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The Full List of Hopalong Cassidy Movies

Here is the complete list of movies starred by William Boyd, an American film, radio, and television actor best known for his striking portrayal of “Hopalong Cassidy,” in a series of Western films. 

Boyd remains one of the most legendary figures in Western fiction, and American motion-picture, radio, and television actor who ruled the Western screen for many years.

Who Is William Boyd?

Born in Hendrysburg, Ohio, on June 5, 1898, William Boyd was an American actor who gained popularity for his remarkable portrayal of “Hopalong Cassidy” in many Western shows. He was also named the “King of Cowboy Merchandisers,” becoming one of the most popular children’s Western heroes of the 20th century. He was the son of farm laborer Charles Boyd and the former Lida Wilkens, living in Cambridge, Ohio, before moving to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, when he was thirteen. However, in 1913, his father died in a construction mishap while working for the Tulsa Water Department.

Following his father’s death, Boyd’s family moved to California, where he worked at several job positions to support his family. He then went to Hollywood to be an actor, starting as an extra in the film area. After this, he played a role in Cecil B. DeMille’s “Old Wives for New” and became his favorite, portraying many epics in films made by DeMille during the 1920s. More prominent roles come after, making him a full-fledged leading man in silent film romances such as “The Volga Boatman” and “The King of Kings” in 1927.

In 1935, Boyd got an offer for the supporting role of “Red Connors” in a series of Westerns based on the Hopalong Cassidy stories written by Clarence Mulford. However, he got to play the cowboy hero after asking for consideration for the title role, soon gaining lasting fame in the Western film industry. The introductory film, “Hopalong Cassidy,” found success, with Boyd quickly identified by the public as the cowboy star. The film did so well until the late 1940s, so Boyd began to play the character on radio shows and television programs, both entitled “Hopalong Cassidy.” The series ended with 66 films (with Boyd producing the last 12), Boyd making the record of playing the same character for the most time in film history. He was extremely famous during the show’s height of popularity. His character appeared on the cover of the famous Time Magazine. He received over fifteen thousand fan letters per week and had three world tours to promote the program. At one time, over a million people even came to see him make a public appearance. Boyd filmed his last appearance as “Hopalong Cassidy” in “DeMille’s The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1952.

Boyd experienced health problems by the late 1960s and shunned publicity, so his fans won’t see their cowboy star and childhood hero as an old, sick man. Boyd died from the complications of Parkinson’s disease and congestive heart failure on September 12, 1972, at Laguna Beach, California.

Hopalong Casidy Complete Movie List & Summary

Here is Hopalong Cassidy’s list of movies along with a short summary:

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 1) Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy Movies:  with

Movie Summary:
The classic gun-slinging adventures of the Old West do-gooder Hopalong Cassidy and his trusty band of cowboys from the Bar 20 ranch.

A 5-Star Review: These are western movies with drama, mystery, and comedy from the golden age of the motion picture industry. Much more entertaining than what the industry puts out today.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 2) Bar 20

Hopalong Cassidy Movies:  with


Movie Summary:
Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) brings stagecoach robbers to justice after they rob him of his cattle money.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 3) Hopalong Cassidy Returns

Hopalong Cassidy Movies:  with

Movie Summary: One of the best of the Hopalong series! A crusading newspaper editor recruits his old friend Hoppy to take the job of marshal in a town rife with vice and murder directed at helpless miners.

A 5-Star Review: A small town is in the hands of a greedy saloon owner (Evelyn Brent as Lilli Marsh). What she wants she takes and what she is especially fond of is gold mines. Poor Peg Leg Holden (Irving Bacon) boisterously shoots his way through town announcing to everyone that he has struck it rich, woo hoo, with a splendid gold mine. The next day he’s found dead and his mine now belongs to greedy Lilli. The editor of the local newspaper sends for his friend Hoppy to come and do some spring cleaning. Hoppy arrives too late to help the poor editor, killed in a horrific manner, all the more brutal because he was in a wheelchair. Not everything is fun and games in this entry in the series.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 4) The Frontiersmen

Hopalong Cassidy Movies:  with

Movie Summary:
The local school is causing Hoppy problems. First Bar 20 cattle are stolen when Hoppy investigates a problem there. Then the new teacher arrives and disrupts the routine of the Bar 20 hands. Later with the Bar 20 hands at graduation, the rustlers are poised to strike again. But there is dissension among them and this will lead to the break that Hoppy needs.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 5) Border Patrol

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 5) Border Patrol

Movie Summary: Three Texas Rangers are framed for murder by a corrupt sheriff in this two-fisted drama. William Boyd is back as Hopalong Cassidy, alongside a colorful cast that includes George Reeves (TV’s Superman) and in one of his early roles, Robert Mitchum!

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 6) Unexpected Guest

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 6) Unexpected Guest

Movie Summary: Hoppy helps California Carlson lay claim to his rightful share of a late uncle’s ranch, as foul play and greed abound.

A 5-Star Review: This review is for Unexpected Guest from 1947. This is the 57th movie in the Hopalong Cassidy film line as per Wikipedia. I just can’t get enough of these old B&W westerns from the 30’s and 40’s and especially these William Boyd movies. I think they are the bee’s knees. This film has Andy Clyde as California Carlson and Rand Brooks as Lucky Jenkins. And we can’t forget Matilda Hackett who is a real hoot and hears voices. She claims the spirits talk to her. Turns out to be a real whodunit movie and a lot of fun. Had me quessing the whole time. I’ll leave it at that and don’t want to give anything away. I highly recommend you watch this one and then go watch them all. Hope this helps and have a great and blessed day! 🙂

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 7) Hoppy Serves a Writ

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 7) Hoppy Serves a Writ

Movie Summary: Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) poses as an outlaw in lawless Oklahoma Territory in order to lure a gang of crooks to Texas justice.

A 5-Star Review: William is one of my favorites. He was a classy cowboy but tough when he had to be. Hoppy’s movies have a nice plot and he is is always the guy who wears the white hat. Hopalong cassidy was a role model to all the kids and he was real not phony. I will always watch his films when i can. 

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 8) Renegade Trail

Movie Summary: Hoppy goes to town to help Marshal Windy with some rustlers and winds up helping the widow Joyce when confidence men try to take her herd.

A 5-Star Review: Hoppy hits the Renegade Trail with sidekick Lucky. They’re bringing their friend Windy (Gabby Hayes) a mighty fine present, a gun for Sunday shooting. The minute they arrive in town they run afoul of a gang of rustlers led by Stiff-Hat Bailey. They’re doing a job for dead Bob the ex-con who plans to rob his supposed widowed-wife and ruin the life of their son in the bargain. Can Hopalong Cassidy stop this evil plot before the boy is scarred for life!

A typical western: you’ve got your cattle in jeopardy, bad guys with funny names, the requisite gunplay, a runaway wagon, a widow in distress, a boy and his dog…and two songs sung by singing cowhands. Check, check, and double check!

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 9) Sinister Journey

Movie Summary: Hoppy (William Boyd) and the boys ride to the aid of a man falsely accused of murder.

A 5-Star Review: This review is for Sinister Journey movie from 1948. This is the 63rd film of 66 in the Hopalong Cassidy movie series starring William Boyd. It also stars Andy Clyde as California Carlson and Rand Brooks as Lucky Jenkins. I love these old B&W westerns from the ’30’s and ’40’s. This one was especially delightful for me because of my love for trains. Hoppy, California and Lucky all go work for the railroad. Hoppy ends up trying to clear the railroad’s vice-president’s son-in-law of murder. Lots of great video of trains running with some humor and suspense thrown in for good measure. I highly recommend this movie and especially so if you love trains like I do. Hope this helps and have a great and blessed day! 🙂

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 10) False Paradise

Movie Summary: Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) thwarts a gang’s scheme to obtain mining rights after they team up with a crooked banker.

A 5-Star Review: This review is for False Paradise from 1948. This film is the 65th out of 66 in the Hopalong Cassidy movie series starring William Boyd. This one also stars Andy Clyde as California Carlson and Rand Brooks as Lucky Jenkins. I just love these old B&W westerns from the 30’s and 40’s and this one did not disappoint! It was filled with a lot of suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat at the end. I don’t want to say anymore and spoil the movie for anyone. I highly recommend you watch it! Then go watch the rest of the movies in the series. Hope this helps and have a great and blessed day! 🙂

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 11) Lumberjack

Movie Summary: William Boyd stars as the cowboy hero Hopalong Cassidy is this all-action western adventure. Julie Jordan’s husband is murdered leaving her as the only heir to a large timber forest which is worth a fortune. With so much money involved it s not long before it draws unwanted attention from some unscrupulous business men who are determined to get hold of the property. (Black & White Feature).

A 5-Star Review: I love all of William Boyd’s movies. They are good and wholesome, without the action packed, sex, violence and gore. His movies were before my time, but I will take them any day, over the crap that Hollywood produces as entertainment today. Lumberjack was a great film. Thanks Amazon.

A Critical Review: Out of character. Started out as a decent family. Wife becomes a bit. Signs a contract with the bad guys. Hoppy fights and shoots. Bad guys walk away. Show ends. I will continue to watch William Boyd movies and enjoy them very much. This one just didn’t do it for me.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 12) The Dead Don’t Dream

Movie Summary: Hoppy and the boys investigate the mysterious deaths of three men.

A 5-Star Review: This review is for The Dead Don’t Dream from 1948. This film is the 62nd of 66 in the Hopalong Cassidy movie series starring William Boyd. This film also stars Andy Clyde as California Carlson and Rand Brooks as Lucky Jenkins. Boy oh boy, this movie was a LOT of fun! It was a true whodunit and you’ll never guess who it was!!! It kept me guessing the whole time. I don’t want to say anymore and give it away. Just watch it! I highly recommend it! Then go watch all of the other movies in the film series. If you love these old B&W movies from the 30’s and 40’s as much as I do then you’ll be glad you did. Hope this helps and have a great and blessed day! 🙂

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 13) Riders of the Deadline

Movie Summary: The 50th of 66 Hopalong Cassidy films finds Hoppy in a vengeful mood. When his good friend Tim Mason is unjustly sent to jail and then killed when trying to escape, Hoppy’s bitterness gets him drummed out of the Texas Rangers. With the help of his pals “California” Carson and Jimmy Rogers, he sets out to expose the real culprits and clear Tim’s name.

A 5-Star Review: I love the old classic westerns. Hopalong Cassidy was one of my favorite western actors. They are simple, wholesome and entertaining.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 14) False Colors

Movie Summary: Hoppy and the boys bamboozle a gang of cattle rustlers scheming to snatch a ranch from its rightful owners.

A 5-Star Review: This review is for False Colors movie from 1943. This film is the 49th out of 66 in the Hopalong Cassidy movie series starring William Boyd. It also stars Andy Clyde as California Carlson and Jimmy Rogers as himself. Robert Mitchum also stars in this one as Rip Austin. I just love these old B&W westerns from the ’30’s and ’40’s. In this film, Hoppy and the gang try to track down the killer of one of their fellow ranch hands, Bud Lawton. Bud left all three of them a share of his estate before he was killed. An imposter comes along and pretends to be Bud so he could try to make Bud’s sister sell the ranch. Hoppy and gang intervene and end up getting locked up. I don’t want to say too much and give away what happens. This was a really good film as are all of the movies in the series. I highly recommend watching them all. Hope this helps and have a great and blessed day! 🙂

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 15) The Showdown

Movie Summary: Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) seeks vengeance for his friend’s death by challenging the city-slicker to a game of high-stakes poker.

A Critical Review: Too much Lucky (Russell Hayden), not enough Hoppy (William Boyd). Lucky does the same things he’s done in every Hopalong Cassidy movie: he starts a fistfight, he throws himself at a girl, he gets angry at Hoppy and accuses him of stealing his girl, and then he blabs all of the details of a hush-hush plan to the bad guy (Morris Ankrum as the phony Baron snooty-pants). It never fails. This is his standard operating procedure. The dumbest cowboy in any western…consistently. Why Hoppy continues to trust this moron is anyone’s guess. I was hoping ‘The Showdown’ was Hoppy finally getting fed up with the idiot and firing him for good and all. No such luck. The showdown was with a group of horse thieves.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 16) Old Corral

Movie Summary: Autry is the sheriff of a small western town and sings about Eleanor, who is a singer from Chicago nightclub.

A 5-Star Review: Love the old westerns and Gene Autry is one of my very favorites. You get a sneak peek at Roy Rogers before he was cast in his own movies.

A Critical Review: I like Roy and Gene A but the quality seems to be off it needs remastering and making it in Color

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 17) Painted Desert

Movie Summary: A lifelong rivalry ensues after two men find an abandoned baby and fight over ownership of the child. Starring: William Boyd, Helen Twelvetrees

A 5-Star Review: Hopalong Cassidy and the bad guy Clark Gable was great. It must have been one of the very first movies Clark Gable made. As for the story line? It was ok. At the time it was made. It may have been great.

A Critical Review: This is Clark Gable’s first part in a “talkie”, the reason for his picture on the dvd cover. Not to take anything away from Clark Gable, as he is a serious and very good actor. But William Boyd has star billing and is the reason I bought this dvd in the first place. William Boyd is my all time favorite actor and I’m adding this to my collection of his films. The story line of this movie was good as well as the action. But I can give this movie only three stars as the dialog is somewhat stilted and unnatural……… perhaps the fault of the writers…….or because talkies presented new technology which took some of the actors a bit of getting used to………..or both.

Hopalong Cassidy Movies # 18) High Voltage

Movie Summary: While crossing the sierras, a bus with a small group of passengers gets stuck in a snowstorm, and take refuge in a church. But, the church is already occupied by criminal Bill (Boyd), who has a small stash of food that he is reluctant to share with the group. Tensions run high between girl criminal Billie Davis (Lombard), who is being transported to jail by Detective Dan Egan (Moore), Henderson the banker, Gus the driver, and a girl who is on her way to get married. It turns out Bill is an escaped criminal, and Billie immediately falls for him. They two briefly plan to flee after the storm lets up, but both decide to serve their sentences so that they have a chance for a crime-free future together. One of Carole Lombard’s first talking films.

A 5-Star Review: This early Bill Boyd and Carole Lombard film has the qualities of film made twenty years later. The use of black and white photography is stunning at times. Mr. Boyd had the right kind of acting ability that helped him develop his Hopalong Cassidy character in later years. Miss Lombard always had that underlining perfect comedic persona.

A Critical Review: I watched this movie to see a very young Carole Lombard act. She did a great job. Her acting, however, was not enough to make this film worth watching. I would skip it unless you are a true Lombard fan!


William Boyd rose to stardom as Hopalong Cassidy, ending with several films, radio, and television shows and leaving a legacy as one of the most iconic figures in the Western fiction genre. If you love action-packed western films, then we encourage you to check out our list of similar western actors here. And if you are looking for a book you can read for free, check out this month’s free read.

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  1. Donald Derr

    I recently purchased a Hopalong Cassidy 16mm film, Castle Films, #568 and am having difficulty finding out the year that it was made. Could you please let me know or refer me to where I can find out. Thank-you.

    1. Maurice Terenzio

      Castle Films #568 Praire Vengeance, was excerpted from Call of the Prairie (1936). The Castle version was available from 1951 until 1955.

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