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The Dealer Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #07, Episode #28

Johnny Cole defends himself by fatally shooting a corrupt card dealer, only to find himself enamored with the dealer’s striking daughter, who spurns his advances and seeks vengeance against him instead. Gunsmoke The Dealer, originally aired on April 14, 1962.

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Gunsmoke The Dealer Cast

Below is the list of actors who appeared in the Gunsmoke episode titled The Dealer:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Dennis Weaver as Chester
  • Milburn Stone as Doc (credit only)
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Judi Meredith as Lily
  • George Mathews as Champ
  • Gary Clarke as Johnny
  • Roy Roberts as Billy
  • Baynes Barron as Sheriff
  • Jess Kirkpatrick as Barney
  • Ted Jordan as Cheater
  • Abdullah Abbas as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Sam Bagley as Dealer (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Robert Brubaker as Jim Buck (uncredited)
  • George Bruggeman as Barfly (uncredited)
  • George Ford as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Anne Howard as Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Harry Mayo as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Mathew McCue as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Fred McDougall as Assistant Dealer (uncredited)
  • John Pedrini as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Buddy Roosevelt as Barfly (uncredited)
  • John Roy as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Leslie Sketchley as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Tom Smith as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Glenn Strange as Sam (uncredited)
  • Lucian Tiger as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Max Wagner as Gambler (uncredited)
  • Charles Whipple as Barfly (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Dealer

Lily Baskin (played by Judi Meredith) operates a gambling card game known as “Faro” or “Pharaoh.” She inherited it from her late father, Billy Baskin (played by Roy Roberts), a deceitful card dealer killed by Johnny Cole (played by Gary Clarke) in a Missouri saloon altercation. With Miss Kitty’s approval, Lily manages the card game and establishes her operation at the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge.

On the inaugural night, a regular patron named Champ Larkin (played by George Mathews) becomes intoxicated and calls Lily his own, prompting Matt to intervene and escort him out.

Subsequently, Johnny Cole, the man who killed Lily’s father, enters the Long Branch. Despite Johnny’s infatuation with Lily since their initial encounter in Missouri, Lily does not reciprocate his feelings. When Johnny invites Lily to a picnic, she covertly informs Champ of their location. Champ confronts them at the creek, leading to a violent altercation between him and Johnny.

After Champ knocks Johnny unconscious, Lily struggles to dissuade Champ’s insistence on marrying her. In self-defense, Lily shoots Champ but strategically places the gun near Johnny, framing him for the shooting. Lily manipulates the situation to her advantage, leaving Johnny facing a murder charge. As events unfold, Johnny’s unwavering love for Lily remains evident.

Will Lily be content with Johnny facing trial for a crime he didn’t commit, or will she come clean about the self-defense shooting? Regardless, Johnny’s affection for Lily persists despite the turmoil.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Dealer



Howdy, Miss Carol.
Nice to see you.

Glad to have you join us here.

Give me a whiskey, Barney.

Well, you're late, Billy.

You better get that faro game
of your going, you old rooster.

You tend to your dealing,
and I'll tend to mine.

Just pour.

Pa, where have you been?

Well, none of your business.

And you've been drinking.

Lily, look, you're my daughter,
not my wife, so never you mind.

All right, Pa, but we've got a
good crowd lined up tonight.

I've lined up several
players already.

Poor little Lily.

If only your ma
could see you now,

wasting your life
and your beauty

in a miserable saloon like this.

Shilling for a
worthless old gambler.

Oh, stop it, Pa.

Who'd take care
of you if I didn't?

Won't be forever,
honey, I promise you.

We're gonna get that
place of our own yet.

Sure, Pa.

But just be sure
it isn't in jail.

Now, no tricks tonight,
you promise me.

All fair and square.

How you gonna get
your own place that way?

Try your luck now?


Care to buck the tiger, mister?


I'd rather talk
to you. Sit down.

I'm not here to talk,
or to be stared at

like you been doing for
the past three hours now.

Wait a minute, now,
it's not what you think.

I'm not, uh... I'm
not like these others.

Really, I just
want to talk to you.

Maybe know you a little better.

Sit down.

Maybe you better start
by bucking the tiger, mister.

Soda. Place your
bets, gentlemen.

Eight loses.

Jack wins.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

Deuce loses.

Oh, uh, Lily, honey,
I'm out of stogies.

Will you run upstairs
and get me a handful?

All right, Pa.

Deuce wins.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

I, uh... I think
that was a split.


Oh. Heh-heh.

Well, so it was.

There you are.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

Seven loses.

Trey wins.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

Four loses.

Now, wait a minute.

Now, that card didn't
come out of the box.

You slipped it in.

Young man, are you accusing
Billy Baskin of cheating?

Yes, I'm accusing
you... I saw you do it!

Oh, you did, huh?

Well, let me tell you,

nobody accuses Billy
Baskin of being a cheater.

You've got to be
able to prove it.

Well, suppose you
prove you're not.

Show us that deck.

If there isn't an
extra four in it, I'll...

I don't know who you are, boy,

but you've got a nerve,
too much for your own good.

Now, you just move on.

You ain't wanted in this game,

so take your money and go.

It's not my money on four.

But I'll go.

See what the sheriff
has to say about it.

Wait a minute.

I wouldn't do that if I was you.

Well, you're not me.

Stop or I'll shoot,
I'm warning you.

Look out!

You do this?

It was self-defense,
Sheriff, there's no denying it.

Billy tried to shoot
the boy in the back,

and he darn near done it, too.

What was the argument about?

Uh, nothing. He was, uh,
drunk or out of his head

or something, I don't know.

You all see it that way?

Yeah. That's right.

What's your name, boy?


Johnny Cole.

All right, Cole.

You better get out of
Joseph City fast, and stay out.

We don't like
gunfighters around here.

Besides... Billy
had a lot of friends.



Oh, Pa.


Who did it?

He's gone, Miss Lily.

His name was Johnny Cole.

Oh, Pa.


E-Excuse me, Mr. Buck,

can you tell me where
I'd find the Long Branch?

Yes, ma'am, it's
right over there,

just across the street.

Oh, by the way, I'll send your
bags around to the Dodge House.

That's the nicest hotel in town.

Mm, thank you.

Excuse me, Miss Russell?

- Yes?
- They told me over at the Long Branch

I might find you here.

I hope I'm not
interrupting your dinner.

Oh, no, not at all.

Um, won't you sit down?

Thank you.

Would you like to have
some, uh, some coffee,

- Miss, uh...?
- Baskin. Lily Baskin.

Yes, thank you, I would.

Uh, Joe, could we have
another cup of coffee here?

Well... what can I do for you?

I just arrived in
Dodge, and I...

I'd like to ask you for a job.

I'd like to work for you.

Well, uh... how'd you
happen to come to me?

Well, clear back in Missouri,
I... I heard about your place

and how you've been
so kind to so many girls,

and... I'd rather
work for a woman.

Thank you very much,

but, uh... well, I really
don't need anyone.

Well, how do you know?

You haven't heard what I do.

What do you do?

I deal faro.


Oh... no.

Not in my place.

Well, there's
nothing wrong with it.

I'm a legitimate gambler,
and a good one, too.

How'd a pretty girl like
you ever get into this?

My father taught
me everything I know.

Your father?

Baskin. Baskin.

Are you Billy Baskin's girl?

That's one of the reasons

why I have so much
trouble getting work.

But I'm not like my
father, I promise you that.

There'll never be any trouble.


I-I don't usually have
a faro game, and...

well, a woman dealer...

Don't you think a woman
can handle it as well as a man?

Well, of course I do.

And attract more
customers at the same time?

If you give me a
chance, I'll prove it,

and I'll split the
profits even with you.

No, no. Now, that
wouldn't be fair at all.

I wouldn't... I-I... well, I
couldn't take any more

than a quarter.

Then you'll do it?

Well, I could think of a
couple of friends of mine

who are gonna
say I'm crazy, but...

all right, the job's yours.

Thank you. You won't regret it.

I'll bring my layout
over and start tonight.

Soda. Bets, gentlemen.

Ace loses.

Ten wins.

- Bets, gentlemen.
- Well, I'll tell you,

she sure is a
pretty little thing,

- you'll have to admit that.
- Darn good dealer, too.

Well, you can't complain about
the business she's bringing you.

No, you can't.

Sometimes you can pay
too high a price for business.

What do you mean?

Well, she's a woman, Kitty.

Woman dealer's
liable to bring trouble.

Well, I think she's
handling everything just fine.

So far.

Well, they sure don't be
worried none about her.

No, they came in
here to see her maybe,

but they sure stayed to play.

Think you're gonna do all right.

Nine loses.

Ace wins.

Bets, gentlemen?

Seven loses.

Wait a minute. Ain't
the sevens all out?

You can see by the
casekeeper they're not.

Oh, yeah, I was wrong.

Well, it don't matter.

Doesn't it?

What are you pulling
a gun on me for?

I didn't mean nothing.

I wasn't trying to
accuse you of nothing.

But I'm accusing you.

You moved your bet.

What do you mean?

Just what I said.

You tried to distract
me so I wouldn't see you

slide your bet from
the seven to the six.

Ah, you're crazy.

Put that thing
down; it might go off.

It will, if I want it to.

Now, you listen
to me... All of you.

I run an honest game.

I don't cheat my customers,
and I don't intend to be cheated.

Now, take your
money and get out.

And don't come back.

Marshal, she pulled a gun on me.

Well, it's her game.

I guess she can play
with whoever she wants to.

Really think that was necessary?

Yes, Marshal,
especially for a woman.

Some men will try
to take advantage,

until they find out they can't.

You were awfully
quick to pull that gun.

It's my first night here.

I have to make the
right impression.

I think I did.


But you just better be
careful from now on.

There's some awful
rough customers with a gun

around this town.

You needn't worry
about me, Marshal.

I can take care of myself.

Well, I don't want to be
coming in here to take you in

for shooting somebody down.

Next time you run
into a man like that,

you better let me know.

Thank you.

Bets, gentlemen?

Queen loses.

See what I mean?

I think she straightened
everybody out pretty well.

Bets, gentlemen?

Yes, sir, honey, you was great.

Wasn't she great?

I ain't seen a woman like this
around here in a coon's age.

Take your hands off me.

Ain't she the one?

You're my gal, I'm telling you.

Looks like you're barking
up the wrong tree, Champ.

Yeah, anyway, I think you'll
have a lot of competition.

I guess maybe you
didn't hear me right.

I said Miss Lily's my gal now.

Me, Champ Larkin.

I guess you know who I am.

I wouldn't like it if somebody
came messing around her.

I might have to
bust them up a little!

Now, you look here.

I'm nobody's girl and
certainly not yours,

and I never will be.

Now, move on and stop
interrupting the game.

You got gumption,
that's what you got.

You're my gal, I tell you.

I'm gonna... Champ.

You're a little bit drunk.

I ain't drunk, Marshal.

I know what I'm
saying; I mean it.

You're bothering
the lady, Champ.

Now suppose we go outside, huh?

Oh, you think I ain't
good enough for her, huh?

I'm warning you, lay off her!

She's mine!

Come on, Champ.

If you wasn't a
marshal, I'd bust you.

I'll be back, Lily.

Now, Champ, I want you
to go on home and sober up.

You think I said
all those things

'cause I was drunk, Marshal.

I meant it all.

You better see that
nobody bothers her.

She's mine.

You think he means
that, Mr. Dillon?

He's ain't all there, you know.

Yeah, I know, Chester.

That's why it's
possible he means it.

Well, he ain't no
bare-knuckle champ no more,

but he sure could hurt
a body, if he's a mind to.


Bets, gentlemen?

They're gonna play all night.

Well, you can't
complain, Miss Kitty.

You're making money.

Oh, no.

Champ, didn't the
marshal tell you...?

He told me to go home
and sober up, Miss Kitty.

And I done that.

I'm cold sober right now.

But I had to come
back and see Miss Lily,

to apologize to her.

I shouldn't have
pawed her like that.

That's what I want to tell her

just as soon as
she's through dealing.

Champ, why don't
you just give it up?

I don't think Miss
Lily's for you.

You mean I'm not good
enough for her, is that it?

Now, that's for her to decide,

and you've got
to leave it to her.

You just can't go around
calling somebody your girl

that doesn't want to
be, don't you know that?

Well, maybe she'll like me
better when she gets to know me.

You might if I sit down and
wait until she's through dealing?

Go ahead.

Your boyfriend's back.
He's gonna wait for you.

Can't you get rid of him for me?

You said you could
handle all the problems.

And this is your first one.

Welcome to him.


It's more like the
middle of the night.

We're getting ready to close.

Oh, I thought these
places never closed.

Well, back in the early days,
this was an all-night town.

Still is, sometimes.

But, uh, well, we got to get
some sleep now and then.

Well, I guess I
should've started

on this side of the street, huh?

You can come back
tomorrow and start on this side.

Do you own this place?


You're telling me to leave?

Just asking.

I'm sleepy, bartender's
sleepy, and so is the faro dealer.

Three wins.

I was right; I
should have started

on this side of the street.

Excuse me.

Hello, Miss Baskin.

Do I know you?

I was hoping you might
remember me, yes.

You played faro with me?

Well, no, not exactly.

I made you angry
by staring at you.

A little over a year ago.

Mister, there are a lot of
men and a lot of saloons.

Do you think I can remember
every man who stares at me?

I was hoping you might
remember this one.

Who's he, Miss Kitty?

What's he doing, trying
to talk to Miss Lily?

Well, now, I don't know, Champ,
but it doesn't mean a thing.

N-Now, wait a minute.

Y-You just go back and sit down.

No, I got to see
what that's about.

He ain't got no right.

Sam, go get Matt.


What are you doing,
talking to my girl?

Your girl?

You heard me.

You keep away from my girl.

Look, I'm Champ Larkin, and
I could bust you up real good.

Now, you stop
bothering Miss Lily.

You get out of here
right now or I'll...

Hold it right there.

I ain't afraid of
you or your gun.


Go on, mister, and
leave me alone.

All right, Miss Lily.

If you say so.

I'm warning you.

You stay away from her.

Look, Miss Lily...

You better go on, too, mister.

Well, thank you.

I guess you saved a fight.

Yeah, Champ's kind
of a strange fella.

What is he? A fighter?

Well, he was until he
took too many punches.

But he's still
dangerous, though,

don't make any
mistake about that.

Oh, no, I won't.

But I won't let him interfere
with my plans either.

What plans are those?

Oh, nothing that
would interest you.



You know Lily Baskin, do you?

Yeah, I know her.

I killed her father.


A little over a year
ago, in Joseph City.

But I was cleared,
Marshal. It was self-defense.

What's your name?

Cole. Johnny Cole.

Does Lily know who you are?

Not yet, she don't.

What, do you mean
you came out here

deliberately looking for her?

I've been looking for her.

For weeks.


Like I said, Marshal,
that's private.


Good morning.


Oh, I told you to come back,
but I didn't mean for breakfast.

Oh, I had mine hours ago.

I suppose you're
looking for Lily.


Well, you'd just better hope

that Champ Larkin
doesn't find you in here.

Well, I'll handle that
when he shows up.

Do you mind if I sit down?

Oh, my name's Johnny Cole.

So I've heard.

I'm Kitty Russell.

Miss Russell, I need your help.

Why, I think I'm through
helping people for a while.


All right.

What am I supposed to do?

Give Lily the day off.

Oh... well, that's easy.

She can take the day
off anytime she wants to.

Well, no, th-that's not
exactly what I meant, uh...

I meant order her
to take the day off.

Why? What excuse
could I give her?

Oh, uh, anything.

Uh... for her health.

Uh... to get out of
the way of Champ.

- No?
- Mm-mm.

Try again.

Well, I guess you're just
gonna have to tell her the truth.

She's going on a picnic.

A picnic?

Not a public one.



You're kind of sweet
on her, aren't you?

For some time now.

You know, uh...

I don't think she even
knows you're alive.

Well, I plan to change that.


Well, better ask her yourself.

There she is.

Uh, excuse me.

Good morning.

You again?

There's n-no faro game.

I thought maybe I could
buy you a cup of coffee.

It's on the house.

I still want to talk to you.

Go ahead and talk.

Well, for what I want to say,

this is, uh... not
quite the place.

I thought maybe we
could take a lunch

and, uh, take a walk
down by the river

and spend the
day in the fresh air.

What is this?

It's called a picnic.

A picnic?


You mean, just the two of us?


No, mister. You
got the wrong girl.

No, I haven't.

I'm not an easy pickup for
just any man who comes along.

Oh, you'll have no trouble
with me, Miss Baskin.

I'll give you my word.

Your word?

I don't even know your name!

Well, I'll tell you that on
the way down to the river.

Now, I'll go get the basket,

and I'll be back
in, uh, 30 minutes.

Wait a minute!

- Uh, half an hour.
- I won't be here!

I think that fella's
a little crazy.

He's kind of nice, though.

And handsome,
too, don't you think?

You gonna go?

Of course not.

It might do you good.

Get away for the day and relax.

Relax? With him?

Well, he seems all right to me.

Well, who is he? Where
did he come from?

He said his name
was Johnny Cole.

If you change your
mind, let me know.

I'll be upstairs.

Johnny Cole.

Sam, do you have a
piece of paper and a pencil?


Sam, do you know where to
find that big fellow, Champ?

Yeah, I know.

Will you take him
this note, please?

- Well, I don't know where...
- Right now, please.

It'll be fine. Just
take him the note.

- But Miss Lily...
- Now. Just... now, please.

Yes, ma'am.

Miss Kitty?


I'm going on that
picnic after all.

Well, good. Have a good time.

Hello, Kitty.

Hello, Matt.

Say, has Champ
Larkin been in here?

No, I haven't seen him.
Why? Something wrong?

Well, I don't know.

Well, he might come
in looking for Lily.

What am I gonna do about that?

Well, I don't know, Kitty.

It's not up to you
to do anything.

It may be up to me.

Well, if he does come
in here looking for her,

he won't find her.

Why not?

'Cause she's gone on a
picnic with Johnny Cole.

A picnic?

Down by the river
somewhere. Why?

Well, I saw him just
headed down the street now,

and he was in
an awful big hurry.

Well, excuse me, Marshal,

but Miss, uh, Lily
gave me a note

to take to Champ just
before she left on the picnic.

Well, Sam, what
did you do that for?

Well, I'm sorry, Miss Kitty,
but she said it was all right.

Oh, Sam.

I think I better get out there.

Coffee's ready. You want some?

No, thank you.

Well, what would you like to do?

Want to go for a walk?

You had some reason
for bringing me out here.

Let's get on with it.

I brought you out here
to make love to you.

You promised there'd
be nothing like that.

And I meant it.

But I didn't promise I
wouldn't tell you how I love you.

How can you love somebody
you don't even know?

I do know you, Lily.

I know I've only talked
to you a couple of times,

only said a few words to you,

but I watched you for
days back in Joseph City,

listened to you talk
to those other men.

And since then,

every day, every
night for a year,

I've thought about you.

That's not me.

That's some girl you've
dreamed up in your mind.

No. No, it isn't.

It's not me, I tell you.

Well, I say it is.

I had to come back and find out.

There's something I'd like
to find out about you, too.

My name?

I think you already
found that out.

It's Johnny Cole, isn't it?


And you can talk
to me about love?

They say love's
pretty close to hate.

I don't think it's
too much to hope.


I'll hate you till
the day I die.

Hate the sheriff
who let you off,

and hate the people
who let you run away.

I ran away from you, Lily,
because I couldn't face you.

But then I found out that I
couldn't not face you, either.

So I had to come back.


Why did you?

I'd just begun
to forget, to live.

Well, that's what I
want to help you do, Lily.


You couldn't hate me any more

than I hate myself
for what happened.

Why should you worry?

He was just an old man who
didn't mean anything to you.

You caught him cheating
and shot him in self-defense,

and they let you off scot-free.

Why should you worry?

All right, Lily.

I was to blame.

I didn't have to call
him for cheating.

I could have closed my eyes,
turned and just walked out,

and the whole thing would
have never happened.

Well, why didn't you?!

He was just a harmless old man

who didn't mean anything
to anybody but me.

He was all I had.

All I'd ever had.

I know that.

That's why I came back.

To make it up to you, Lily.

To spend the rest of my
life making it up to you

if you'll just let me.

For pity?

You listen to me.

I love you.

And I know that for sure now.

I want you to be my wife.

You expect me to believe that?


Let's have some coffee.

I want to go home now.

Please take me home.

All right.

If that's what you want.

I see.

I wanted you to be
hurt the way I was hurt.

I wanted you to suffer
the way I suffered.

I don't blame you.

You! I warned you, mister.

I'm gonna bust you good.

No, wait, Champ. He
doesn't mean anything to me.

He's not worth a fight.

Come on, I'll go
back to town with you.

I got to take care
of this first, Miss Lily.

I warned him.

Now I got to teach him a lesson.

You, go on. Try to
reach for that gun.

Do it your way, Champ.

Bare knuckles.


Is he dead?

He'll come around, all right.

Anyways, it don't
matter, Miss Lily.

He won't come messing
around you no more.

Ain't nobody gonna do that,

now that you're my girl.

Hey, wait a minute.

You came out here
with him, didn't you?!

Take your hands off me.

I'm not your girl,
and I never will be.

Don't say that, Miss
Lily. I don't like it.

You're my girl.

I fought him for you,
and I bust him good.

That makes you my girl.

You're gonna love me, Miss
Lily. You're gonna love me!


You got to, Miss Lily.

You stay away from me!

You stay away,
or I'll... You'll what?

Ain't nobody out here to hear.

You stay away
from me, or I'll shoot.

With that little thing?

That little thing
wouldn't hurt a flea.

Come on, now, Miss Lily.

You got to be nice to me.

You stay away from
me. I'm warning you.




Johnny, what's happened here?

You can see...
We... had a fight.

He's dead, Johnny.
He's been shot.

Now, who did it?

I guess I must have.

This your gun?


He was unarmed, Johnny.

Champ never carried a gun.

I guess that makes it murder.

Yeah, I guess it does.

I'll have to take you in.


Well, I think that's just about
as good as I can do, Mr. Dillon.

- That's fine, Chester.
- Maybe I'll rustle him up

some coffee, get
him something to eat.

- He's probably hungry.
- All right, good.

Now, Johnny, you
want to start talking?

About what?

Lily was out there
with you, wasn't she?

I suppose you'll find out
from Miss Kitty anyway.

Yeah, Lily was
out there with me.

We went on a picnic.

And then Champ showed up,

and I sent her away.

She left.

She didn't have anything to
do with the fight or the killing?

- Nothing.
- That's not the truth, and you know it.

She sent word to Champ
where you were gonna be.

I don't know
anything about that.

You took a pretty bad beating
from Champ before you shot him.

Now, why'd you do that?

Why didn't you just
shoot him right off?

Well, I... I thought
I could take him,

and then when I couldn't...

I grabbed the
gun and I shot him.

I don't believe you.

Well, that's the way
it happened, Marshal.

Now, Johnny, listen to me.

A jury, knowing all
these circumstances...

The fact that Champ could
kill a man with his bare hands,

and that you'd taken the
big beating you did and all...

They might call
that self-defense.

But on the other
hand, they might not.

Yeah, I know.

Well, now, you're in
pretty serious trouble.

If you're trying to
cover for Lily, don't.

Why would Lily want
to shoot Champ?

I don't know.

Maybe she's got a better
reason than you have.

Now, why don't you just
leave her alone, Marshal?


Who is it?

Marshal Dillon. Can I
talk to you a minute?

Well, Marshal?

I'd like to come in.

Well, Marshal?

You know why I'm here, Lily.

Do I?

One man's dead, another
man's up for murder.

You want to tell me about it?

- What makes you think...
- Don't let's play games, Lily.

Johnny's up for murder.

It isn't the first time.

He was in no condition to
fire that shot, but you were.

Are you gonna let him
go to trial, hang maybe?

Why shouldn't I?
He killed my father.

Yeah, but he didn't
kill Champ, did he?

- And you think I did?
- That's right.

What makes you think
I'd do a thing like that?

Because you sent Champ out there

and you knew exactly
what he was gonna do.

I only meant for them to fight;
I didn't want anybody dead.

Why'd you kill Champ, Lily?

I had to.

After he knocked out
Johnny, he came for me.

Marshal, are you
gonna let him go?

I am. And when he gets out,

this is probably the
first place he'll head for.

No. Tell him to go
away, to stay away.

I don't want to see him.

If he comes near me
again, I won't be responsible

for what I might do.

You tell him that, Marshal.

All right, I'll tell him.

Well, that's what
she said, Johnny.

She sounded
pretty final about it.

Well, it doesn't seem like

there's any use
to trying anymore.

Of course, I don't
blame her for that.

I should've known I
couldn't change her mind.

When's the next stage east?

10:00 tonight.

When it's gone, would
you give her that for me?


What is it?

Just a little something
to try and make up for it.

I went up north to the mines.

I made a... pretty fair strike.

I sold out, and I went back
to Joseph City looking for her.

And this is the money?

That's the whole stake.

I want her to have it.

But not until after 10:00
and that stage is gone.

You really think that
much of her, Johnny?

I was hoping to
make her love me, too.

All I did was make
her hate me more.

Well, look, I'll... I'll
give her this money,

if that's what you really want.

It seems to me if you
think that much of her,

maybe you're giving up too easy.

Better think about it.

Ten loses.

Ten wins. Another split.

Doesn't look like
he's gonna show up.

No, I guess not.

I just don't think I'll ever
feel the same about that girl,

pulling a thing like this.

Well... Lily's gonna
be all right, Kitty.

She just needs somebody
to love instead of hate.

Listen to who's
talking about love.

Matt, look.

Nine wins.

Bets, gentlemen.

Do you mind if I play?


You're too late, Marshal.

She could pull that trigger
before you could ever reach her.

You'd like to do that,
wouldn't you, Lily?

What do you want here?

I thought I might
gamble a little.

You said you didn't gamble.

I haven't.

Not since Joseph City.

But for one last time,
I'd like to buck the tiger.

Win or lose.

Put up your bet.

My life... Pull
the trigger, I lose.

How do you win?

If you put that gun down
and walk out of here with me.

- I told the marshal...
- He told me.

He told me.

I couldn't go.

I meant what I told you, Lily.

I love you.

I've done everything I
could to prove it to you.

Now it's up to you.

Please go away.

Just go away.

Won't you even try?

Just try?

Why don't you just go
away and leave me alone.


I guess I was wrong to think
I could ever change anything.

Wasn't I?

There's no hope, is there?



Lily, you're a fool.

Why do you say that?

That's for you.

Johnny wanted
me to give it to you.

It's everything he owned.

He told me to give it to you
after the stage pulled out.

He said he thought it'd
make up for what he'd done.

I don't want his money.

You know, if you were
honest with yourself,

you'd have to
admit that you think

as much of him
as he does of you.

If you take my advice, you'll
get over to that stage depot

before the stage pulls out.

Go on, get going.


You're gonna take
the day off tomorrow.

Day off? What for?

'Cause we're going on a picnic.

Behind the Scenes of The Dealer

Two actors with minor roles in this episode will soon transition into series regulars. Roy Roberts, portraying Lily’s father, will assume the role of banker Harry Bodkins. Likewise, Ted Jordan, who depicts the card cheater at the Long Branch, will be cast as freight agent Nathan Burke.

The portrayal of Billy Baskin’s deceitful faro game reflects a common occurrence in the Old West. Although Faro enjoyed widespread popularity, dealer cheating was rampant, prompting the authoritative handbook “Hoyle’s Rules of Games” to caution that honest games were virtually nonexistent. This tainted reputation contributed to Faro’s decline in the early twentieth century, eventually leading to its near extinction by the century’s end.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Enjoying a bowl of popcorn alongside the Gunsmoke series is the perfect accompaniment whether you’re with family or friends. This iconic American Western television series spans 20 seasons and originally aired from 1955 to 1975. The Dealer marks the 28th episode of Season 7.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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