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The Courtship Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #16

Bonanza conveys the adventures of the Cartwright family, with each episode’s storyline dealing with the problems faced by the lead characters or the surrounding town. The forty-eighth episode of Bonanza, The Courtship, was written by Richard N. Morgan and first aired on January 7, 1961. Among its featured guest stars are Marshall Reed and Lyle Talbot.

Julie Adams appears in the episode as Helen, Ben Cartwright’s old friend Josh Layton’s widow. Despite her lovely appearance and charming personality, Helen has a fatal flaw. She likes to gamble a lot, often dragging her lovers into her bottomless pit of debt, leading to despair. Helen has now caught Hoss’s attention, much to Ben’s chagrin.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Courtship

Watch the Full Episode of The Courtship:

Main Cast

The Courtship, the sixteenth episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the series’ recurring and one-time supporting cast members. See the list below for the actors that appeared in this episode.

  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Julie Adams as Helen Layton
  • Paul Dubov as Frank the Card Dealer
  • Lyle Talbot as The Handsome Dude in Bar
  • Marshall Reed as Hammond
  • Lou Krugman as Jean
  • Charles Tannen as Charlie the Bartender
  • Betty Endicott as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • James Gonzalez as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • Chuck Hamilton as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • Martha Manor as Hotel Guest (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Card Player (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Courtship

Hoss and Little Joe go to Sacramento to visit the widow of the Cartwright family friend, John Layton. Hoss finds the lovely widow, Helen Layton, and immediately falls in love with her. He invites Helen to supper, and she dolls herself up.

Helen and Hoss visit a local restaurant in Sacramento, where the waiter offers Helen a seat at her favorite table in the game room. However, when Helen finds a familiar face, she immediately asks for a more private table. Hoss thinks he doesn’t fit the place but brushes the thought as he enjoys his time with Helen. Suddenly, a man named Hammond approaches their table, intending to take a ring from Helen. Hoss and Hammond engage in a brief fight until the restaurant staff takes Hammond out. Helen explains that Hammond, his husband’s friend, thinks the ring Josh left her belongs to him. They continue their supper as Helen expresses her gratitude toward Hoss for standing up for her.

Hoss introduces Helen to Little Joe, who immediately falls for her beauty. Despite the long trip to Ponderosa, the three embarked on their journey. As they take a break on a lake, Hoss reveals that the land they’ve in was already the Ponderosa. Helen asks Hoss why he hasn’t kissed her yet, and they share one immediately after. Excited, Hoss calls Joe to tell him he’s marrying Helen.

Ben thinks the idea of marriage is sudden, so Helen asks to speak with him in private. Helen tells Ben that her husband was a drunkard who drank himself to death. She also expressed her love for Hoss, who made her feel like a woman again. Ben tells her that all he wants for Hoss is his happiness, and the two share a hug, implying his acceptance of having Helen as his daughter-in-law.

Hoss and Helen visit the saloon after shopping, where Helen finds several men gambling. She tries one of the gambling contraptions, unexpectedly winning on her first try. When Hoss leaves to grab some lemonade, Helen spends all the money she previously won to play again. Once Helen had no cash, Helen asked Hoss to give her a few more. However, she loses again. Helen keeps looking at the poker table, then asks Hoss if there’s anything else he could do alone while she finishes shopping. Before they separate, Helen, asks for money again, which Hoss immediately gives with no reservations.

Helen starts gambling at the saloon. She starts to lose money, but her opponent doesn’t bother, thinking Helen could just put it under the credit of the Cartwrights.

Adam returns from San Francisco and finds Little Joe decorating their place. To Adam’s surprise, Ben reveals that Hoss is getting married to Helen. Adam tells Ben that Helen never loved anything in her life other than gambling every penny she and her lover had. This gambling addiction marked the start of John Layton’s drinking. Upon discovering that Helen is in love with Hoss’ money, Ben decides to tell Hoss so that they can stop their marriage.

Hoss refuses to believe that Helen is a compulsive gambler, including how she started running with another man who can give her money to fund her gambling addiction.

When Hoss talks to Helen, he finds her wearing the wedding gown she bought. Helen tells Hoss that it has been a long time since she had been that happy since Josh died, and his closest friends spread horrible lies about her. Hoss assured her that he didn’t care whether what he heard was true or not.

Little Joe returns home with Frank, who proved Helen’s gambling addiction through the 5000 dollars she lost in the poker game at the saloon.

Adam and Joe visit Virginia City to stage a poker game for Helen. Helen starts losing in the poker game. Adam watches from behind, writing with forged promissory notes. Soon enough, Helen is deeply in debt. Joe leads Hoss into the saloon where the poker game takes place. Hoss can no longer deny Helen’s gambling addiction after witnessing it firsthand. However, Hoss vents his rage on his brothers, even though they did it for his benefit. Instead of apologizing to Hoss, Helen speaks with another man, asking him to take her out of the saloon.

The rest of the Cartwrights feel bad for what happened, but Hoss assures them that he is fine by asking them to work with him.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Courtship



i was just thinking about something uh

there's no reason why we both have to go

see josh leighton's widow

now listen big shorty you ain't about to

saddle me off seeing some poor widow

woman all by myself

me being there's not gonna help her any

yeah but it's going to help me now

you're going and that's it

why well because mr leighton was one of

paul's best friends and

we're supposed to be here doing

everything we can to help besides paul

paul told me to keep an eye on you in

here if i told you to keep an eye on me

what in the heck for

to keep you from getting chased all the

way back to the ponderosa but some

popping mad daddy the shotgun in his


and look in your eye that's just about

what's going to happen ah

come on yo you ain't about to take off

that pretty little philly i've seen you

making eyes with down the lobby a while


you're going with me and that's final


hey joe come back here don't

go ladies ladies you can't go in right


oh late ladies you i'm sorry you'll have

to wait just a minute

i watch you you soak yourself real good

now laporta brings you something to wear

oh and ladies ladies i want to thank you

very much for your patience

you wait right here ladies and he'll be

out in a minute

joe i'm on a whip here for sure

damn it

















you get out of here i can't pay any

bills get out and leave me alone

ma'am i ain't no bill collector i i was

sent here to help mrs leighton

who are you host cartwright god right

ma'am what's the matter can i get you

anything a glass of water

my smelling salsa


mama i sure didn't mean to upset you

like that oh forgive me

it's just that i i was so touched that

that you came all this way for me

you miss leighton yes

i wonder if you have a handkerchief

why are you looking at me like that oh i

i'm sorry man

didn't mean to stare just had it in my

head i reckon

he was going to be a little different

until a minute ago i was half dead

don't you worry man i'm i'm here to fix

everything up


no wonder you feeling so poorly

empty house like this give anybody the

crawly skin

i i had to sell the furniture

man let's that's water all under the

bridge now

now you go get yourself dressed dressed

sure i ain't gonna eat by myself besides


you gotta show me where a good place is

i ain't too familiar with sacramento

yeah yep

mr cartwright i can't tell you how happy

you've made me by asking me out to

suffer this evening

pretty gal like you i'll not have to

think about nothing but

living every minute every day

i'm gonna shake up that attorney of

yours and see what's hanging up at will

oh it it really isn't his fault josh had

a lot of bills and

all the creditors have filed against the

estate that's what's taking so much time

mr cartwright would you come in for a

moment please

i just can't get the back of this dress

hooked by myself do you mind

i thought if that lawyer can't do the

job we'll get somebody again

uh how long has it been since i've heard

a strong voice like that

you cartwright's a magnificent that's

the only word for you

oh man there's not anything special

about us

the fact is we're probably about the

honest bunch you ever run into

you can ask anybody in virginia city

about that and what would they say

well well for one thing they'd

they'd tell you that horse car ride was

about the meanest and hungriest man this

side of st

joe and he got meaner the hungrier he


why mr cartwright whatever's the matter

i i don't know man maybe it's a

perfume oh i was in hopes you'd like it

well i i do what i meant to say was well

well then it's all done that wasn't so

hard now was it

no ma'am you poor man you must be


why don't we go get some supper

good evening mr slayton it is so

pleasant to see you again oh thank you

it's good to be able to be out among

people again your favorite table in the

game room

the new roulette wheel has arrived

really i must see it

yeah you feeling poorly again oh no

no i'm fine

it was uh sweet of you to remember the

table i had the last time i was here but

i wonder if we couldn't have something a

little more private of course mother

right here


our very best vintage 1854 this

champagne was brought all the way from


i'm sure you will find it your custom

taste this is leighton converge for the

year it's excellent

anything you say


what's the matter nothing i

ma'am i'm i'm just a cowboy i

don't reckon i fit into a place like

this very good oh i'm sorry i

i didn't mean to make you unhappy oh no


you didn't it takes something to make a

man unhappy when he's

when he's with you

see if you like it oh


it's real good


then here's to a whole lot more

happiness than you've known the last

couple of months ma'am

oh thank you mr cartwright i know i'll

have it now


dang i don't think that that vinegar's

gonna make me sneeze

it does tickle your nose doesn't it you

think you can go on avoiding me

i came by to see you this afternoon i

was busy mr hammond i'll bet you were

but i won't stand for any more but i

want that ring back let go of me

not till i get the ring that's just

about yet buster

now you've done it

we'll take care of him

i don't know what's the matter with that


ma'am you're a lady

and a lady ain't got to explain no mean

mouth drunk no he was a friend of my


ever since josh died he's given me

trouble he actually has some ridiculous

idea that

that this ring josh left me belongs to

him don't you paint on mine to that

mr cartwright please take me home

everybody's staring at us


i guess i really messed things up for

you didn't i

it wasn't your fault he hit you first it

didn't hurt nana

i ain't got the manners of a dang goat


mr cartwright we're gonna sit down and

enjoy ourselves

and don't you worry any about your


you stood up for me my honor

you have no idea how that makes me feel


to know that someone cares

you're not only a gentleman mr

cartwright you're

you're wonderful

now let's sit down

i had no idea how late it was man all


good food and champagne

i reckon i would apologize to you for

keeping the odds late

please don't mr cartwright

can't we just just sit out here for a

minute longer

yes omit if you like


do you think i do you think i was wrong

about what now because i i was so happy

with you tonight

because for a moment i was able to



am i supposed to shrivel up and die just

because my husband is dead

no ma'am no i don't think that'd be his

wish at all

mr cartwright i just can't go back into

that empty house

it's like a tomb and i'm still alive

i can't go back i can't go back

ma'am if you could just manage it one

more night

well what i mean to say is i'll figure

out some way to get you out of there

but what could you do i'll think of

something i promise


record okay




you have a good time tonight joe


thank you yeah i ask you you have a good

time tonight

no no i came right back after i left

i've been a lot better off i'd go and

see that old little woman with you

yeah don't make no difference

i didn't need you tall

you feeling all right

yeah i ain't never felt better

are you talking kind of funny what'd you

do tonight

what the supper is laden yeah what's she


nothing like we thought uh even worse


no no no she's

just different you've been drinking

hell a little champagne champagne

1854 was a good year

1854 is a good year for what

hey joe you ain't gonna sleep in your

boots are you

oh man

what's about it and can you handle fun

oh yeah i had a great time

until that gal i met disappeared and

took my money pouch with her

sorry to hear that

you're sorry to hear that how come

you're being so doggone charitable

i figured you'd pound me when you got

back here pound you what

what i want to pound you for ain't mad

at you

lady joe she's a real lady

joe i know what we're going to do i've

done made up my mind we're going to take

ms leighton back to ponderosa with us

come on look i know how soft-hearted you

are but posh sent us here to help her

not to adopt her and bring her back home

with us

joel i can't just leave her here

yeah well you can't take her with us

look you got to think about it we got a

long trip ahead of us

we got we got two days by stagecoach

just to get to summit then we take the

buck board it's another day through the


now what kind of a trip is that for an

old lady to make i sort of think maybe

she'll be able to stand up on it

yeah well i don't think so i think it's

one of the nuttiest ideas i ever heard


well don't make any decisions left you

met her

we're gonna we're gonna have lunch

together tomorrow at noon

i don't made reservations with the car



all right where is she well she'll be

here after a while she's probably out

shopping or something

pretty fancy chug wagon ain't it yeah

it's not bad

not bad at all what's mine

take a look at the girl over by the door

women like that just don't run around

loose hey

loan me 20 bucks man second i'd better

make it 50.

huh look i i can't impress her if i'm

broke come on

look she's smiling at me give me the



hello joe

for you before you run off with that

other gal i'd like you to meet mrs


man this is joe cartwright how do you do

it's very nice meeting you man


well i don't reckon she's ever seen any

country like this before

i guess not otherwise she wouldn't have

brought all this stuff along

well for somebody on the verge of

poverty she sure had a lot of clothes

not to mention all those rings on her


ladies got to have clothes joe besides

you wouldn't even expect her to sell the

stuff her husband gave her would you

well if i was hungry i'd sell him or mr


is it all right if i woke up and take a

look at the lake oh sure man but

be kind of careful those those trails

can get tricky at night don't you worry

i'll be careful

well it's my turn to fix chow tonight

won't you

come take a look at the lake

tupper's gonna be ready in a minute miss


does the ponderosa look like this well

ma'am this

this is a ponderosa it is

sure we we've been riding through it for

the last couple of days ever since we

left the stagecoach

why it's unbelievable that that anybody

could actually

own all this well

ma'am it ain't exactly on him

i reckon the ponderosa holds about as

much claim to us as we do her

it's more like a partnership like

we're all sort of beholden to one


what i mean say is that

paul let us cut a tree down unless

there's another tree growing to take its

place or

take a cup of water out of the lake if

it makes a lake go down that much

ponderosa's got a got a mighty lot to


like paul says we need to take one ounce

out of her that

she can't grow back

all my life i i never had enough of


my father was a drunkard and we were

trash poor

when i married josh i thought that was

all over with

now i right back where i started

maybe i i don't really understand what

it means to

have enough

but i do know one thing what's that man

if anybody could have enough it it would

be the cartwrights

you your kings and the ponderosas your


what chance is a a commoner

to become a cartwright might not be as

hard as you think to become a cartwright

even for somebody like me

especially for somebody like you

why haven't you kissed me


am i i reckon i figured if i ever

put my arms around you you'd

break up what like one of them little

china dolls


well let's just try and see if i do


hey joe joe

joe come here

house what's the matter joel me and

helen we're going to get married she's

going to marry me me horse cartwright

you're you're joking no i ain't we're

going to get married

oh no congratulations hey

congratulations both of you

geez i can't wait to see the look on

paw's face

any wonderful paul well yes yes it's uh

tell me who told me about it at all not

so so suddenly

class i'd like to speak to your father

alone for a moment

come on austin get acquainted i'll get

your stuff

you don't approve of this do you mr

cartwright well mrs leighton i haven't

said anything

i've been led to believe that you'd be

quite a different sort of man

i i'm afraid i don't know what you mean

what do you want me to do pretend that

i'm mourning over the death of my


mrs leighton i wouldn't want you to

pretend anything

i just assumed and i assume that you and

i could be honest with each other

honest i haven't the faintest idea what

you're talking about

i'm talking about what you and i both

know about what adam told you when he

returned from the funeral

adam told me about josh's death

nothing more you mean he

he didn't tell you the circumstances

what circumstances

is there something more that he should

have told me of course

adam would want to spare your feelings

oh mr cartwright i've been very rude

mrs leighton tell me what it is you

think i should know

when josh died he

he wasn't the man you knew or the man i


there's no other way to say it joshua's

a drunk

he drank himself to death i find that

almost impossible to believe so did i

until the debt started piling up till i

started selling the furniture out from

under us

till i i realized i was married to a


adam should have told me

now you've realized why these past few

months of mourning have been a mockery

living alone in that empty match

keeping myself locked all from the world

and then haas came along he was so


so understanding the first time in


i felt like a woman again

i fell in love with him mr cartwright i

couldn't help myself

i wanted to be with him i wanted to make

him as happy as he had made me

and it's all over now

oh mrs helena

you misunderstood i yes i i had

reservations but i i didn't know

i want for us is the happiness that you

want for him

you don't hate me hate you

when i've been waiting all these years

for a daughter-in-law

boy i didn't know you were going to get

this acquainted

after all horse you know the way pies

were the ladies i guess this means that

you're going to give us your blessing


huss when adam gets back we're going to

put on the biggest wedding nevada's ever



helens this is a pretty tough place i

don't know whether you ought to go in

here or not

what could happen to me i'm with you

aren't i besides it's so hot out there

just dying for a cold lemonade all right

turn hey thing i bet is this a gambling


yeah sure it is they run one of the

biggest poker games in the whole

comstock in here

really how exciting

what's this this is one of them

newfangled contraptions you play a

silver money

it's just like gambling only you play

with a machine instead of a dealer

do you think i could play it i'm sure

you can

be careful your fingers don't stick to

that crank though some folks just keep

turning to lose

oh that's hard to believe isn't it i

wonder what they'll pick on next

hey hey you won the first time

i really won how exciting oh i wonder if

i could have that lemonade now yeah i'll

get it

howdy hoss will it be uh

give me a give me a couple of lemonades

charlie lemonade

did you say lemonade

one for the one for the little lady over

there and one for me little lady seems

to have changed you

already is she cute

i don't think she ever seen one of them

before wish i'd never seen it

took 20 off me last week

oh how's darling i'm having so much fun

i i wonder if you could give me a little

more money honey you just won over there

you already spent that oh but i just

know i'm gonna make it pay off again i

just know it

oh thank you darling

two lemonades house on the house

thank you charlie

sort of a hungry bigger aunt oh darn

i was so sure i was going to win again

i don't guess charlie's had much

experience making lemonade

ah sis is there something you could do

alone for about an hour or so

yeah i gotta talk to a couple of people

about the wedding arrangements

but what are you gonna be doing silly

i'm gonna finish my shopping well i'll

go with you and talk to them later

hush you know there are some stores

where ladies shop

alone yeah

i don't reckon i thought about that you

go ahead

all right darling oh i say

i hate to be asking you for money but oh

i should have done this when we started

how much you need

but it's uh hard to tell well here you

you just take it all there's 300 there

you get what you need

that ain't enough there's more where

that comes from ah thanks darling well

we meet

uh how about the merchandise store down

on the car oh that'll be wonderful

and you take these packages and put them

in the buggy and um

i'll meet you in the mercantile in about

an hour fine

eight six pack

four your highest bid

it cost you a hundred dollars to stay


i'll see that and raise you a hundred

i'm afraid you don't have quite enough

money there ma'am

but i think the credit of the future mrs

cartwright is good enough for us

thank you


hey hey adam hey phone adam's coming

well nice of you to decorate the place

celebrate my return from san francisco

let the move adam good to see you son

nice to have you back

i got the message from the telegraph

office if we won the case i didn't think

you'd be back so soon but i'm certainly

glad you got here when you did well i

had my fill of the big city bob

now what do you think of decorations huh

now what's the occasion just because we

won the case

well that's not exactly it yeah well if

i'll let little joe tell you he'll spend

yet all right

horse is getting married what yeah yeah

where do you see her adam she'll fry

your eyebrows

and she's a real beauty and i'll tell

him all about it just get adam's horse

back to the stable and have him water

down oh yeah well i just come on dude

hey well hey tell him about that thing

in a restaurant

as a matter of fact i think you know the

girl i do

don't tell me that girl over in mormon's

cross and finally got to him with those

gooseberry pies

no no no it's helen layton

josh leighton's widow yeah quite a


it's more than that i know how you feel

a little unusual so soon after her

husband's death as a matter of fact i

felt the same way about it until i

i talked to helen and she told me the

truth about josh

what'd she tell you now it's a point of

talking about it

and they're genuinely in love with each

other ah she never loved anything in her


except a deck of cards

what are you talking about she gambled

away every penny josh layton had

she dropped 27 000 in one night in a

club in sacramento city and that's what

started him drinking

she told me


why didn't you tell me this before last

time i saw joshi was dying

now what good would it have done to tell

you about it he wasn't even cold in his

grave and she'd found herself another

man to buy her expensive jewelry and

dresses and pay her gambling debts

adam are you positive

i am

and i have to tell horse

what's this going to do i don't know

well at least he won't marry her

better let me handle this hey adam you

old hornswoggler

whoa hey paul tell you good news yeah

come over and say hello hello

ellen your beauty always leaves me

breathless still the same old flatterer

it's good to see you again adam were you


oh yes i was surprised boy listen let's

get this buggy unloaded we can visit the

rest of our lives


uh hoss why don't you let adam

put the buggy waiter i'd like to talk to

you about something

sure paul what is it


can't you see your father wants to talk

to you alone yeah but

right now paul if you don't mind son

good for you mr cottwright you just keep

him busy while i go in and change

what's the matter paul adam bring home

some bad news or something

well in a way

what is it

it concerns helen

all right anything that concerns helen

concerns me

i will hear it

it's not gonna be pleasant

what is it

us you don't know helen very well

go and say it paul when you're done i

i want you and adam and joe would keep

still about helen

now out all right

this is the news adam brought back helen


helen is a gambler a compulsive gambler

before josh died she gambled away every

penny he had

that ain't true yes it is there's more

josh layton was

hardly resting in his grave when she

began running around with another man to

get more money to gamble

with or you said just about enough i'm

not finished

us you can't think of getting married

she'll ruin your life she's no good

paul don't you talk like that

i ain't gonna listen to them lies adam

was there horse he saw josh layton drink

himself to death over her

where are you going i'm gonna go and

talk to helen

i'm gonna tell her what i'm saying

behind her back adam's telling the truth

it ain't it's a lie it's a dirty line

i'm gonna make out of me eat every

filthy word

helen's got an explanation for this and

i'm gonna get it


who is it it's me hot just a minute


come in

i just couldn't resist putting it on

this is what i wanted to buy when i sent

you away

who has you you don't like it

yes i do

so pretty thing i ever saw

helena i got to talk to you about


oh darling it's it's so wonderful to

have someone to talk to

but i'm afraid i i don't feel much like

talking right now

with your arms around me and this dress


it's been so long since i've been happy

like this

if you only knew how miserable those

last months with josh were

how he twisted the truth until even my

closest friends were

telling horrible lies about me

and you came along and there were no

more yesterdays

only tomorrow's but people will still

talk i suppose

they just have to be cruel and and twist

everything into a black awful lie

yeah i suppose they do you wouldn't

believe them what you ask

you won't believe what they tell you

about me


no besides

it don't make no difference even if it

weren't true

just wouldn't matter what's done is done

and i don't want you worrying about it

no more to hear you're the kindest

most understanding man that ever live

oh us what was it your father wanted to

talk to you about

there's nothing just forget it

well son i know that

you and adam mean well

sorry i lost my temper

i didn't mean to call adam a liar as far

as i know

maybe a part of what he says is true as

far as i'm concerned

helens and my life started the day we


i ain't interested in her past and i

don't want to hear no more about it

what's at stake is your brother's

happiness ah don't you think i've

considered that

look i told you what kind of a woman she


you told me what kind of woman she was

could be a difference maybe haas is


people can change hey

yes joe uh frank's here to see

oh frank a little out of your way aren't

you scott right adam right now don't

tell me one of my boys has gambled away

the ponderosa

not one of your boys ben ben i'm a

businessman same as anyone else

i took that in good faith figuring you'd

honor it

well that kind of proves what i said

doesn't it i wish she hadn't lost that


the way things are i can't just forget

about five thousand dollars

i'm i'm sorry it happened ben and uh

i don't discuss my customers private

affairs that's why i came out here

thanks frank thank you very much

you want to count it i don't have to

count it ben

huh i guess this iou ought to show us

the truth

not a word of what you've seen here

either one of you

shouldn't have toned it up

well he was only thinking about horse

well that's all any of us are thinking

about we have to do something about this

we put a stop to it hustle get hurt but

i'd rather see that and parr trying to

pick up the pieces the rest of his life

you're right now what do we do about it

where are we going virginia city

virginia city whatever for i heard about

your little experience at the sazurak

yesterday afternoon

oh you mean those silly coin machines

wasn't that awful

no i mean the iou for five thousand


the uh dealer presented it last night

for payment

what are you talking about you know what

i'm talking about

paul paid it off in full and now you're

going to

ship me out of the country to protect

your little brother is that it no that's

not it

toss does nothing about it

then what are you up to we're going to

take you back to the sazurak

i'm going to give you a chance to win

back that 5 000

you mean you that you'll stake me

i'll stake you adam cartwright i like

your way of thinking

it's 5 10. 10. make your bet


you're 100 and 100 more

kings up good enough



deuces are high making bet




jack juice is a high make your bet


i'll see that 100 and 100 more


don't go me joe you better have a good

reason bringing me all the way in here

this is leighton it'll cost you a

hundred more to see if you can improve


cards mrs lakeland it's time pat on


can i be the flesh man

how much you lose adam well let's see

five ten

fifteen twenty thousand dollars

don't worry hoss they're good i signed

for every one of them

i'm sorry

cause we did it for you


if there's one thing that offends me

it's any display of violence

oddly enough i was thinking that very

same thing

i wonder if it would be asking too much

to to ask you to take me out of here

dear lady nothing would please me more

we uh might even have dinner together


oh that would be wonderful i can't think

of anything i'd enjoy more

i think joe and i enjoyed doing it there

was no other way

i i know you meant well

maybe there's no other way

horse is the only one who can decide


you fellers gonna just sit here and mop

all here

you're gonna go out and go to work with







Behind the Scenes of The Courtship

The title of this episode in German is “Leichtes Spiel mit Hoss,” which means “Easy Play With Hoss.”

This episode marks Julie Adams’ (Helen Layton) first and last appearance in the series.

Julie Adams and Pernell Roberts appear as the lead characters in Mannix Mannix: Little Girl Lost (1973).

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

If you’re looking for a television show to binge-watch alone or with loved ones, it’s time to consider Bonanza as your next pick! NBC network televised all 14 seasons from September 1959 to January 1973. The 48th of 430 episodes is The Courtship, which also comes as the sixteenth for the program’s second season. 

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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