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The Full List of Gary Cooper Movies

Here is the complete list of movies starred by Gary Cooper, one of the greatest actors and American screen heroes in the film industry. 

Gary Cooper is a major film actor known for his strong and understated acting style in his performances in movies like High Noon, Sergeant York, Meet John Doe, and The Pride of the Yankees.

Who is Gary Cooper?

Western Actor Gary Cooper

Born on May 7, 1901, in Helena, Montana, Frank James Cooper, popularly known as American Film actor Gary Cooper is the son of English parents Charles Henry Cooper and Alice Brazier Cooper.

Cooper and his brother Arthur studied in the Dustable Grammar School in England, eventually returning to the United States in August 1912. He also spent eighteen months at Grinnell College in Iowa studying art before moving to Los Angeles, working as an extra for a while and landing some small parts like acting as a stunt rider for a local movie.

After his appearance in the 1926 Western film, “The Winning of Barbara Worth,” his career began to take off, landing him many starring roles. Among his strong performances was playing the World War I hero and sharpshooter, Alvin York, in the 1941 film “Sergeant York.” He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of York. Cooper also played the role of Will Kane in the Western film “High Noon,” where a silent sheriff must face a paroled killer without any help from his townspeople. The film won several Academy Awards, which includes another Best Actor win for Cooper.

Gary Cooper married Veronica Balfe in 1933 and had a daughter, Maria Cooper Janis, in 1937.

Cooper’s health declined by the late 1950s before succumbing to death on May 13, 1961, in Los Angeles, California.

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Gary Cooper’s Complete Movie List & Summary

Here is Gary Cooper’s list of movies along with a short summary:

Gary Cooper Movies # 1) High Noon

Gary Cooper Movies:  High Noon  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Gary Cooper won the Oscar for the Best Actor in this classic tale of a lawman who stands alone to defend a town of cowardly citizens against a gang of revenge-seeking criminals.

A 5-Star Review: As of August 17, 2017, the vast majority of the one and two star reviews are complaints about dvd’s, blu-rays and streaming. One or two quibble over the realism of the movie, i.e. Westerners were armed and history proves that they would use the arms. I don’t watch Hollywood’s products for realism or lessons in tactics and gunfighting. If it is going to seriously annoy you that the fight could have been over as quickly as the O.K. Corral shootout if Kane had used a shotgun or if he had persuaded one man to hide in the Church tower with a rifle, then don’t watch it. For the rest of us, it’s fine acting, a good story with suspense, romance and action and a great theme song if you don’t think too much about the lyrics. This movie is on every top 100 Westerns list I’ve ever heard of. It is also on many top ten lists. More, it is on many lists which are not western specific.

I streamed this movie via Amazon Prime so can not comment on any storage disc products.

A Critical Review: I was told by those who know that THIS one was the winner, this one was the transfer we’ve all been waiting for – except I don’t find that so at all. I thought the previous transfers that were making the Blu-ray rounds weren’t so hot, but this thing is too soft throughout – this film has never ever looked this soft. I’ve been wary about these Olive “signature” releases from the beginning because all of them are using the same exact transfers as before and just doing them with a higher bit rate and perhaps a little tweaking. Ever hopeful that someone will get it right, someday, but it sure won’t be Olive.

Gary Cooper Movies # 2) Sergeant York

Gary Cooper Movies:  Sergeant York  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Story of World War I hero who captured German position single-handedly. Film also portrays York’s earlier life in the mountains of Tennessee.

A 5-Star Review: I love this movie, I thought that you could not remove the Korean subtitles, that begin right away when starting the movie. However, you can get to a menu and turn subtitles off. I am so glad I tried once more and am enjoying one of my favorite movies for me. I had watched it as a kid, and it was my father’s favorite as well. I read Alvin York’s biography over 35 years ago, and the movie depicts the real events well.
A true American hero who had great conviction, courage, and faith. There is a new book that has come out in recent years about Alvin York, and I would like to get it as well at some point. it is: Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne by Douglas V. Mastriano

A Critical Review: Sgt. York is a classic story created with the assistance of Alvin York himself. It tells of his Christian salvation and his military heroism, which he treated with the greatest of humility. Even today it stands up well, despite its age (1941).

The specific DVD I purchased on Amazon was a big disappointment, though. Although the video quality is fine, it is from South Korea and has only Korean subtitles. I enjoy watching movies with subtitles, particularly when I show them in the US History through Film class that I teach. Be especially careful when buying any movie from a third-party seller! I have found that many of them are foreign knock-offs of questionable quality and lacking special features, or even subititles. This one was from Amazon itself, though.

Gary Cooper Movies # 3) Love in the Afternoon

Gary Cooper Movies:  Love in the Afternoon  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: An entertaining comedy about the daughter of a Paris detective who’s intrigued with her father’s file on a wealthy bachelor.

A 5-Star Review: L♡ve in the Afternoon is a classic movie! Audrey Hepburn is a phenomenal actress!
I purchased this movie, because I was a young girl when it started on t.v. I watched the movie with my mom and sisters.
What a love story!
I am so thrilled to have found this movie during a search on AMAZON. I was able to purchase several of the movies she starred in.
Thank you Amazon for having the classic love stories♡♡♡

A Critical Review: This movie seemed to present the relationship as almost one to normally be desired: that of a student involved with a much older playboy to be admired for what? – his fame and money? Certainly not his lack of character could he be applauded, nor could she for her search for lies and incessant need for………..?

Gary Cooper Movies # 4) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town [Blu-ray]

Gary Cooper Movies:  Mr. Deeds Goes to Town [Blu-ray]  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: A reluctant millionaire (Gary Cooper) is declared insane when he announces that he’ll give his fortune away to America’s poor. Oscar(r)-winning direction by Frank Capra.

A 5-Star Review: While this is a wonderfully entertaining movie, it speaks loudly about the power of the press and the sneaky problems of human nature. Greedy lawyers used the press to misrepresent Mr. Deeds’ actions and motives in order get him declared insane so they could take his money. They didn’t care about the man whose character they were crucifying and reputation they were maligning. They just wanted money – his money – if they could get it. Never forget how dangerous the press can be when they spin the truth and twist it to suit themselves. We’ve got to be better than this. We’ve got to realize how awful gossip is and why people mustn’t be judged by headlines. Everybody has their quirks. Using psychology and monkey trials to mischaracterize someone is as bad as using medicine to drug and murder him. It was wrong then and it will always be wrong.

A Critical Review: I’m sure the movie is good. My father-in-law already had it so I returned it weeks ago through the UPS like you said. So, where is my refund?

Gary Cooper Movies # 5) The Hanging Tree

Gary Cooper Movies:  The Hanging Tree  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: As skilled with a six-gun as with a scalpel, Dr. Joseph Frail will need both. A tragic past shadows his days. The treachery of the mob clouds his future.

A 5-Star Review: Somehow this film has eluded me all these years. I remember when it came out and can’t for the life of me remember why I wouldn’t have seen it, as I loved oaters, loved Gary Cooper, and it would have been right up my alley. And over the years it’s even more surprising that I didn’t see it, given that I’m a big fan of its director, Delmer Daves. While I don’t think it’s as good as his other westerns, it’s certainly a fine movie and Cooper is always great to watch, Karl Malden is intense, Ben Piazza is charming, and George C. Scott eats any scenery that’s near or far to him. The Max Steiner is a little, how shall we say, bombastic, but it’s beautifully shot, and the transfer is nice.

A Critical Review: I can play all other dvds on this dvd player as many times as I want. I made sure this dvd was clean and properly loaded and it plays until about halfway and then it stops with a disk error every single time.

Gary Cooper Movies # 6) For Whom the Bell Tolls [DVD]

Gary Cooper Movies:  For Whom the Bell Tolls [DVD]  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman star in this drama, based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel, about an expatriate American demolition expert who fights in the Spanish civil war and falls in love.

A 5-Star Review: I am a Hemingway nut and have seen this film when just a button, but now in my 80’s have renewed my interest in the Hem. This story takes place during the Spanish Civil War, one in which Hemingway lived a part. The interaction between Ingles and the Naciona’les is superb and purely great character acting by all. I will watch and rewatch this film to see things I missed the last time.

A Critical Review: Well. I finally saw this film and can now check it off my bucket list of movies to watch. Ingrid Bergman’s beauty was stunning. Despite her beauty, I was very disappointed with this movie. Roberto (Cooper) did not seem to be in love with Maria (Bergman). They did not have good chemistry on screen. It appears the whole movie was about Cooper’s character blowing up one bridge! Unreal! And the ending of the movie was unexpected and disappointing. If you want to be sad and depressed, watch this film. I will never watch this again.

Gary Cooper Movies # 7) The Pride of the Yankees

Gary Cooper Movies:  The Pride of the Yankees  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: The story of the life and career of famed baseball player Lou Gehrig.

A 5-Star Review: The Pride of the Yankees is the true story of “Iron Horse” Lou Gehrig, who was given his nickname of the “Iron Horse” because he played 2,130 consecutive games, never missing, always giving all that he had to his team and his trade. Wow! He is definitely a super hero, strong in character and well worthy of his fame, loyal and true, a rock. We absolutely love this movie, catching a glimpse into his life, from his humble childhood up to his fame and his true love and thoughtfulness for his wife and, through all that he went through, his final speech, “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth” and “I might have been given a bad break, but I’ve got an awful lot to live for.” What a beautiful and strong man. His own and his beautiful wife’s courage and strength are inspiring.

This movie has everything, really. True sports stories are usually inspiring, but this one may be the best ever. Also, it’s very cool that Babe Ruth, Bill Dickey, Bob Meusel, Mark Koenig of the Yankees actually played themselves (How cool is that?!) and Bill Stern (host of the first sports talk show on radio) also played himself. We enjoyed this movie immensely. It truly has something for everyone. If you love old movies, true stories, true love, and strength of character, it’s well worth your time. Fabulous movie! Absolutely.

A Critical Review: It was my error. I should’ve read more. It’s about the movie not the actual movie. It’s also a poor documentary I think? 😢 either or don’t waste your $$$ 

Gary Cooper Movies # 8) Man of the West [Blu-ray]

Gary Cooper Movies:  Man of the West [Blu-ray]  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Gary Cooper, in his last great role, portrays a former outlaw whose past returns to haunt him when he is forced by his old gang to participate in a train robbery. Julie London and Lee J. Cobb co-star.

A 5-Star Review: Will keep it simple: No complicated side drama involving old multi-generational family feuds (although there’s first-level family feuding of sorts) and that sort of old rot. The storyline stays on topic throughout – from beginning to end. And it’s what you want from a Western, including the stunning vistas (for the time and technology). Watch this and enjoy, assuming you’re a true fan of the genre.

A Critical Review: In this film the protagonist spends almost the entire film under the power of evil men. This film is too preoccupied – focused upon – evil.

Gary Cooper Movies # 9) Friendly Persuasion (DVD)

Gary Cooper Movies:  Friendly Persuasion (DVD)  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: A devout Southern Indiana Quaker family attempts to resist the call to arms during the Civil War, but their pacifism is sorely tested by the events that engulf them in this classic film.

A 5-Star Review: As a Quaker myself from the age of 26, (I’m now in my late 70s) I can deeply relate to this movie. It is more than difficult to relate to the question of fight, or not to fight. We are not cowards! It’s simply beyond difficult to choose between fight (for whatever reason) or not to fight. We need to choose our battles carefully, and often there is a terrible conflict! I love this movie. We are NOT cowards. We simply believe that battles cause pain. A son lost? A husband? A brother? War is wrong. Love is right. I can’t believe that fighting is right. There e had better be a real reason for ous us to go to war., oherise, what is the point?

A Critical Review: Wanted the movie Friendly Persuasion. Case sealed on receipt. Open, but instead of my movie I found a different movie, Collateral Beauty. Trying to return but seems like a lot of steps to take to return. All I want is my movie!

Gary Cooper Movies # 10) Vera Cruz

Gary Cooper Movies:  Vera Cruz  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: This brawling outdoor action epic stars Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster as two soldiers of fortune who escort gold from Mexico City to Vera Cruz through a barrage of bullets and double-crosses.

A 5-Star Review: All star cast of people I’ve seen in so many movies across the years, particularly westerns.
The movie built from scene to scene as to who was backstabbing who. Everyone’s goal: get the 3 million in gold.
Who is being honest? Who is dirty dealing? Who wants the gold just to fatten the pockets? Who wants the gold to save their country?
I loved the use of authentic locations in Mexico as the entire movie was filmed there. (I’ve been to the Aztec pyramids.)
The stuntmen in this made all the shoot out scenes look very authentic. And like a good western, there is no blood and gore except one scene when a man gets shot in the forehead.

A Critical Review: The highlight of this movie is the great cast of character actors in their early years anchored by Lancaster and Cooper. The story was weak and the audio on my DVD was poor. We had to boos the gain just to hear the actors. I hate to say bad things about movies but this movie was not very good. Lancaster steals the show. As I remember it, he was a trapeze artist before he was an actor and it shows.


Gary Cooper Movies # 11) The Fountainhead

Gary Cooper Movies:  The Fountainhead  by GARY COOPER

Movie Summary: An idealistic architect battles corrupt business interest and his love for a married woman in this well-made drama starring Gary Cooper, Raymond Massey and Patricia Neal.

A 5-Star Review: A classic must see film done beautifully in black and white with many stunning very artistic shots in the Film Noir style.
Aside from that, the theme is SO important as we are still battling as a society between the Socialist group think of mediocrity and conformity and the rare creative individual of genius who holds to their principles and are the ones who really are responsible for all human achievements. Once again many are falling for the programming of Marxist ideologies which always failed on all levels, and to the point of mass atrocities. Also depicted is the power the media has to manipulate public opinion. This is a valuable lesson as we we are seeing this today at an unprecedented level.
The themes in this film are still current and need to be understood for the dangers collectivist ideologies really pose to all but the elite controllers on top who benefit.

A Critical Review: Patricia Neal is lovely, Gary Cooper is handsome, and this is the weirdest, preachiest movie ever to come out of Hollywood. The heroine is neurotic, and the hero clings to his personal ethos, straight from the author of the novel, Ayn rand. Strangest mess ever.

Gary Cooper Movies # 12) A Farewell To Arms

Gary Cooper Movies:  A Farewell To Arms  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: A tale of the love between ambulance driver Lt. Henry and Nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I. The action takes place in Italy and the two fall in love during the war and will stop at nothing to be together. The film also analyses Lt. Henry’s feelings on war and the purpose of fighting.

A 5-Star Review: This 1932 version of A FAREWELL TO ARMS was one which Hemingway very vociferously hated. From his perspective, since it placed the romance between Frederick Henry and Catherine Barkley over his depiction of the brutality of war, he was right. However, director Frank Borzage was after something else — a luscious, doomed wartime romance. And in this, he succeeds, brilliantly. Aided in no small part by the beautiful teaming of Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes. Hemingway later became very good friends with Cooper, whom he hand-picked to star in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. They were in the process of forming a company to make ACROSS THE RIVER AND INTO THE TREES and THE NICK ADAMS STORIES — Cooper to topline both — when they died a mere seven weeks apart in 1961.

A Critical Review: The actors are great and the movie is okay. Romantic story about an American fighting for the Italian army during a world war who falls in love with a British nurse. This soldier’s closest friend is an Italian soldier, who is also in love with this British nurse. Due to jealousy, the Italian soldier underhandedly misinform each of the two lovers about their whereabouts causing a tragedy that he eventually regrets. Similar to Shakespeare, this is a tragedy drama. If you enjoy old romance movie, then you will enjoy this movie. I was surprised that the conversations in this movie included some sexually related content/suggestions.

Gary Cooper Movies # 13) Meet John Doe

Gary Cooper Movies:  Meet John Doe  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: A man needing money agrees to impersonate a nonexistent person who said he’d be committing suicide as a protest, and a political movement begins.

A 5-Star Review: Used to be able to find rare items like this at my local book store. Even the Big Box stores are cutting back on the stock of classic DVDs they carry. I’m turning more and more to Amazon to find these rare gems and when I do find them they are quite affordable. The films on DVD are indeed classics, often hard to find as stand alone DVDs.

A Critical Review: Don’t waste your money on this. The picture quality is terrible, the promised closed caption is not present. The movie is divided into 2 titles, which is unusual. Even the root menu does not exist. Some amateur tools would have produced a better result.

Gary Cooper Movies # 14) Morocco

Gary Cooper Movies:  Morocco  by Josef von Sternberg

Movie Summary: A sultry nightclub singer attempts to kindle the fires of love within the heart of a seemingly passionless Legionnaire.

A 5-Star Review: I’ve seen many documentaries about Morocco, but this is the most thorough, thoughtful, and well-rounded one. Rick Ray is a masterful cinematographer, but he also includes a lot of historical and cultural information with the eye candy. He visits every spot a first-time visitor wants to see, and then some. He covers Fez and Marrakech, and also the Middle Atlas and the Merzouga Dunes. Before seeing this, I was a bit apprehensive about shopping/bargaining . . . others make it seem intimidating, but Rick treats it quite properly as a fun game (as do the Moroccans). In fact, Moroccans come off as universally charming and hospitable. If he gives short shrift to any topic, it’s the food (he’s obviously not a foodie). If you are fortunate enough to actually be planning a trip to Morocco, you’ll definitely want to see this film.

A Critical Review: I was lucky enough to have been able to get a copy of Morocco on VHS. I was very excited before inserting the tape in my VCR, but soon became quite disappointed with the audio quality. You could barely understand the actors when they spoke. The sound is really bad. The copy that I purchased was new, and not one of those inexpensive imitations from unpopular realeasing studios. This was the original Paramount version. The movie was very good for 1930, obviously not as good as other Dietrich movies. I still HIGHLY recomended if you are a Marlene Dietrich fan, even with the bad sound.

Gary Cooper Movies # 15) The Westerner

Gary Cooper Movies:  The Westerner  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Judge Roy Bean, a self-appointed hanging judge in Vinegarroon, Texas, befriends saddle tramp Cole Harden, who opposes Bean’s policy against homesteaders.

A 5-Star Review: The great gary cooper,where he belongs in the great american west.brennan steals the film but its coopers film all the way.beautiful black and white photography by gregg toland and leisurely directed by the master william wyler.western star tom tyler has small bit at the beginning of the film proving coop innocent of horse stealing.tyler was a b-western star in the early 30s but did character parts starting with STAGECOACH 1939.beautiful doris davenport was foisted upon by wyler from samuel goldwyn who was grooming her for stardom but she retired after making one more film at the age of 23.

A Critical Review: Wow, hard to believe how different the world of the old west and the nature of human relations was perceived and presented in film back then. I saw The Westerner when I was a child along with many John Wayne films of the 1950s and early 60s, The Searchers stands out. They screwed me up quite a bit; used to think fighting was the way to settle disagreements and minor offenses.

Gary Cooper Movies # 16) Gary Cooper – Distant Drums [Blu-ray]

Gary Cooper Movies:  Gary Cooper - Distant Drums [Blu-ray]  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: Soldiers fight through the Everglades to return home after destroying a Seminole fort.

A 5-Star Review: One of Cooper’s better “westerns”. First saw Distant Drums around 1956. Olive Films did another outstanding remastering job on this Blu-Ray copy. Filmed on location in Florida. Blu-Ray print is very sharp and colorful. Must have for western or Gary Cooper collectors. Buy. Olive Films has done a great remastering some many old movies and hopefully will do many more. Couple of suggestions would be She Wore A Yellow Ribbon with John Wayne and The Big Sky with Kirk Douglas.

A Critical Review: This is not one of Cooper’s better movies but it is entertaining and, for this fan, any Gary Cooper film is worth seeing. The hi-def of blu-ray really shines. But it’s released by Olive Films. So, once again, no pity for the hard of hearing people. It’s just another time where Olive has taken a film that had been released on DVD with sub-titles but they’ve refused to put them on the blu-ray.

Gary Cooper Movies # 17) Dallas (1950)

Gary Cooper Movies:  Dallas (1950)  by Stuart Heisler

Movie Summary: A former Confederate guerrilla officer arrives in Dallas, Texas, seeking revenge on the three brothers who ravaged his home and lands.

A 5-Star Review: What can I say it’s Gary Cooper It’s about a southerner who fought for the south in the civil war. his family is murdered and his plantation burnt . After the War he traces those who did the crime to Dallas Texas. where he meets a US marshal fresh from Washington, who dresses like a real dandy He and the green horn marshal trade places, It has great comedy also along with some great action.

A Critical Review: Who knew that this would be a comedy? Surely this must be one of the prime places Mel Brooks found inspiration for Blazing Saddles? Gary Cooper has never been a favourite of mine, and this movie just reinforces that feeling. He has one expression through the entire film . . . his horse has more charisma than he does. I bought it because it also stars Ruth Roman & Steve Cochran. But they were not enough to salvage a movie that suffered from an outright silly plot that bordered on being nonsensical, a poor script, and all-round perfunctory acting. Those who place it on their top 10 movie list on IMDB really need to get out more! An ordinary movie that, if not for the high camp comedy, would have been a waste of 90 minutes.

Gary Cooper Movies # 18) Ball of Fire (DVD)

Gary Cooper Movies:  Ball of Fire (DVD)  by Various

Movie Summary: A group of professors working on a new encyclopedia encounter a mouthy nightclub singer who is wanted by the police to help bring down her mob boss lover.

A 5-Star Review: Barbara Stanwyck (as well as Gary Cooper, playing against type, a young Dana Andrews, and a literal garbage truck full–see the movie for an explanation–of fabulous Golden Age character actors) is wonderful in this unfairly overlooked comedy classic directed by Howard Hawks and (very) loosely based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The greatness of Golden Age Hollywood could not be better stated than by noting that despite how wonderful this film is–and it’s really terrific–it was only the third best movie that Stanwyck made in 1941! The other two were Preston Sturges’ sublime The Lady Eve (my personal favorite comedy of all time) and Frank Capra’s political melodrama Meet John Doe (also with Cooper and whose villain, Edward Arnold, presciently reflects the current villain in the White House, except competent).

A Critical Review: Sometimes wine stays too long in the bottle. This was apparently a very successful ‘screwball comedy’ almost 80 years ago. It left me decidedly unamused today. Wilder’s role as co-story author and co-scriptwriter attracted me. Perhaps I was looking too hard, but the overacting in his late comedies, which troubled me greatly, can be seen in the posse of professors in this film, even though he did not direct it. The plot has parallels with Some Like It Hot. My big problem, though, was that I just didn’t find it funny.

Gary Cooper Movies # 19) Springfield Rifle


Movie Summary: While delivering a shipment of horses desperately needed to mount a big offensive in the United States’ Civil War, Union Major Lex Kearny is overwhelmed by a band of Confederate raiders.

A 5-Star Review: Not High Noon but close! Mr. Cooper gives his usual top-notch performance. Great supporting cast. Great movie deserving of greater fanfare.


Gary Cooper Movies # 20) They Came To Cordura

Gary Cooper Movies:  They Came To Cordura  by Gary Cooper

Movie Summary: A dramatic western set in 1916 Mexico with Gary Cooper as an Army officer accused of cowardice and sent to find five men worthy of a Medal of Honor. Rita Hayworth is the shady lady accused of treason who he meets along the way.

A 5-Star Review: Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, Van Heflin, Tab Hunter, Richard Conte and Michael Callan. Need I say more? A former coward is assigned the duty of escorting war heroes to a destination where they will be cited for their valor. For various reasons many do not wish to receive the highly publicized medals and recognition afforded. The long, arduous journey becomes one of trial and tribulation as the “merry” band journeys to Cordura. Accompanying them is a women of “reputation,” who is being transported to prision for aiding the enemy. The coward does regain
his courage and sense of pride and duty. However, he may not live to complete his present assignment. Impressive battle sequence at the beginning of the film. Rousing musical score and great photography. All performances are very well done. Notable performance by character
actor Robert Keith (Brian Keith’s father) in the opening scenes, as the battlefield military commander who leads his troops to glory! A must-see film!

A Critical Review: This movie covers an interesting time in our history; the years just before WW1 when then General Pershing launched the punitive expedition into Mexico to curtail the raids across the border by Pancho Villa. I think everyone overall did a good job; however, Gary Cooper should have stayed off the set. How this guy ever made it as an actor is beyond me. It sounded like recite-by-numbers scripting with little to no emotion, much less acting. Rita Hayworth alone makes the movie worth watching.

Gary Cooper Movies # 21) Unconquered

Movie Summary: Unconquered is a 1947 American historical epic adventure film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard. The supporting cast features Boris Karloff, Cecil Kellaway, Ward Bond, Howard Da Silva, Katherine DeMille (the director’s daughter), C. Aubrey Smith and Mike Mazurki. Released by Paramount Pictures, the film depicts the violent struggles between American colonists and Native Americans on the western frontier in the mid-18th century during the 1763 Pontiac’s Rebellion, primarily around Fort Pitt (modern-day Pittsburgh). The film is characterized by DeMille’s lavish style, including colourful costumes and sets, thousands of extras, violence, and sensationalism.

A 5-Star Review: I like Cooper and even though this movie may not be completely accurate, it does have some good historical features that I always look for. I would not use this to teach a class, but I would use it to show the kids what the period might have looked like, but not historically accurate. It’s a fun movie with Gary Cooper being the hero and I just enjoy movies to relax and get away from present days.

A Critical Review: I did not remember this but it has a good cast and the reviews were solid. It took me 3 days to finish it because I kept loosing interest, not the best work for the star power involved. It goes in the donate pile

Gary Cooper Movies # 22) The Adventures of Marco Polo

Movie Summary: The Emperor Kublai Khan is a kindly fellow, but his evil aide Ahmed wants to get rid of Kublai Khan, and to get rid of Marco Polo so he can marry the princess. Ahmed sends Marco Polo to the West to fight barbarians, but he returns to save the day.

A 5-Star Review: If you love Gary Cooper and want to be entertained, you will probably enjoy this. It’s not historically accurate, but it’s fun. Wish they had used Asian actors, but this was back when Hollywood rarely did that. Basil Rathbone as a villain makes any movie even better.

A Critical Review: It is obvious from the photo that this particular movie does not feature Gary Cooper as Marco Polo. It is a more recently produced movie about Marco Polo, and the most famous actor is Jack Palance who plays Beezlebub, a self-proclaimed nastiest ruler of Armenia. This movie also does not take place on the water, rather Mr. Polo and company travel overland, seeking the way to China. Great costuming and excellent lighting for the beautiful terrain. If you’re looking for an afternoon’s or evening’s entertainment, this is the one. No guarantees of historical correctness.

Gary Cooper Movies # 23) The Virginian [VHS]

The Virginian [VHS]

Movie Summary: Ranch foreman is forced to superintend the hanging of a friend turned rustler, and shoot it out with an outlaw leader.

A 5-Star Review: I thought that being his11st talking movie, Gary Cooper made the role of the Virginian well known. Considering the time that the movie was made, the filming and directing was outstanding! I personally think that Gary Cooper as the Virginian was the best, even though Joel McCrea I’d another outstanding performance!

A Critical Review: Actually if I could give 1/2 stars I would make this a 3 1/2 stars – I’m a tough grader. This was Gary Cooper’s first talky and it made him a star. It is a well done version on Owen Wister’s classic novel. The tale of a young foreman on a ranch who has to deal with rustlers, the hanging of his best friend for rustling, a evil gunfighter villain and a romance of the new school teacher. This film was a big hit when it debuted in 1929, so big in fact that they re-released it in 1935. One thing in the movie and several movies of the time — when someone is boasting they stand with their bellies forward and shoulders tilted back. Been around a lot of cowboys in my life and never saw someone stand like that. Makes me smile.

Gary Cooper Movies # 24) The Plainsman

Movie Summary: This stylish Western skillfully interweaves classic real-life Old West legends like Wild Bill Hickok (Gary Cooper), Calamity Jane (Jean Arthur), Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer and Abraham Lincoln into a stunning tale as vast as the wild frontier itself.

A 5-Star Review: The Choreography of some scenes with the screen full of main characters… and secondaries… and extras… are worth the film alone or on their own.
A classic western from the B&W era.
Great acting by Cooper and Arthur.
Go and see it!… that was Hollywood golden times.

A Critical Review: Another DeMille and Cooper effort. Talks about the relationship between Wild Bill Hicock, Buffalo Bill Cody and Calamity Jane. Not historically accurate and, unfortunately, not in color. The western takes on much more effect when in color. The story is less than the subject matter, though the acting is fine.

Gary Cooper Movies # 25) North West Mounted Police

North West Mounted Police

Movie Summary: A 1940 American adventure film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll. Written by Alan Le May, Jesse Lasky Jr., and C. Gardner Sullivan, and based on the 1938 novel The Royal Canadian Mounted Police by R. C. Fetherstonhaugh, the film is about a Texas Ranger who joins forces with the North-West Mounted Police to put down a rebellion in the north-west prairies of Canada. The supporting cast features Paulette Goddard, Preston Foster, Robert Preston, Akim Tamiroff, Lon Chaney Jr. and George Bancroft. Regis Toomey, Richard Denning, Rod Cameron, and Robert Ryan make brief appearances in the film playing small roles.

A 5-Star Review: Gary Cooper at his best. Cooper plays a Texas Ranger chasing his prey in the North of Canada. Teamed with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police he is on the trail of murderer wanted in the United States. The action is great and the acting is superb. If you ever saw The Plainsman, this has all the same elements; except in this one Cooper gets his man, not shot dead. A collector’s must.

A Critical Review: Several top actors but not well directed. Goddard in particular seems to overact. Each shot with extras is meticulously staged with each face getting its own place in the frame.

The very saturated colors are a feast for the eyes and every scene is lit for a television production. The outdoor scenes are nice to watch. But most of the film is shot on a sound stage with obviously painted backgrounds.

The story is interesting although character motivations are sometimes unclear. It moves slowly in places but might be worthwhile to watch on a rainy afternoon with a bag of popcorn.

Gary Cooper Movies # 26) Design for Living (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]

Design for Living (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]  by Fredric March

Movie Summary: Design for Living is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Ernst Lubitsch from a screenplay by Ben Hecht, based on the 1932 play of the same name by Noël Coward. Starring Fredric March, Gary Cooper, and Miriam Hopkins, the film is about a woman who cannot decide between two men who love her, and the trio agree to try living together in a platonic friendly relationship.

A 5-Star Review: Loved this film and had no idea that I would. You could say it was way ahead of its time but, frankly, it still is. Criterion do a typically superb job – the print is exquisite- and the extras are fantastic but it would of been nice to have included the legendary interview with Noel Coward on Dick Cavett back in ‘70. Still look on the inter web you’ll find it. Wonderful release full of life that’s puts a lie to to the dark 1930s. Fun. One of Lubitsch’s best movies in a script made better by Ben Hecht and a glorious cast.

A Critical Review: I’ve never been able to warm up to this movie. I’ve tried. I know all the auteurists tell me I HAVE to love it and yet love it I do not. I do love Trouble in Paradise, Ninotchka, The Shop Around the Corner, but this is just a whole load of nothing. Ben Hecht’s screenplay is partly to blame (the Coward play is better), but it’s just forced and really charmless. And I see there are others who share the sentiment. I’m not one who believes that every film made by a supposed auteur automatically makes it a masterpiece. And there you have it.

The transfer via Universal is quite nice for the film’s age.

Gary Cooper Movies # 27) Beau Geste (Universal Backlot Series)

 Beau Geste (Universal Backlot Series)

Movie Summary: Beau, John, and Digby Geste are three inseparable and adventurous brothers who haven been adopted into the wealthy household of Lady Brandon. They join the French Foreign Legion in North Africa after one of them steals their family’s famous heirloom sapphire.

A 5-Star Review: I first saw this film years and years ago. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. But I couldn’t get the beginning scene out of my mind. I googled – “black and white 1930’s b/w film with eerie and unforgettable beginning.” Thank God TCM had a showing several years which brought it all back into focus. There are already great reviews on the site here. Donlevy gives a career level performance. Some of his brutal scenes had to take guts just to get through. An interesting aside is that this was first filmed in the silent era near the CA/AZ border in the desert. The fort burned down. It was rebuilt on the same spot for this the 1939 edition and left standing more or less when production was done. A small group of San Diego State Students found this standing fort, had costumes made, bought a camera, and filmed their own 45 minute version. Separate, fun, and interesting story if you are interested.

A Critical Review: Bought this by mistake not realizing it is all in Spanish. While I took Spanish in high school, that was nearly sixty years ago and I have used it very little since. Couldn’t begin to understand the movie dialog.

Gary Cooper Movies # 28) Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise

Movie Summary: Based on a James Michener story, this authentic tale stars Gary Cooper as an embittered islander who abandons his harsh treatment of natives after a beautiful island girl (Roberta Haynes) wins his heart.

A 5-Star Review: These old movies are so pure. They don’t need to hide behind CGI or special effects. In some aspects the impact of the story is lost because things that would have been shocking in the early 50’s is lost on today’s (2020) viewers. Kissing scenes were almost soft porn back then and the idea of cross racial relationships were still taboo. As was pointed out in the movie, cross racial relationships were they type of thing you would forget about. Reminded me of the movie South Pacific which was also written by James Michener – song You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught. Like most good movies back then, they tried to leave you feeling good at the end.

A Critical Review: This is a great movie and I was looking forward to seeing it again. However the DVD (made on demand) was so poor it was not worth watching .I returned it.

Gary Cooper Movies # 29) The Naked Edge

Movie Summary: After a man is murdered and a large sum of money disappears from an office, Donald Heath (Ray McAnally) is convicted of the crime based on the testimony of his colleague, George Radcliffe (Gary Cooper). George’s wife, Martha (Deborah Kerr), starts to become suspicious of her husband when, after the crime, he invests money in a business venture and begins to act strangely. When a blackmailing letter arrives from Jeremy Gray (Eric Portman), Martha risks her life to find out the truth.

A 5-Star Review: I had seen this film back in the 1960’s and loved it, but had never known it to be on television. I dedcided to see if it was available to buy, and was pleased to find it. Excellent story with a twist at the end, rather reminescent of Hitchcock’s work; suspenseful, with good performances by two of my favorite actors, Deborah Kerr and Gary Cooper.

A Critical Review: The disk that I bought has the same cover art and is from Palladium Entertainment UK 2010. It is a non-anamorphic print in 1:66 ratio resulting in an very small picture on my widescreen television. There are occasionally black spots. And there are no English subtitles as advertised. This is unacceptable. The disk is way too expensive for what it’s worth. It’s a shame because the movie is good. Wait for a better release.

Gary Cooper Movies # 30) The Real Glory (1939)

Gary Cooper Movies:  The Real Glory (1939)  by Henry Hathaway

Movie Summary: A small American contingent tries to train rural tribesmen to defend themselves against fanatical Muslim radicals in 1906 Philippines.

A 5-Star Review: A good rendition of a film I saw as a child many years ago. My copy was pretty clear with good sound considering when the film was made. The DVD was delivered well packaged and quite speedily.


Gary Cooper Movies # 31) Wings [Blu-ray]

Wings [Blu-ray]  by Charles "Buddy" Rogers

Movie Summary: Wings is the story of two men who have gone to war and the girl they both leave behind. Director William A. Wellman makes one of his most humanistic statements as he explores the devastating results of war.

A 5-Star Review:Silent. This film was made by Wild Bill Wellman, who went on to be one of the great directors of Hollywood’s golden age. He was a pretty good director by 1927, in fact, good enough that this film won the first ever “best picture” Academy award. But more importantly, he was a WWI aviator himself, a member of the Lafayette Escadrille, with several kills to his credit. In 1927 war surplus aircraft were still pretty common and this film assembled more than 50 of them for spectacular photography of flight, takeoffs, landings, dogfights – many aviation buffs still consider in the best aviation film ever made, and it’s easily the best that addresses the air war of WWI. Clara Bow was reportedly annoyed both at the time and later, that she was basically written into the script so it could have a female lead, but in fact she does her usual outstanding work and this is one of the better of her surviving films.

A Critical Review: I am sorry to offend some, but this movie except for some amazing effects is sloooooow. I am not sure what passed for acting back, but this was not good. However, as expected, I did cry at the sad sad ending.

Gary Cooper Movies # 32) The Wreck of the Mary Deare

Movie Summary: A man must dive into a wrecked ship in order to prove the innocence of its captain.

A 5-Star Review: This movie was released in 1959. So don’t expect Blu-ray quality. But for picture and sound it’s great as a regular DVD. Way better than VHS. To make things even better, it’s in widescreen CinemaScope and Metrocolor. First of all I must point out that I am a nautical and seafaring movie freak. It’s a very hard to find this DVD. But oh is it worth it if you are a fan of adventure and even court room dramas and can find it to purchase. No CGI, no Transformers vs Battleships or superhero crap and stuff they make today. This is the real deal. It makes B movies I liked in this genre like Ghost Ship or Lost Voyage, well it puts them to shame. Gary Cooper, Charlton Heston, Richard Harris and others make a fine flick together. Oh and for you ladies there is a female in the movie. The very beautiful and very talented Virginia McKenna…that’s right from the classic movie “Born Free” about Elsa the lioness. You cannot go wrong with this one…if you can find this sunken gem of a treasure to own.

A Critical Review: In my younger days, I became a fan of the author Hammond Innes. He wrote adventure stories that I enjoyed immensely. The Mary Deare is one of his best, but the film doesn’t do the novel justice. For an adventure story, much of it is slow-moving. Also Cary Cooper show his acting limitations. His performance is deadening. Charlton Heston, however, is quite good. All in all, only OK.

Gary Cooper Movies # 33) Along Came Jones (Blu-ray)

Along Came Jones

Movie Summary: In this Western spoof, a mild-mannered cowpoke is mistaken for a notorious road agent and almost gets killed by both sides of the law. He wins the respect of the townspeople–admiration he has sought all of his life…even though it is on the dark side. Based on a story by Alan Le May.

A 5-Star Review: You cannot go wrong with a Gary Cooper movie of any kind, whether it is a western, drama, or comedy. He had so many great ones. This is one of his good westerns with some comedy to it. His beautiful and talented co-star, Loretta Young, adds to the mixture for a movie you will enjoy.

A Critical Review: One can kill some time watching this cute little flick – but made me wish I had a TV in the bedroom where I could’ve crashed midway through and then never circled back around for the balance…

Gary Cooper Movies # 34) The Lives of the Bengal Lancer [Blu-ray]

The Lives of the Bengal Lancer

Movie Summary: The plot is the story of a group of British cavalrymen and high-ranking officers desperately trying to defend their stronghold and headquarters at Bengal against the rebellious natives during the days of the British Raj. The picture stars Cooper as Lieutenant Alan McGregor, Franchot Tone as Lieutenant John Forsythe, Richard Cromwell as Lieutenant Donald Stone, Guy Standing as Colonel Tom Stone and Douglass Dumbrille as the rebel leader Mohammed Khan, who utters the frequently misquoted line “We have ways to make men talk.”

A 5-Star Review: Bravo, Kino Lorber. The best transfer yet. It’s all here in glorious black and white: Noble Johnson and Jameson Thomas shot off their horses, welcome at the train depot, durbar, variations on a cobra theme, Emir’s banquet, la femme fatale, burning bamboo slivers, escape, poetry and sacrifice. If LIVES is not the best Action movie ever made, it’s darn close to it. Henry Hathaway would have been proud of this release. And now, Kino, the same job on Milestone’s A WALK IN THE SUN.

A Critical Review: This is a great old movie with a wonderful cast. The video quality is about average for movies of that vintage (1935), but constrained by the source material. Unfortunately the producers of this video took advantage of their primary non-English speaking audience and did not pay attention to synchronizing the audio and video elements. If you do not speak English and rely on subtitles, you may not notice that the lips do not move in synchronization with the audio dialogue. I could only recommend this to fans of the genre or of the starring actors who want this movie on DVD rather desperately.

Gary Cooper Movies # 35) Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife

Movie Summary: Nicole, a French woman, plots revenge against her fiance after learning that he is married and divorced seven times.

A 5-Star Review: The story line of this film has been clearly delineated by other reviewers. I will therefore focus on script, performance and film quality. The film quality is generally good, with only slight “washout” of image. The script is good, and the performances by Miss Colbert and Mr. Cooper are very fine. They play off each other with excellent comic timing (particularly Miss Colbert). Unlike some other “screwball” or farce comedies, they slow down just marginally in line delivery and resist turning the sublime into the ridiculous. Therefore I find this a glorious little comedy, thoroughly recommended to those who enjoy class comedic performances from the major protagonists. Mr. Lubitsch really did understand the medium.

A Critical Review: Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper have great chemistry, but the last quarter of the movie feels strained. Described by Billy Wilder’s biographer, Ed Sikov, as “an unusually irritating comedy” for director Ernst Lubitsch, you can take consolation in the Art Deco sets, the attractive stars and the offbeat supporting characters, including a very young David Niven.

Gary Cooper Movies # 36) Desire

Desire [Blu-ray]  by Marlene Dietrich

Movie Summary: A French jewel thief (Marlene Dietrich) speeds to Spain with pearls, which she drops in the pocket of a U.S. engineer (Gary Cooper).

A 5-Star Review: Dietrich plays a sophisticated jewel thief who steals a valuable string of pearls from a Parisian jeweler. While fleeing the city, her car breaks down. In comes Gary Cooper, an American on vacation, to save the day. She ditches him and goes on her merry way to meet up with her accomplices in the next town, where she again runs into Cooper. Naturally, they fall in love. This is just an all around fun movie to watch, one that can be seen over and over again. This is the second film Dietrich and Cooper made together, the first being “Morocco”. Their chemistry is superb. Dietrich was given one song to sing in the film, “Awake in a Dream”, which she performed while playing a piano. This is definitely one of this reviewers favorite Dietrich films. A must see for anyone!

A Critical Review: A bit of a comedown compared with ‘Mr. Deeds Goes to Town’. I think Gary Cooper worked better with Jean Arthur rather than with Marlene Dietrich who just flutters her eyes looking pretty.

Gary Cooper Movies # 37) Blowing Wild

Blowing Wild

Book Summary: A 1953 American drama film directed by Hugo Fregonese starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, and Anthony Quinn. It was written by Philip Yordan. The story revolves around a love triangle set in the oilfields of an unnamed South American country plagued with bandits. Ruth Roman also stars and adds to the romantic entanglements.

A 5-Star Review: I was amazed that I’d never heard of this film until I read about it online in April 2021. Sharp black-and-white photography and a knockout song by Dmitri Tiomkin that becomes the whole score are just two thrilling elements of this beautifully cast 1953 suspense adventure. Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Anthony Quinn, Ward Bond, Ruth Roman in a drama of American wildcat oil prospectors in an unspecified South American country running up against bandits, gushers, a truck full of nitro (before anyone ever heard of WAGES OF FEAR), and a romance gone bad that refuses to die. Directed by Hugo Fregonese, who also directed the underrated western APACHE DRUMS.

A Critical Review: An unenthusiastic performance by two major film stars in a movie short of grit and direction. Panorama is missing where expected, vast oil fields are reduced to what, someone’s backyard. Sorry, but this picture, COOPER and STANWYCK, fails. It begs for expanse, depth in the storyline, visuals. Think “GIANT”. With lesser headliners perhaps not so disappointing, but stars still at their highest, too little to appreciate.

Gary Cooper Movies # 38) The Cowboy and the Lady (1938)

The Cowboy and the Lady (1938)

Movie Summary: A lonely socialite masquerades as a maid and meets an unpretentious, plain-spoken cowboy who is unaware of her true identity.

A 5-Star Review: What a wonderful story. It’s the kind of movie they don’t make anymore no foul language, sex or violence .I have now had the pleasure of being entertained with a smile and warmth in m heart.. Would be nice to see the modern version which is just as refreshing as this one.. I’m a romantic at heart. The story line was not hokey but like reading a good book.. It’s the way life for my parents was like.. Thanks for reshowing of an old film. I put this in the same class as a “Walk In The Clouds”. Classics all the way. Thanks to all those who have fallen asleep in death for their contribution to such films..

A Critical Review: I never got this. They refunded my order when they realized they didn’t have it.

Gary Cooper Movies # 39) Saratoga Trunk

Saratoga Trunk  by Sam Wood

Movie Summary: Beautiful Clio Dulaine arrives in her New Orleans birthplace with one goal: to exact revenge on her father’s family, who exiled Clio and her mother to Paris years earlier.

A 5-Star Review: I remember this film being broadcast on network television back in the late 60s but never saw it until I decided to buy the DVD sight unseen. I have always been a huge fan of Miss Bergman, the great lady star of the 1940s. I have seen just about every one of her films, including her early Swedish films. She had star quality even then and I can see why David Selznick signed her to a contract. I had a ball watching Saratoga Trunk. I could not decide whether it was a comedy or drama but just let myself fall under its spell. It was a hoot seeing the famed English actress, Flora Robson, play her Haitian companion, all done up with dark face makeup. And her other companion, a dwarf, made for a lively and unusual trio. I could tell that both Miss Bergman and Gary Cooper must have had fun making this film. And I had a lot of fun watching it.

A Critical Review: This is a great classic however not only was the DVD defective with fluttering sounds but after stopping and restarting the DVD it read ” error code ” and has been broken ever since. This DVD player was fine before trying the DVD from moviemar. So ask yourself do you want to get stuck buying a new DVD player ???????

Gary Cooper Movies # 40) Now and Forever

Now and Forever

Movie Summary: A 1934 American drama film directed by Henry Hathaway. The screenplay by Vincent Lawrence and Sylvia Thalberg was based on the story “Honor Bright” by Jack Kirkland and Melville Baker. The film stars Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, and Shirley Temple in a story about a small-time swindler going straight for his child’s sake. Temple sang “The World Owes Me a Living”. The film was critically well received. Temple adored Cooper, who nicknamed her ‘Wigglebritches’. This is the only film in which Lombard and Temple appeared together.

A 5-Star Review: Caught in between Gary Cooper and Carol Lombard we find Shirley Temple. While not the commanding presence that she has in later films, she is apparently being groomed for future roles. The story is interesting and complex enough, though every time I see Gary Cooper in a less demanding role than that of “High Noon,” I am a bit disappointed. I give this film 5 stars for its brilliant, vivid colorization. This is the best colorized movie I have yet seen. It truly rivals technicolor in quality. Even if the story isn’t quite your cup of tea, I say buy it and enjoy one of the best restoration/supplementation efforts ever.

A Critical Review: This VHS tape is marketed and sold as a Shirley Temple film, when in fact, the movie was made at Paramount prior to Shirley’s star days at 20th Century Fox. It really is a Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard film, which is the reason why I bought it. Cooper is young, extremely charming and very handsome. Likewise, Carole Lombard (yet to find the signature persona of her screwball comedy era at this point) is pretty and likable. This was well worth the few dollars I paid for it. I don’t know if it is available on DVD at this point but if it is, it wouldn’t be part of the Shirley Temple 20th Century Fox box sets. Since it is one of the 700 or so films that Paramount sold to Universal for television distribution many years ago, no doubt that it would be a Universal Home Video release.

Gary Cooper Movies # 41) Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

Movie Summary: A 1946 spy film directed by Fritz Lang which stars Gary Cooper as an American scientist sent by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to contact European scientists working on the German nuclear weapons program and Lilli Palmer as a member of the Italian resistance movement who shelters and guides him. The story was drawn from the 1946 non-fiction book Cloak and Dagger: The Secret Story of O.S.S. by Corey Ford and Alastair MacBain, while a former OSS agent E. Michael Burke acted as technical advisor. Like 13 Rue Madeleine (1947), the film was intended as a tribute to Office of Strategic Services (OSS) operations in German-occupied Europe during World War II.

A 5-Star Review: Beyond the captivating, engrossing plot this story has truly clever writing/dialogue, lighting/cinematography , and several scenes which offer subtle life lessons. The cat scene is one of the best examples. Cloak and Dagger is one of a select group of those studio era movies that contains art for arts sake and weaves an exciting story as well.

A Critical Review: It has some silly romance in it, but it does make for an okay adventure film. Was kind of hoping for more espionage. Not much of that going on in here.

Gary Cooper Movies # 42) The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

Movie Summary: U.S. Col. Billy Mitchell (Gary Cooper) is a decorated World War I veteran airman frustrated by the military’s mistreatment of the flying program. With military brass and many in the government still favoring battleships, Mitchell sees funding cut to aviation, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of pilots. When Mitchell publicly accuses his superiors of ineptitude, he is court-martialed. At the trial, Congressman Frank Reid (Ralph Bellamy) advises Mitchell, who faces Maj. Guillion (Rod Steiger).

A 5-Star Review: Thank God for Billy Mitchell and the United States Air Force. An important story to see and hear how a visionary with extraordinary courage who was willing to sacrifice his career to bring to light the narrow mindedness and lack of imagination on the part of a system charged with the protection of our nation was treated by men who should have known better. History has proven General Mitchell correct!

A Critical Review: This movie wasn’t bad. It gives a good dramatization of trying to get a new idea into the military mind. The opening lines saying how America won a great victory in World War 1 came as a bit of a shock, given that the only thing the Americans charged was interest on the money they lent the combatants to fight it.
That said, this movie is about an officer trying to get funding for developing Aircraft Carriers over Battleships.

Gary Cooper Movies # 43) Casanova Brown

Casanova Brown

Movie Summary: In this hilarious romantic comedy, Gary Cooper gets a lesson in diapers and formula after stealing his child from his ex-wife (Teresa Wright), who had plans to give it up for adoption

A 5-Star Review: A fine example of a classic Hollywood romantic comedy. I read one review that called this movie “serial stupidity ”, but they are completely wrong ( and if they thought it was so bad why did they watch the whole thing?). This movie hales from what is usually referred to as the golden age of movies, although it wasn’t so great for the people that made them. This is a Gary Cooper you didn’t get to see very often, as most of his work was in dramas, in which he was very good. But he did make a few comedies, and he was very good at that, too. If you are looking for a classic Hollywood romantic comedy, you will enjoy this movie, so pop some popcorn and suspend your disbelief, and have fun.

A Critical Review: Not a fan of this movie. They are very careful about how they tell the story but it’s a pretty uncomfortable pill to swallow & Like it.
The humor is not light hearted because the subject is actually rather heartbreaking. I didn’t warm up to this

Gary Cooper Movies # 44) The Wedding Night (1935)

The Wedding Night (1935)

Movie Summary: This romantic tragedy centers on the star-crossed love between a troubled and married writer and the beautiful Polish girl who becomes his inspiration. As the girl and the writer get to know each other, he learns that her stern father has betrothed her to a man she does not love.

A 5-Star Review: Washed-up writer, Tony, moves back to his ancestral home in Connecticut with his wife. She can’t stand the country life and returns to New York. In the meantime, Tony falls in love with the Polish farm girl next door. This is a very good love story that is touching and suspenseful and tragic. There’s a major focus throughout on Anna Sten’s beauty. This is well worth watching.

A Critical Review: With plot holes a mile wide it was hard to watch what could have been a good movie. We are lead to believe that Gary Coopers character is enchanted by Anna Stens simplisity and touched by her plight. We kept expecting him to come to his sences. Ralph Bellamy’s character is presented as if he is only marrying her for the dowery and we never see a tender momment or else the plot falls apart. The same can’t be said of Coopers wife who appears to have a change of heart and attempts to win her husband back. The ending is dreadful as Anna dies and Cooper mopes and his wifes final appeal falls on deaf ears. It seems so contrived with characters that are not real only characters. The only emotion I got in watching this attempt at “art” was dissatisfaction and a low grade mad. Don’t bother rating 1/2 a star.

Gary Cooper Movies # 45) Fighting Caravans

Fighting Caravans

Movie Summary: Gary Cooper and two scouts who raised him lead a wagon train across the plains headed by a pretty French woman who he falls in love with. They must fight Plains Indians incited by an evil white man. Good Zane Grey western. Full of intrigue, action and romance.

A 5-Star Review: Entertaining vintage movie featuring a budding Gary Cooper. Although pretty predictable it still was worth watching and time well spent. Don’t expect the new special effects and computer graphics of today’s movies, but make some popcorn and enjoy an old fashioned Hollywood film of days gone by.

A Critical Review: Bearing little or no resemblance to Zane Grey’s book. Video and sound quality were what you would expect from a film this old. In the book it follows the adventure of Clint Belmet from his teens to his late 20’s. Gary Cooper is much too old for the part. The female part was not a French woman but a young girl from Clint’s first wagon train trip. Kit Carson has been replaced by Jim Bridger etc. etc. Having just finished reading the novel for my 4th or 5th time I was deeply disappointed. For those Zane Grey fans who are thinking about getting a movie version of the book don’t waste your time.

Gary Cooper Movies # 46) Bright Leaf

Bright Leaf  by Michael Curtiz

Movie Summary: Gary Cooper stars as a man who is driven to rewrite the past in this tale of love and revenge in tobacco country.

A 5-Star Review: I had seen this movie on the french TV about 25 years ago, and always wanted to watch it again,it is now possible through the WB archive collection. It’s quite a good film directed by the great Michael CURTIZ,with a striking performance by “COOP” as a bad guy for a change,and a beautiful score by Victor YOUNG. Though not remastered, the DVD image and sound are in good shape.Thank you again,AMAZON,as it’s impossible to get a copy of this film in Europe otherwise. 

A Critical Review: “Bright Leaf” is a slog of a movie. Slow, predictable and pointless. We’ve all seen this film before and done better. The cast is full of “names” and all are capable actors, Michael Curtiz directed and one wants and expects this effort to be much better than it is. Mr. Cooper looks tired and worn and is not alltogether convincing in the starring role. The pace is sort of weird, the plotting silly and somehow, as studios were beginning to make new and different kinds of movies, “Bright Leaf” kept making me think I was watching something made in 1944. I cannot even recommend this movie as a good waste of time.

Gary Cooper Movies # 47) Peter Ibbetson

Peter Ibbetson

Movie Summary: A 1935 American black-and-white drama/fantasy film directed by Henry Hathaway and starring Gary Cooper and Ann Harding. The film is loosely based on the 1891 novel of the same name by George du Maurier. A tale of a love that transcends all obstacles, it relates the story of two youngsters who are separated in childhood and then drawn together by destiny years later. Even though they are separated in real life because Peter is unjustly convicted of murder (it was actually self-defense), they discover they can dream themselves into each other’s consciousness while asleep. In this way, they live out their lives together. The transitions between reality and fantasy are captured by the cinematography of Charles Lang, as discussed in the documentary Visions of Light (1992).

A 5-Star Review: I sat and watched this movie unaware that I was going to be left speechless at the end. The story was beautiful. The acting was classic. Never have I seen Cooper at this level of acting – the highest ever. This movie should be as popular as Gone with the Wind – it needs to be in color and digitally remastered. This is something everyone with a free afternoon should enjoy watching. A love story that goes beyond time and space and a love that never dies.

A Critical Review: Overlong and slightly tedious adaptation of classic novel about a haunted romance. I feel Peter Ibbetson works much better as an opera than as a film – once the lovers are persecuted, the film’s tension goes away and is taken over by sentimental pap – the dream sequences seem to go on forever and nothing much happens except you wait for the ending, which you know is going to end only one way. This film was made at the tail end of the Pre-Code era and somehow made it past the more stringent censors. Gary Cooper is very good and so is Ann Harding (no one can do ethereal like her) but I was disappointed by how quickly the early sequences, with a mixture of humor and sentiment, gave way to wishful thinking on a grand scale. Child stars Dickie Moore and Virginia Weidler play the lovers as kids (Weidler played Norma Shearer’s daughter in “The Women” four years later!)

Gary Cooper Movies # 48) City Streets

City Streets

Movie Summary: A 1931 American Pre-Code film noir directed by Rouben Mamoulian from a story by Dashiell Hammett and starring Gary Cooper, Sylvia Sidney and Paul Lukas. This Pre-Code crime film is about a racketeer’s daughter who is in love with a shooting gallery showman. Despite her prodding, the showman known as The Kid has no ambitions about joining the rackets and making enough money to support her in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Her father implicates her in a murder and she’s sent to prison, after which her father convinces The Kid to join the gang to free his daughter.

A 5-Star Review: Fine straightforward storytelling, lots of good actors, excellent picture and sound quality. Story never drags. Solid cinematography and composition.

A Critical Review: Painless programmer with kindly carrillo fighting for the interests of crippled orphan fellows, a likeable performances by the lead actors.


With an acting career spanning over three decades with over 40 films, two Academy Awards, and three more nominations, Gary Cooper goes down as one of the most popular western film personalities in history. If you love action-packed western films, then we encourage you to check out our list of similar western actors here. And if you are looking for a book you can read for free, check out this month’s free read.

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