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The Full List Of Chuck Connors Movies

Here is the complete list of movies starred by Chuck Connors, a professional baseball and basketball player who switched to an acting career, widely known as “Lucas McCain” in “The Rifleman.”

Connors achieved popularity not only as a talented basketball and baseball player but also as a great actor. His natural talent in storytelling allowed him to act in many Western and war movies and television series, making him a well-known actor in the industry.

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Who Is Chuck Connors?

Western Actor Chuck Connors

Kevin Joseph Connors, or Chuck Connors, a talented athlete, and actor, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 10, 1921. His parents, Alban Francis Connors and Marcella Connors were Roman Catholic immigrants from Newfoundland. He also had a sister who was younger by two years named Gloria. They grew up in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, with their father working in the local docks as a longshoreman.

Connors attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and served as altar boy and parishioner at the church. He later became a member of the Bay Ridge Boy’s Club and played sandlot ball as a member of the Bay Ridge Celtics. Connors initially started his high school studies at Manual Training School. Soon enough, his natural athletic ability won him a scholarship to Adelphi Academy, a private high school in Brooklyn, New York. He played basketball, baseball, and football in the mentioned school, graduating in 1940.

A life-long Dodgers fan, Chuck always dreamed of playing professional baseball with his favorite team. After high school, he got offered numerous college athletic scholarships, attending Seton Hall College in South Orange, New Jersey, on a baseball scholarship. Aside from playing basketball and football in college, he was also the first baseman, acquiring the nickname “Chuck” for his fondness in saying “Chuck it to me.” He then left Seton Hall to sign as a first baseman with the New York Yankee organization for a short time before he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942 as a tank instructor. Following his discharge from the Army in 1946, he returned to his athletic pursuits, playing basketball for Rochester Royals and then Boston Celtics. He then played baseball by joining Brooklyn Dodgers before joining Chicago Cubs in 1951 as the first baseman.

When he was playing for the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League, Bill Grady, a casting director for MGM, noticed Connors, leading to a career change to acting. He played his first role as a captain in the state police in the 1952 Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn comedy film “Pat and Mike.” Chuck continued to act in several movies like Walt Disney’s “Old Yeller,” “Geronimo,” and “The Big Country.” Aside from films, he also played roles in TV series. Widely remembered as “Lucas McCain” in the 1958 series “The Rifleman,” the show successfully had a five-year run on ABC. Other films and series followed, such as “The Loretta Young Show,” “Four Star Playhouse,” and in the miniseries “Roots,” his role earned him an Emmy nomination.

Connors suffered from lung cancer and pneumonia, leading to his death on November 10, 1992, at the Cedars-Minai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, at age 71. His tombstone in San Fernando Mission Cemetery carries a photo of him as “Lucas McCain” in “The Rifleman,” including logos from the sports team he played for: Celtics, Cubs, and the Dodgers.

Chuck Connors Complete Movie List & Summary

Here is Chuck Connor’s list of movies along with a short summary:

Chuck Connors Movies # 1) Geronimo

Chuck Connors Movies: Geronimo

Movie Summary: Chuck Connors stars as the legendary Apache leader in this sweeping 1883 story that has the brave Geronimo steadfastly holding his ground against both U.S. and Mexican military forces.

Books Worth Reading:

A 5-Star Review: Chuck Connors made a believable Geronimo. Excellent movie. Enjoyed seeing Adam West (first Batman) as the Lt. and Denver Pyle.

A Critical Review: This is an enjoyable and very watchable movie from 1962 that starred Chuck Connors. I have seen where some reviewers have called it a western classic, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. While Connors gave a good performance in the role of Geronimo, Ross Martin,Armando Silvestre, and Kamala Devi didn’t have a half way decent script to work with. Poor Adam West and Pat Conway respectively, gave a performance that is barely worth a mention. I noticed some made mention of Chuck Connors being a white man in a Native American role, and Kamala Devi having a heritage of English-Welsh and Indian (her father was an Indian surgeon from Bombay, British India). At the time of this movie’s making, there were very few Native American actors during the period, and for a long time after. Many actors who portrayed Native American roles were primarily of Italian or Mexican descent.

Chuck Connors Movies # 2) The Big Country

Chuck Connors Movies:  with

Movie Summary: Burl Ives earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a family patriarch involved in a bitter land feud in this explosive western drama that also features a sumptuous musical score.

A 5-Star Review: When you think about GREAT MOTION PICTURES–You will remember this one; this is one BIG EPIC WESTERN directed by WILLIAM WYLER (BEN-HUR; BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES) with a BIG CAST of TOP STARS from that era! This film-made 60 years ago -will be one you will want to see repeat viewings of, and one to share and cherish always! I Cannot praise this film enough. The Oscar-winner Burl Ives, and the Oscar nominated MUSIC SCORE, are just TWO of the many BIG reasons to enjoy THE BIG COUNTRY! If you like this cast — and if you like older westerns with CLASS– you will not be disappointed with this BIG -perfect, entertainment package. Seriously, this film belongs in your collection–and this is the brand NEW (2018) restoration release in Blu-Ray from KINO LORBER and loaded with EXTRAS!

A Critical Review: Was expecting a great score like has been mentioned by other reviewers, but I had no audio, no dialog, no sound at all coming from the center channel. In addition, the surround channels, left and right were very low, barely audible. I have a 5.1 channel system and I checked it immediately with other blurays to see if a wire had been pulled out of center speaker but other discs played correctly. There also is no disc menu available on this disc. You put disc in and it begins the movie. This DTS audio is basically front left and right speakers, low barely there surround left and right and no center channel at all. Anyone else had a similar problem?

Books Worth Reading:

Chuck Connors Movies # 3) Ride Beyond Vengeance

Movie Summary: Chuck Connors (Soylent Green) plays Jonas Trapp in this highly-charged rendition of the novel The Night of the Tiger. Jonas, a buffalo skin trader, must struggle with his lust for vengeance and his desire to reconcile with his wife, who left him in disgrace eleven years earlier.

A 5-Star Review: One of the best, if not the best, western I’ve ever seen: action from beginning to end. SHANE is the second best, but they sit and talk more than action. HIGH NOON: the guy is a wimp. John Wayne wouldn’t beg towns people to do his fighting for him.

A Critical Review: love the movie but details are still dark. only buy if you don’t have the original. at-least chuck connors delivered a good performance. he was nothing like the rifleman.

Chuck Connors Movies # 4) Old Yeller

Movie Summary: Quintessential film about a boy’s love for his dog.

A 5-Star Review: What a great movie! Way better than I remember. My boys ( 4, 6, 8) were not overly taken back by the notorious scene. FANTASTIC advice given by the father at the end of the movie. I think this is an extremely healthy/mandatory movie to watch with kids. Teaches them that life it tough, sometimes bad things will happen and we can’t let those bad things rob the good ones or it will be all bad. The dad even gives some ways to help get past those bad times.

Books Worth Reading:

My boys were entertained the whole time and loved the show. So glad we watched it!!!!

A Critical Review: I bought this with much anticipation of showing my grandsons a movie their dad adored as a boy. But, I couldn’t. The video will only play on my computer if I purchase a $40. app. Guess my computer is old. Gifted it to my grandsons and hopefully their computer is newer.

Chuck Connors Movies # 5) Kill Them All And Come Back Alone

Movie Summary: In 1864, mercenary Clyde MacKay (Chuck Conners) leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the Confederate high command: Infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army.

A 5-Star Review: I saw this as a young lad in Puerto Rico way back in the early 70’s and the impression it made, last to this day. It was a main topic of conversation at our school. Just a great western adventure worth checking out, finally available after all these years! Chuck Connors leads a motley crew of “specialists” in search of wartime booty of gold. Kind of a western Dirty half dozen.Great characters,particularly Bogard-the muscle of the gang and the guy with the bazooka.Genial! Other than the not very original title,this one’s a keeper. I enjoyed as much as I did as a kid and there’s not many movies you can say that about. Absolutely loved it!

A Critical Review: The makers of Spaghetti westerns never got what made American Westerns good and great. a good guy, or good/bad guy, often ordinary, with integrity, honor, duty, nobleness, heart, if you will, doing the right thing, even against heavy odds. As the Commentary points out Spaghetti westerns were all about the pursuit of money or revenge. Honor just does not enter into the equation in any way. Even though the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood westerns clearly fall into the pattern, those are the only Spaghetti Westerns I have liked, due to the compelling character of Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name and the fine direction of Leone. The Spaghetti Western ruined the Western genre in my opinion. This film is just one good example of the ruination of the Western at the hands of those who did not understand, or care about, the Western genre. Lots of casual murders even by the star, in pursuit of gold.

Books Worth Reading:

Chuck Connors Movies # 6) The Proud and the Damned – Digitally Remastered

Movie Summary: The Proud and Damned tells the story of five Confederate veterans, led by Sgt. Will Hansen (Chuck Connors). Their only skills are mercenary and they head south of the border to ply their trade. They find themselves caught in a struggle between a dictator and the people of a small village. Highly charged and atmospheric, The Proud and Damned also offers a great Spanish-influenced musical score.

A 5-Star Review: Timeless Media Group have done a fine job, considering the print they had to work with. I had previously purchased this film on a low rent VHS label over twenty years ago. That print was watchable but this one is much better. Chuck Connnors heads a solid cast including Aaron Kincaid, Peter Ford and veteran Cesar Romero in this tale of five Confederate veterans. Shaped by their Civil War experience, their only skills being mercenary, they head south of the border to ply their trade and soon find themselves engaged in a struggle between a military dictator and the people of a small village. Great music score adds to the film’s atmosphere.

A Critical Review: A little old for me, not great acting, fair storyline, I didn’t finish watching. Those who like old movies may well like it.

Chuck Connors Movies # 7) The Gambler Returns – The Luck of the Draw

Chuck Connors Movies:  The Gambler Returns - The Luck of the Draw  with Dick Lowry

Movie Summary: The Gambler Brady Hawkes is back and he’s about to lose his primary means of livelihood, when a law banning gambling is about to be passed. But in honor of that there’s going to be one last great poker game and all what one needs to join is one hundred thousand dollars. A madame named Burgundy Jones along with four other madames is willing to put up the money for Brady but first he has to compete against four other gamblers in the end it comes down to Brady and a man named Cantrell. Brady barely beats him. So he, and Burgundy, and an old friend of his, Ethan Cassidy sets for the game which is in San Francisco. But Cantrell’s a sore loser and is following them hoping to get the money so that he can join the game. Also following them is a band of outlaws who were planning to steal the money but Brady left with it before they got there. And along the way they encounter and/or are aided by some famous individuals like Wyatt Earp, The Rifleman, Cheyenne Bodie, Diamond Jim Brady, Bat Masterson, Judge Roy Bean, and President Teddy Roosevelt. Brady is also feeling that he might not have what he has to win; it seems that some time ago in Europe he lost a big game to an Englishman, and by strange coincidence he is also at the game.

A 5-Star Review: Was never really into the Gambler movies, BUT this one is totally exceptional! Reba in her black Western outfit and seeing her shoot the bad guys was great! Seeing Bat, Lucas and Mark, Wyatt, Cheyenne, the Virginian and the others was nothing less than SUPURB!! If you watched and loved these Western tv shows as much as I did/do, you’ll love this DVD movie!

Books Worth Reading:

A Critical Review: . . . you probably would like this one! I didn’t care for it that much and was disappointed about the “big stars” that were supposed to be in it. Mostly, they just played short cameos . . . the fight scene was pretty hilarious, and there were some occasional laughs, but not something I’d watch again if I had a choice.

Chuck Connors Movies # 8) Pancho Villa

Chuck Connors Movies:  with

Movie Summary: Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is double-crossed in an arms deal planned by his comrade Scotty. Villa and Scotty plot a raid on a U.S. cavalry fort in retaliation.

A 5-Star Review: I loved this great spoof of the typical Western genre. Everything was played over-the-top. Every time I watch it I pick up some new detail that I had missed previously, some very subtle. All the actors must have had a ball making this. I particularly enjoyed watching Clint Walker play comedy in the scenes with his “wife.”

A Critical Review: If the 73-minute running time seems short to you, there’s a reason- this isn’t the whole movie! Just cuts off mid-scene, with a good 20 minutes left! It’s real weird!

Books Worth Reading:

Chuck Connors Movies # 9) Once Upon A Texas Train

Chuck Connors Movies:  with

Movie Summary: Captain Hayes of the mighty law enforcement named The Texas Rangers reaches the pinnacle of his career when he captures the notorious John Henry, an outlaw cowboy and puts him behind bars. Twenty years later upon his release, Henry is older but unrepentant

A 5-Star Review: I truly was surprised at how much I liked this movie. Not much of a Willie Nelson fan (personal preference) when it comes to his acting, but he did alright in this story. I watched many of these actors in different westerns as I was growing up and it was great to see them again. They were much older in this movie and it was interesting to see them set in a comedy movie, as most of them did serious westerns back in the day. Jack Elam stole the show in this movie, for me. His comedic timing is still there, and he can say so much with just a look or a gesture. The movie was just plain fun to watch. Not a deep plot, not meant to be a head scratcher, just some easy fun.

A Critical Review: Old movie, but Willie Nelson fans will enjoy it. I’d not spend money on a rental, but it’s worth catching if it comes to Amazon Prime. It’s a lighthearted film – a borderline comedy Western – so if you like those kinds of movies, and you don’t mind a movie that doens’t take itself too seriously, then this might be a good one for the 50+ age bracket and baby boomers.

Chuck Connors Movies # 10) Tomahawk Trail

Chuck Connors Movies:  with

Movie Summary: A greenhorn West Point graduate and a tough cavalry sergeant clash with Apaches on the frontier.

A 5-Star Review: Facing a court martial, Sgt. McCoy (Chuck Connors) takes over command from an ignorant officer (injured from an indian attack) who has no clue about leadership and chooses his ego over the safety of his men. Before the group reaches an empty fort, they are attacked by indians several times featuring some good action. Anyone doubting McCoy’s leadership, is immediately put in their place. Two cuties are captured (one indian, and one indian raised white) causing drama with the restless men. Using a firm hand and a stern voice, McCoy convincingly scolds those who get out of line. Overcoming their differences, the troops face an all-out assault on the fort by the Apaches. Connors easily carries this film and gives us a rare chance to see him in another western outside of the Rifleman! Fullscreen dvd video and audio is surprisingly good.

Books Worth Reading:

A Critical Review: The acting is good,story is good,casting good,b&w,1 hour long,and transfer is a 3 out of 5.The dvd-r skips out toward the end, so you miss the ending.A good solid western with Chuck Connors at his best…support your favorite artists.

Chuck Connors Movies # 11) Banjo Hackett

Chuck Connors Movies:  Banjo Hackett  with Don Meredith

Movie Summary: Legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith is Banjo Hackett, a free-spirited horse trader who travels the American West in search of a rare Arabian mare. Accompanied by his orphaned nephew (Ike Eisenmann, Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn), Banjo faces stiff competition from bounty hunter Sam Ivory (Chuck Conners, “The Rifleman”), a dirty skunk who’ll stop at nothing to claim the $10,000 reward forthe mare’s capture. Jam-packed with action, excitement and fun, BANJO HACKETT is a straight- shootin’ Western adventure the whole family will enjoy.

A 5-Star Review: This was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it tremendously. Dandy Don is not the best actor in the world, but he is very good at it. I would like to find more dvds with him in them.

A Critical Review: This is a pretty good made for t.v. movie. Don Meredith plays Banjo Hackett a horse trader. With an easy going laid back kind of personality which suits Don Meredith perfectly. It just seems like he’s playing himself in a western. Chuck Conners plays the villain very well. This is the kind of movie you can watch and probably forget five minutes later.

Chuck Connors Movies # 12) The Hired Gun

Movie Summary: Is fugitive Ellen Beldon (Anne Francis) really a murderer? Will professional gunman Gil McCord (Rory Calhoun) bring her back to Texas for the hangman’s justice? This lean, taut Western thriller gradually reveals the truth behind the crime in a brisk 64 minutes, packing twists and turns a plenty. Rising star Francis had already stood out marvelously against the treacherous Cinemascope landscapes of Bad Day at Black Rock and Forbidden Planet, and she’s a good match in these widescreen surroundings for costar/co-producer Calhoun, an old genre hand soon to embark on a two-season stint as TV’s The Texan. Other future TV icons – Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) and Vince Edwards (Ben Casey) – play connivers out to stop McCord in his tracks – but neither are a match for The Hired Gun.

Books Worth Reading:

A 5-Star Review: Frankly, I am taken aback at the poor, basically unhelpful reviews for this fine example of Calhoun’s westerns. I know it’s not done to criticise other reviewers, but if you take the trouble to go on the page and the film….This Warner Archive Collection of the 1957 MGM film is an excellent Cinemascope transfer (bars top and bottom), clear B/W picture and good sound. It also includes the trailer (but I advise you watch that after the film). Calhoun is “The Hired Gun” employed by rancher John Litel to bring his daughter in law (Anne Francis) back from New Mexico to Texas to be hanged for murdering Litel’s son. This he does despite Chuck Connors, Apaches, and the lady herself. Director Ray Nazarro goes at it with gusto, and the location filming is spot on. Enthusiasts will spot unbilled Chuck Roberson and William Tannen. An excellent unpretentious western crammed into 64 minutes. Recomended. (5 stars because it’s good and the print is too)

Chuck Connors Movies # 13) The Deserter

Chuck Connors Movies:  Deserter, The [VHS]  with Bekim Fehmiu

Movie Summary: After his wife is raped and killed by Apache Indians during a massacre at a church mission, Capt. Victor Kaleb (Bekim Fehmiu) shoots Col. Wade Brown (Richard Crenna), who he holds responsible for the killings, then retreats into the wilderness. Two years later, Gen. Miles (John Huston) offers him amnesty if he can successfully lead a difficult mission against the same lawless Apache tribe. Victor agrees, and guides a small group deep into the country to take his revenge.

A 5-Star Review: This is a classic western,one of it’s kind,with great actors,action,violence and a great story line.
Can the distributors please release this on dvd? It is one of those movies that i,including countless others
i am sure,would love to buy.They dont make movies like this anymore.

A Critical Review: I saw this movie while I was in the service during the 70″s. I have waited years for it to be released on DVD. The quality of this DVD is horrible. It looks and sounds like it was filmed off the movie screen by some wing nut sitting in the audience with a video camera. What a huge disappointed this was for me

Chuck Connors Movies # 14) Skinheads

Chuck Connors Movies:  with

Movie Summary: Jeff, Paul, and Tiny are harassed by a gang of skinheads at a pit stop in the Colorado mountains. When Tiny and the restaurant-goers are subjected to the neo-Nazis’ violent racism, Jeff and a new acquaintance must flee in order to avoid being silenced by the skinheads.

Books Worth Reading:

A 5-Star Review: I really would like to say that this movie is very nice and very psychological.

A Critical Review: BAD, its a B-movie so you would not expect much, but yeah its bad by B-movie standards. The only reason I even watched it was because Mr.Chuck Connors was shown as one of the actors, his name alone no doubt gave this movie any kind of attention,period. What’s funny is it leads you to believe he is a major force in the movie, lol nope he’s in the movie probably for a combined total of 15-20 mins, tops, and his character barely even makes a difference in stopping the skinheads. I realize this is probably one of his final film roles, and with his career faded by this time just needed a quick paycheck so I don’t blame him at all for this turd. RIP Mr Connors, I will always know you as the rifleman, and shall not let this atrocity blemish my adoration of your talent.

Chuck Connors Movies # 15) Support Your Local Gunfighter

Movie Summary: In this follow-up film to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!, James Garner portrays a con artist who runs off with bride-to-be Marie Windsor to the small Western town of Purgatory where the good citizens mistake him for famous gunslinger Chuck Connors. Garner is actually delighted with the mistake and decides to take the town for everything he can get! Also on hand is Garner’s sidekick, dim-witted Jack Elam, and a love interest, tomboyish Suzanne Pleshette, whose ambition is to start a ladies finishing school. But when genuine-gunslinger Connors arrives in town and challenges Garner, Garner remarks, “I’m slow…but you’re slower.” We will never know…Connors shoots himself in the foot. Photographed by Harry Stradling, Jr.

A 5 Star Review: If you want a good laugh, James Garner and Jack Elam are really enjoyable in this classic comedy western spoof. Swifty Morgan, [a ruthless gunman killer] who is played by Chuck Connors. But, In this story, Swifty’s identity is stolen by Elam at the urging of a lying fast talker, James Garner who is trying to outfox the town’s crooked boss. for a woman [Pleshette] with great results. This story is delightful and funny, like “Support Your Local Sheriff”. Another Garner/Elam Classic

Books Worth Reading:

A Critical Review: Not as good as the first one Garner played in. Boring, the writer tried to be too funny! The wild lady that wanted to get out of her home town, got on my nerves!


Chuck Connors had an incredible career in basketball, baseball, and acting, with nearly forty-five movies and numerous television series appearances displaying his range and talents, especially in the Western film industry. If you love action-packed western films, then we encourage you to check out our list of similar western actors here. And if you are looking for a book you can read for free, check out this month’s free read.

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