're responsible for that dog.

Well, Pa, it ain't
like I don't trust him.

Well, that's not the point.

The point is that you're gonna let
that poor dog stay outside all night?

Well, if he wants to.

You know, Pa, after all,
Walter ain't no puppy. Heh.

- He's gonna make us rich.
- How?

How? How? How?

By finding us a gold mine
just like he did for Obie.

Well, how do you figure
on making him go about it?

Well, we give him a pouch
of gold, let him take a sniff

and then just turn him loose.

- That's all there is to it?
- Oh, it's as easy as pie.

Then all we have
to do is start digging.



Yes, digging.

- With shovels?
- Well, we ain't got paws.

I've never been too
overly fond of digging.

Listen, why can't
we just rob the bank

and take the gold
that's already been dug?

Yeah, why can't we do that?

I could give you as high
as three or four reasons.

But I'm gonna give the
both of you the main one.

We may get shot at.

Oh, that's just because folks ain't
overly fond of having their banks robbered.

- Now, you gotta expect that, Macie.
- No, not anymore.

We won't even have
to dodge one bullet.

Thanks to Walter here.

Now let's get something
to eat and get some sleep.

We got a rough day
ahead of us tomorrow.

Clean up the cards.

Sure glad we found
this pot of Obie's beans.


Otherwise one of you'd have been
going back to the shack for supplies.

Get your hand out! I
gotta feed Walter first.

He needs a lot of pep tomorrow.


That's a good boy, Walter.

Some manners.

All you twos thinks
about is your own selves.

What's the matter with you two?

You know, there's
nothing I like better...

How about that? It hardly
took him no time at all.

Ain't there an off chance he
could be making a mistake?

No, sirree. And we're
gonna start right here.

Why can't we just rob the
bank like everybody else does?

Yeah, I ain't never been
overly fond of digging.

And I ain't overly
fond of getting shot.

What's the matter
with you meatheads?

Don't it strike you that digging's
mighty close to hard work?

Us mine owners

- don't look at it that way.
- Mine owners?

Well, we figure that mine owning
ain't much better than robbering.


We ain't gonna stand
here and argue about it.

Now, there's gold in the
ground there. We're gonna get it.

Now get those shovels
down and start digging.

- Well, listen...
- Dig!


I... Ugh.

Cut it out! Come
on, cut it out, you two.

What did I do?
What did I do, Macie?

This mining's serious
business. Now just start digging.

I know.

- Macie!
- You hit pay dirt?


- I'm quitting.
- You're quitting?

- For what?
- I'm plumb tuckered out.

All right, Teague will
dig again for a while.

No, I won't. I'm as
tuckered out as he is.

You can't quit now.

According to my calculations,

we're just about ready
to strike that main vein.

You've been calculating your
calculations for hours, Macie.

Well, it must be a different
kind of dirt than I figured on.

Hard dirt does
take a mite longer.

Oh, it was a crazy notion to begin with.
I'm ready to call the whole thing off.

Yeah, let's call
the whole thing off.

You mean you ain't
gonna dig no more?

Not another shovelful.
I'd rather rob the bank.

- You'd rather get shot.
- I'd rather shoot myself.

Well, if you want something done right,
there's only one thing to do about it.

Do it yourself.

Come on, Willard. Let's
go back to the cabin.

Obie's mine! I
found Obie's mine!

- Morning, Pa.
- Morning, Hoss.

- Ahem.
- Has any, uh...?

Has anybody seen
anything of Walter?

No. No, not a thing.

Imagine that rascal.
Staying out all night.

Yeah, he better be through his
skylarking before Obie gets back, eh?

Yeah, dad-burn it,
Obie gets back today.

- Oh, today?
- Yeah.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna eat
breakfast. I'm starving.

Any other time, this much
supplies would last us a month.

Now we'll be lucky to
get through the week.

I ain't never seen a critter eat
so much in all my born days.

What I'm worried about is if
there's enough money in that bank

to show a profit after we get
through paying for Walter's vittles.

- Willard?
- Yeah?

- Why don't you...?
- Oh, cut it out, you two pinheads.

- Shut up!
- What did I do?

Hey, Hoss Cartwright.

You don't reckon he's
looking for us, do you?

- Ain't no reason why he should.
- Then what's he doing in town?

Offhand, I'd say to meet
that stage coming in.


Howdy, Obie. It's sure
good to have you back.

- You're a sight for sore eyes yourself.
- Yeah.

Well, looks like that trip
done you some good.

Well, I got to admit it did.

- Where's Walter?
- Well, he ain't to be found.

- Took off, did he?
- Last night.

Ain't he the racy devil?

Hey, what's them
scalawags doing in town?

I don't know.

From the looks of them, they
must have took up honest work.

I ain't never seen
nobody that played out.

Come on.

I'm just as glad to see him.

Now we can move
back to our own shack.

Yeah, and we can get back
to robbering the bank too.

Yeah, it'll be a pleasure
to get back to clean work

instead of playing
around digging tunnels.

- You're both wrong.
- What do you got in mind?

The way I figure it, there's no
sense of beating our brains out

trying to rob that bank.

We'll let Obie get the
money out of the bank for us.

Oh, you must have stayed
in that tunnel too long, Macie.

All that dirt and all going up your
nose, it'll clog up your thinking. Heh.

Nothing wrong with my thinking.

Obie will be more than
glad to get that money for us.

We're gonna hold
Walter for ransom.

- Ransom?
- Yeah.

What's that, Macie?

Wish we had some good news
for you, but Walter's still missing.

Well, Walter ain't missing.

Well, where do you think he is?

I know where he is.
He's out frolicking.

See, Pa? Ain't no use in
us getting all cut up about it.

Obie will just stay here with us
till Walter gets back. That's all.

- Well, you're sure he's coming back?
- Always has.

Well, we've got nothing
to worry about, then.

You just stay here
until he gets here.

Well, that's mighty nice of you.

But I reckon he won't be too long.
- Yeah.

Obie, how long does Walter generally
stay out on one of these little deals?

Well, it differs.

I mind once Walter went romancing,
he was gone for a whole week.

Well, tell me, isn't it just possible
that, uh, Walter might run into

the right kind of gal dog one of
these times and never come back?

Me and Walter is
natural bachelors.

There ain't no gal dog been born
that can separate me and Walter.

Oh, I see. Yeah.

Well, then I suggest that
we go inside and, uh, wait.

How much money you...?

How much money you
reckon we ought to ask for?

Why don't you just ask for the moon?
We got as much chance of getting it.

There ain't nobody crazy enough
to pay us real money for a dog.

Obie is. After all,
Walter's valuable.

For what?

Well, there's some things
you just can't pinpoint, Willard.

Especially if they ain't there.

What's the matter with you?

Don't nothing satisfy
you around here lately?

That's because we ain't done
nothing right around here lately.

We've been working
ourselves to the bone,

digging holes, stealing mutts,
and we ain't made a dime.

That sounds pretty
close to right, Macie.

Fact is, the way
that hound eats,

we're a sight worse off
than when we started.

Now you're gonna stand
there and fuss over a little grub

when we got a chance
to make a fortune.

A little grub?

Walter has got a right
smart appetite, you know.

Yeah, and lucky for us he has.

Ain't nobody gonna
pay 10,000 for a sick dog.

Ten thousand?

Yeah, that's what I decided.

Well, figuring by the foot,

that is from here to
here to here to here,

Walter should be worth about...

Hey, wait a minute.

What's the matter?

Walter's nose is hot.

Of all the dirty tricks.

He eats every blessed
thing in the territory

and then when we're ready
to cash in, he ups and kicks off.

Nobody kicks off around here
unless I say so. You hear me?

- More likely an upset stomach.
- Or the gout.

Willard, get the water.

It's all right, boy. It's all
right. We'll take care of you.

Keep up these treatments.
I'll finish this ransom note.

Counting the one on the end,
how many E's in the word "dear"?


- Ah.
- That's a mighty fine supper, Hoss.

Too bad the rest of
your family missed it.

Yeah, well, they're
gonna eat in town

on account of they got
such a late start, see.

- That Hop Sing is some cook.
- Yeah.

I never figured I'd take
such a shine to Chinese grub.

Uh, what was that we had?

That was roast beef and
Yorkshire pudding, Obie.

Did you hear that?

- Front door.
- Yeah.

Bet you that's, uh, Walter.

It's for you, Obie.

Well, ain't that nice? Ain't had
a letter since I don't know when.

- Well, that didn't come in the mail.
- Oh, hand-carried.

I wonder who would want to
get in touch with me that bad.

- Do you reckon it's from my sister?
- I don't know.

You could always
open it and find out.

It ain't signed.

Dad-burn it, go ahead and
read it. What does it say?

It say if I want to get Walter
back, I gotta pay $10,000.

Ten thousand dollars?

- You ever hear the like of it?
- I sure ain't.

Me neither. Walter's worth
a heap more than that.

You ain't gonna give
them that $10,000?

I sure am. I just hope Walter
don't find out how little they ask.

Obie, that's crazy. That's just like
dumping good money right town a well.

You ain't got no guarantee
they'll deliver Walter back to you

even if they get the money.

No, sir. What we gotta do is
outsmart them. That's what.

I don't know, Hoss.

If Walter ain't outsmarted
them, I don't know how we can.

Let me see that letter, Obie.

Says here you gotta
leave that money

at the end of Oak
Canyon by noon tomorrow.

Well, that gives us plenty
of time. Come on, Obie.

You knotheads were
supposed to stay here

and look after Walter while
I delivered that ransom note.

Now, what have you been doing?

- You delivered the note already?
- Yeah, I left it on the door.

You know, this beats
that robbering a mile.

You better tell him.

You tell him. You was
in on it as much as I was.

But you thought of it.

Well, somebody better
tell me something.

Now, what have
you two been up to?

Macie, we always
stuck by you, ain't we?

Through thin and thick.

- So?
- So, Willard and me figured

that nursemaiding critters ain't
got nothing to do with outlawing.

- It ain't fitting.
- So?

So we let him loose.

Is that all?

- Is that all?
- Is that all?

Come on, you two, get
up. Get on your feet. Get up.

- Hey, that hurts.
- You gone loco, Macie?

What have you gone
and done with him?

- Who?
- Walter.

- Ain't he here?
- You know he ain't here.

Honest, Macie. We
ain't done nothing.

We ain't moved all night, Macie.

- You sure?
- I'm sure, Macie.

He's gone.

He gone.

Walter's gone.

I ain't never seen
nobody act like that.

He ain't moved for the
most part of two hours.

Sure is taking it hard.

- Plumb pitiful, ain't he?
- Sure is.

Why don't we put a
cold rag on his forehead?

That pepped up Walter.

No, that's the cure for a hot nose. I
ain't sure it's gonna work on Macie.

- How about a mustard plaster?
- No, that's for a wheeze in your chest.

You can see for yourself
he ain't wheezing.

You don't like none of my ideas.

Well, why don't you
think of one yourself.

I ain't no sawbones.
I'm an outlaw.

How about some castor oil?

Castor oil.

Yeah, if it was one thing my
mama set store by, it was castor oil.

No matter what ails you.

- You got any?
- I ain't never without any.

Come on.

He don't look like he's ready
to take none of this now, though.

We'll have to give it to
him. I'll hold and you pour.

- All right?
- All right.

What do you knuckleheads
think you're doing?

Doctoring you.

- Doctor me for what?
- For what ails you.

You've been acting
mighty strange lately.

- I've been thinking.
- Thinking?

We didn't have no way
of knowing that, Macie.

We were just trying to help.

Don't you think you ought to have
told us something about it, Macie?

All right, all right. I'm thinking
how to get Walter back.

Won't you just try
a little of this stuff?



Hoss, you sure we're
doing the right thing?

Absolutely, Obie.

Why, with all these traps
we got set around here,

if them fellas even try to
get close to that ransom box,

why, we're bound to
get them in one of these.

That ain't what
I'm worried about.

- What are you worried about?
- It's Walter.

If he's suspected we was
laying all these traps and all

instead of paying the money
for him, he might get upset.

Don't you worry. Go
get that ransom box.

Now put it over there on that
ledge and be careful when you walk

between that tree and that
rock, so you don't get in our traps.

Be careful!

- How is he?
- Fine as frogs' hair. Heh, heh.

Looks like our
troubles are all over.

I ain't so sure.

I still think we ought to get out
of the dog business altogether.

Yeah, Macie, why can't we
just go back to plain outlawing?

You have to finish what you start.
Otherwise it makes for bad habits.

- Maybe, but I don't...
- No maybes about it.

All I have to do is go out
and pick up our money.

- You ain't going out in the daytime?
- In the daytime, Macie?

Somebody's bound to
see you in the daylight.

- In the daytime.
- There ain't nobody gonna see me.

I got it all figured out, a roundabout
way nobody can follow me.

Now, you two stay
here and watch Walter.

I don't trust him.

He might just grab that
money and keep on going.

You stay here with Walter.

Sure, Teague.

He don't trust him?

You stay here with Walter.

- Get him, Willard.
- I'll get him.

Yeah, get him.

- I got him, Macie.
- That's a skunk, stupid.

- Ten thousand dollars.
- Right down the well.

Oh, that Walter's
got an evil mind.

- What are we gonna do now?
- We're gonna get it out.

With what?

Well, we gotta have
something long and slim and...

No, no, Macie, I...
Macie, I... Macie, I...

Macie, Macie, I can't
swim! Whoa! Whoa!

- It's gone.
- How'd they get through them traps?

I knew Walter
wouldn't like this!

Come on, come on, you
lunkheads. You're heavy.

Willard is dizzy from the
blood running to his head.

Well, tell him to stop getting
dizzy and grab that box.

Macie says, "Stop getting
dizzy and grab the box."

- What'd he say? TEAGUE:
He needs about another foot.

What does he think my
arms are made of, rubber?

All right, I'll scrunch
down a little bit.


How stupid can you get
as to run into your own trap?

You was running
right along behind me.

You're hanging here
beside me, ain't you?

- I told you it was a bad idea.
- Dad-burn it, Obie.

I can't figure out how
they got to that ransom box

without first getting in
one of these dang traps.

Maybe Walter helped them.

Now, why would he
do a thing like that?

Because we just didn't
pay them the money.

He ain't that kind of dog.

Well, he can get mean
when his feelings is hurt.

Obie, I'll bet you if old Walter knew
the predicament we was in right now,

he'd be right here to
help us, just like that.

We gotta build a fire
and dry out this money.

I gotta dry myself
out first, Macie.

Hey, Teague, you
like to drown me

when you come crashing
down on top of me like that.

How do you think I felt
with Macie on top of me?

- He's heavier than a...
- Oh, stop the yapping and build a fire.

Why don't you spread it
around and dry it that way?

Yeah, Macie, spread it around.

- Get the wood and build a fire.
- The wood.




Ah, I quit. I don't want
any more to do with it.

- What do you mean?
- I am quitting this outlaw business.

Macie, you mean
you're turning honest?

- Yes, yes.
- Teague?

- Castor oil.
- Castor oil.

You think you could manage to
play chess with your feet on the floor?


I'm getting worried
about Hoss and Obie.

I think we ought to go
out looking for them.

You sure they didn't
tell you where they went?

Oh, we told you, they were
flying in and out of here today

like they were on some kind of
a secret mission for the governor.

Doing what?

- Doing what?
- Oh, they didn't say, Pa.

They said they didn't
wanna jeopardize Walter.

That's ridiculous.

Well, where the devil
have you two been?

I was just about to send a
posse out looking for you.

Well, Pa, we, uh...
We sort of got hung up.

Yeah, we was left up
in the air, so to speak.



Pa, we was out trying
to get Walter back.


Back? Back from where?

I'm afeard Walter is
in a heap of danger.

Oh, is he?

From what?

From falling off a chair?


Am I glad to see you, boy. I
miss you something terrible.

- He's all right, Obie?
- Sure, look at him.

He's tickled to
death to be back.

- He is?
- He's awfully excited.

You've got to expect that
after what he's been through.

Well, yeah, especially being
high-strung and all like he is.

- Come on, Walter.
- Wait a minute. Where you going?

Going up to read that
ransom note to Walter.

Oh, what's the matter,
can't he read it himself?

Not without his glasses.

Ain't he a caution, Pa?

Behind the Scenes of Walter and the Outlaws

Obie mentions that he last saw his sister in ’43, nearly 16 years ago, placing the story around 1859.

Walter, Obie’s loyal dog, faces against the outlaws Macie, Willard, and Teague again.

Hoss and even Pa spend time practicing with a Sousaphone, an instrument not invented until 1898. However, they are depicted using an early model with a bell pointing directly up, resembling a tuba known as a rain-catcher.

Upon the outlaws beginning to eat the food, their faces start turning bright red to simulate the effect of spiciness. This effect was achieved by a crew member turning on a bright red light aimed at them. However, the red light also tinted their clothes red, revealing the artificial nature of the color change in their skin.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is an exceptional, family-friendly series perfect for solitary viewing and shared enjoyment with loved ones. Walter and the Outlaws is the 168th episode out of 430 in the series. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced their network from September 1959 to January 1973, crafting an impressive legacy spanning 14 seasons.

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